Expired Domains

People often have the question of when they can pick up a domain when it is expired. The answer to that is always different. It really depends on the registrar the domain is currently registered with. Some registrars hold the domain an additional 30 days after it expires and then lets it go. Others hold it for 40 days and then lets it go. It really is different and unpredictable.

But imagine it’s a great domain and the registrar wants it. Guess what? You will not see that domain become available because the registrar will keep the domain for itself and sell it in their marketplace for an excess price or whatever they think is right. They’ll hold off domains that they think is worth around $100 or so. Some are worth more and if you are the one that will let a domain expire, don’t make a mistake by letting a great domain go.


Apple has been very successful with some of their greatest hardwares ever. Some of their products include the Apple Macintosh computers, the Apple iPod, and the Apple iPhone. Apple products are great but those are hardwares. What about softwares? Softwares are computer programs and applications if you didn’t know what they were. And iTunes happens to be one of the best programs made by apple and one of the most used.

With iTunes, you can purchase and download music online and even whole albums with a click of a button. It is completely legal and completely stress free. Some programs will make you go through dozens of steps to even start a download but not iTunes. With the iTunes, you can put music into your Apple iPod with ease and also delete and manage them. Best of all, it is all free. You can go to Apple.com and download the latest version of iTunes. I have iTunes and I use it almost everyday to listen to some of my favorite music.

The Hardware

Computers are fascinating things aren’t they? Computers have gotten smaller and larger at the same time. The size of the computer has gotten small enough to fit into your pocket but the hardware inside has a large enough space to fit up to millions of files. Of course these files shouldn’t all be that big, must be the right size to fit all those millions of files.

Computers have been advancing more and more in the past few years. Ten years ago, a 200 gigabyte hard drive was something no computer could have. Today, even 200 gigabytes of hard drive space isn’t enough to fit all you need. As the technological world advances, it will become smaller and larger at the same time. If you still don’t know what I am talking about, read this whole post all over again.

Transferring Domains

Domains are always getting transferred from one owner to another or even one registrar to another. And people often have the question of when they should transfer their domain out of the registrar. My answer is do it a month ahead. Don’t worry, you will not lost a month but a year will be extended onto the original date.

If you do it last minute, domains take days and even weeks to be transferred from one registrar to another, so you shouldn’t waste any time. The time is coming for me to transfer some of my other domains out of the registrar Moniker for different reasons you will know later on. If you are transferring to another person and you have about a month left, then you can do it whenever you want. It doesn’t make a difference because not much time is lost there and you do not have to go to any big extremes.

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