SEO Services

SEO is search engine optimization as I have mentioned before. This determines how well your website does when certain keywords are searched in search engines. These affect your SERPs or Search Engine Rank Positions. These are vital in getting generic traffic from search engines. The higher you rank for certain keywords, the higher your chances of getting visited through that link. One way of doing some some SEO with your site is to submit it to multiple directories. To save time, you can spend some money and use a directory submission service to help submit to dozens to hundreds to even thousands of web directories out there.

If you own a blog you should know that links in blogs help with SEO much better than other types of sites. And if you didn’t know that, now you know. You can also do blog submission service where people will post in other blogs or comment and put your link in the post or name depending on how the blog works. This can help build up links and save you a ton of time. If you didn’t know, SEO takes time and patience. Another service you can seek if you write articles is article marketing service where you can get help marketing your articles. Lets say you have 300 articles to sell and don’t know how to price it correctly. These services can help you out by giving you examples and even helping you do it too.

SEO is very time consuming and can get a little annoying if you are trying to do it for yourself. Trust me, I know. But if you seek help, you will get help regarding all your problems and more. Good luck with SEO for your website.

Payment Processors

What are payment Processors? These are online websites that will handle internet transactions for you and/or your business. One very famous and most used processor is known as PayPal. You can send money and receive money from anyone from every country where PayPal exisits. Another one is known as e-gold. You can also use these as your own Credit Card payment processing website to pay others through your credit card. Remember that you are using real money and not fake internet money. You can withdraw the money in a check or even a bank transfer. And you can put in money the same way along with a credit card payment.

Another processor is known as MoneyBookers. Again, this works the same way. They will handle all your money online. You can make payments and accept payments. Any and all of these processors can and will come in handy if you have an online business or store. You can even pay for postage and packaging with USPS and FedEX and DHL through these processors. These just makes your life a lot easier. I use paypal and I am slowly trying to get a feel of all different processors. A new one that came out not to long ago was brought up by a famous company known as Google. Google Checkout is one of the newest processors online. Not too many people use it but it is becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

This is just a brief intro on how you can manage your money online. Expect more useful content to be added on this later. I will explain each and every single one of them later on. Thanks for reading!

Save with Godaddy

I am part of GoDaddy and based on experience I will say that they are a great registrar. You can get your .com domains for just $6.95. That’s one of the lowest prices available for a .com. Their .info domains are just $1.99 and that is for a limited time. All .com transfers are also $6.95. This domain right here, is a domain registered on GoDaddy and I am very satisfied with what I got from it and their services.

Use the following code “gdm0731″ without quotes and get any domain for just $1.99. There are catches like everything else. You must buy a non-domain product. Whether its hosting or anything else that they offer.

GoDaddy will also give you personalized email space, hosting with website builder (this is excellent for beginner web designers), blog, and photo album, and more. The code above is a gift from me to you. You will save over 75% of what a domain will cost. But if you are a thinker, you will know that you will actually have to spend much more than domain cost to get that domain for less than $2. And please be aware that GoDaddy Charges $0.22 for icann fees. This will be added to that $1.99 or that $6.95.

Good luck registering with GoDaddy. I’ll list more codes and information later on.


Would anyone in their right mind build a web directory by hand in pure HTML? Including updates and regular maintenance! I know someone who did! It’s – a local, Canadian-based business & community directory for Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s built and maintained “by hand.” It’s a lot of work, but those seeking information on Sackville, really appreciate it. The owner jokingly admits: his website is updated faster than the local phone book.

When something happens in Sackville, the site is updated within hours! Fully categorized and easy to navigate, is a great example of what can happen when “elbow grease” meets “determination.” currently receives in excess of 11,000 visitors every month, and that number continues to grow! Take a peek.

What’s a Domain?

What is a domain? A question asked by many new to webmastering or site creation. It was one of my questions when I first started out a while back. Well a domain in simple terms, is what you see on your web browser address bar that ends in a domain extenions such as a .com, .net, .org, or .info. This blog has a .info extension so the domain is There are dozens of other extensions. I will tell you about those later on in other posts.

Domains haven’t been around for that long. The oldest domain Read more »

Webmasters Have Tough Work to Do

The term webmaster is rather vague; it may include anyone from a simple html developer to a wise old web guru. One thing is important, webmaster not only should do web, he must think web. It takes time and years to master that style of thinking. Three essential principles lie in webmaster’s job.
From the very beginning, to start its job a webmaster selects dedicated server provider for its sources, which in the future will become the pledge of webmaster’s successful online business.
Nevertheless, there will be no profit without traffic. To gain traffic webmasters apply to pay per click advertising companies for buying traffic or use social networks and search engines to draw traffic to their sites. Webmasters either combine this methods, either use one of them depending on their products.
There will be no success in all these procedures without monetizing gained traffic. In order to monetize its traffic efficiently webmasters resort to the help of online marketing, partnership networks and usually put some banners on their sites.


Some people wonder what PR is. PR stands for PageRank and it is determined by the largest search engine on the web. I am pretty sure you have heard of it since this company is international and a majority of the internet population uses this search engine to search for their daily things. It is known as Google. Google’s pagerank was made to give websites a ranking of 1 through 10. PR10 being the highest and toughest to get and only about a dozen sites have it including,, and

You will need hundreds of high PR backlinks to your site to get a PR10 or a link on the Google home page which is impossible. Read more »

Gamers Forum

I want to start by telling you a little about one of my other best sites around. It is my one and only gaming forum known as Gamers Forum. It has been up for almost a year, will celebrate its 1st birthday in less than a month from now where I wish to give out some big prizes. We get about 3 new members a day almost totalling at 300 registered users. You can join up anytime and get on with the conversations.

You can visit that forum anytime you wish at – If you’d like to purchase links or have any questions, I’d prefer if you can use the contact us button on the forum or register and ask directly. Registering and asking will get a faster response.

Currently we are running a Free Steam Games Contest where you can win a free steam game. Two have been taken already. These two games include Counter-Strike 1.6 and Garry’s Mod. Won by two great and useful members of the forum. Will you be next?

So just check out my forum and see if you like it enough to join. Thanks for reading!

Nuacco is, as positioned, blobs and outbursts of everything cool, and this description fits it well.

Despite being comparatively new, this baby blog will sure have a grand future – interesting daily updated content is, what is the most important, unique. pages contain everything for easy and interesting reading – living, fashion, design, arts, photography and much more categories. posts only high quality images, which together with great humor of its authors, produce a very good result, and it is very likely that soon will be one of best thousand blogs on the web!


What is technorati? Technorati is a social bookmarking site where you can add your blog as well as other’s blogs to your favorite. This can be very helpful in some ways. Want to know more? Well Keep reading then. came out especially for blogs and blog owners. Blog owners can claim their blogs on the net and see how many other blogs link to their blog. It is quite fascinating to see how well your blogs can be and how popular it has become. This can result in a lot of traffic but please don’t expect this to raise your PageRank, this will not help. If you need to know what PageRank is, look around this blog for a Post explaining what PageRank is and How you can use it.

Login to your Technorati Profile and claim your blogs. You can add other blogs to your favorites to keep a track of them. If you like this blog and if you feel nice enough, you are welcome to add us to your favorites anytime. Keep reading for more tips on how to enhance your sites, forums, and blogs.

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