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Celebrating the 50,000th Post on GF

If you are a member of Gamers Forum, I have some exciting news for you. Just a few hours ago we hit our 50,000th post of the forum. It is a huge milestone and as the owner of the entire Forum, I am happy to say that I am the owner.
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50,000 Posts by Tonight

If you are a member at Gamers Forum at, you should know that we have set a goal to hit 50,000 total posts by the end of tonight. At Friday 11:59:59 PM we should hit 50,000 posts or go over it otherwise the whole goal set is done.
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Steam Support

Steam is a huge company and they have made a program which allows you to launch games such as Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source, Half Life, Team Fortress, and many more games. And this year I have had two separate issues with steam and here is a little testimonial on their little support.
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GF Servers to be Up Shortly

GF Servers is a compilation of TeamSpeak servers along with counter strike 1.6 and counter strike source servers. I have already gotten the Teamspeak server up but I will not officially announce the IP address here for you to log in to and enjoy the fun before the other two servers are up.
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Needing Game Reviewers

Do you like video games? Are you willing to write about them and about your experience? If yes, we at Gamers Forum are looking for a few more game reviewers to help spread the news about old and new games. It is voluntary and it is all for fun. We have a pretty strong Game Reviewers user group but we wouldn’t mind more.

If you are interested please visit us at and go into the game reviews section and PM me (LiNuX) on he forum or Raw! who is the game reviewers leader. We require all game reviewers to submit just 1 review a week which is a total of 4 a month which shouldn’t be a problem for any game lover.


Backgammon is one of the oldest board games you can play and enjoy. It has been played by our family in the past decades and believe it or not, it is still pretty popular today. With the internet revolution, you can now play online against others all over the world. There are also many backgammon download sites around where you can download and play directly on your computer. I have played backgammon in the past and I’ll be honest when I say that I Stink bad at the game. I have a few friends that know how to play because they were taught when they were young but unfortunately this wasn’t a game my family played too much. is probably the best place to go to find some good backgammon downloads along with some players online. They also have blackjack on their site which is a pretty fun card game and it is all about luck and knowing when to Stop. Gammonish features backgammon and
blackjack as their two top games that their users love to play. But too bad that I am only skilled in blackjack a lot more than backgammon but they have good guides and reads that can help you understand the concept of backgammon. Time to start reading.

BackgammonMasters Company’s recent explosion of traffic to their All-in-One Game Lobby has prompted the launch of their Live Customer Support Feature. This new addition to their software allows players logged into the platform to instantly contact customer support and receive immediate help on any number of issues.

The influx of traffic is due to the fact that the software is available in 12 languages as well as the recent launch of real money 21 BlackJack in the game lobby alongside the real money Poker, Perudo and ever-popular backgammon games and tournaments.

BackgammonMasters Live Support Feature lets customers click the Live Support button in the game lobby and either connect immediately to an operator or they may choose to first answer a series of short questions which will pinpoint their problem and direct them to a relevant operator.

The Live Support Feature is currently available only in English, but after this feature is launched and fully tested, BackgammonMasters plans to add live support to the other software language platforms as well. A BackgammonMasters spokesperson stated that the Company believes their relationship with the customer is vital to the success of the company and that opening these additional lines of communication will be a positive move enabling the company to enlarge their loyal customer base and increase their points of contact with members. Live Support System currently support all four games including real money 21 blackjack games. More about 21 blackjack – and blackjack game rules can be found at:

Release by source for backgammon news and information.
For further information about 21 Blackjack see:

What is Steam?

Steam is a little computer program that helps you play certain games such as Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Source, Half Life, Half Life 2, Day of Defeat, Ricochet, and a few more games. It is just a basic launcher that keeps all your account information. All those games I mentioned can be downloaded for free using the steam launcher but the catch is that you have to buy the game so that you can use it in your account. If you don’t have it in your login account then assume that you can’t play.
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Steam is a program used to launch certain games such as Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Source and even Half Life games. So you can get the phrase “hot water steam” out of your head because that’s not what this post is about. Steam is a launcher used to launch at least a dozen games that include thea bove games mentioned and Day of Defeat, Day of Defeat Source, Ricochet, and a few other games. You can download steam from for free.
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Ventrilo Servers

Ventrilo is an online VoIP or Voice Over IP program that lets you talk to your friends without having to worry about paying per minute or any other fees. Well you do have to pay a certain fee per month to keep your connection but if you know the right place to go to, you can pay less than $5 for a connection that will let you have 10 of your friends connected at the same time. This is called ventrilo server hosting and there are many companies out there that are willing to rent out their servers. is a company out to give you the best quality premium ventrilo servers you can find on the net. Their locations spread to all over the United States and even parts of Canada, England, and Germany. Their prices are also very cheap. You can get a 10 slot vent server for as low as $5. You can go around to other sites and check it out and then end up paying around $7 or $8 for a 10 slot server. Their quality, price, and services are all excellent and if you need a good vent server hosting recommendation, well here you have mine of Dallas Xtreme.

COD4 Servers

COD stands for Call of Duty just incase you didn’t know and if you ever played the game online you should know that you need a server to play on. Without a server all you have is offline mode and no friends to play with over the internet. There are cheap cod4 game servers and then there are those really expensive cod4 game servers and sof3 game servers. SOF stands for Soldiers of Fortune and these are just a few of the games that require a server over the net for you to play. Without a server, the online mode can be rendered useless.

You can visit if you want to rent your own COD4 server. It is cheap, reliable, and the quality is excellent. Their slots go as low as $1.49 per slot and for a 10 slot server, you can pay less than $15 per month. You can search around all you want because there are some companies that exploit the game and charge as much as $5 per slot. Well if you want quality along with reliability for a cheap price, you can visit and see what they can offer you. They can offer you more than just COD servers so you have nothing to worry about.

Game Reviews on Gamers Forum

Recently we set up a Game Reviews section on Gamers Forum. It is a forum owned by me. Well it is the only forum that I own at the moment and it is thriving very fast and very quickly. The forum has grown a lot and I am hoping this new reviews section will bring in more interest and more gamers to participate in the forum.

We also upgraded the forum to the latest version of vBulletin which is vBulletin 3.6.8 Patch Level 1. If you have vBulletin and you haven’t upgraded yet, make sure you do because this one prevents a lot of bugs. Well anyway, the review section is getting filled with content, and we are looking for a few game reviewers. If you are interested in a position just sign up on the forum and apply. We are always taking applications.

Gamers Forum

I want to start by telling you a little about one of my other best sites around. It is my one and only gaming forum known as Gamers Forum. It has been up for almost a year, will celebrate its 1st birthday in less than a month from now where I wish to give out some big prizes. We get about 3 new members a day almost totalling at 300 registered users. You can join up anytime and get on with the conversations.

You can visit that forum anytime you wish at – If you’d like to purchase links or have any questions, I’d prefer if you can use the contact us button on the forum or register and ask directly. Registering and asking will get a faster response.

Currently we are running a Free Steam Games Contest where you can win a free steam game. Two have been taken already. These two games include Counter-Strike 1.6 and Garry’s Mod. Won by two great and useful members of the forum. Will you be next?

So just check out my forum and see if you like it enough to join. Thanks for reading!

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