Rope Lights

A rope light is usually used during the holiday seasons and coincidentally, the holiday season is now. It is mainly used as Christmas decorations on the house or on the Christmas tree. Rope Lights tend to use less energy but illuminate a lot more than ordinary light bulbs and other type of lighting. I also like them because they are long and thin and you can practically place them anywhere.

LED Rope Lights often use just 0.47 Watts of power per foot so you can assume it doesn’t use as much energy. But trust me, you can use these lights around your house as the primary source of light because they get just as bright as any other type of light. Unlike other light bulbs, they don’t get very hot and they are very safe with anyone around you. You will not get shocked or get burned. Can’t get any better.

An Invoice

An invoice is used in the business world as a type of bill and a receipt. You would give someone an invoice if you are expecting a form of payment from them or if you want to use it as a receipt, you will send it to them after the payment has been made. An invoice serves multiple purposes and that’s why it is very much favored in the business world today.
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Online Backup

Backing up your websites and your files in your computer can be the most important thing you do in that day. But what will you do if your hard drive or other means of backup fails to copy the files? You really have nothing to do unless you use some form of Online Storage where you can access all your files from anywhere with an internet connection and download all the backups straight into your computer whether you just fixed your old computer or you just got a new computer.

You can go to because they offer some of the best backup services available on the internet. If you are a business owner whether it is a small business or a very huge and successful business, you probably should use this backup service. Why? Well imagine you have all your transaction records on your computer and one day the computer crashes and the hard drive is burned, what will you do then? If you had iBackup there to back you up, you’d have no problem at all.

No Need for TV

Well with the internet within our grasp, the need to watch your shows on television is decreasing ever so greatly. I haven’t watched Television properly for months. Now a days, I’ll be lucky to catch a show for 5 minutes. With my computer right here, I can watch all my shows on the computer. Channels such as NBC and CBS and ABC all put their episodes on the internet for you to watch and I always make sure I catch my shows at one time or another of the week.
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Holiday Shopping

There are many holidays coming up now. First is Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, and the list keeps going. Usually you have to buy presents for loved ones and friends on these special occasions. Now with the internet revolution, you can do all your present shopping online. And if you have some online shopping coupons codes for some stores with online shopping access, you can now use these codes and get huge discounts on purchased items.

Some major retailers such as bestbuy, Dell, and target all have internet websites with the option of shopping online. You can get some coupon codes from the internet and use it when you are checking out. Imagine if you save 25% from that $1,000 shopping spree during Christmas. That’s a saving of $250 and you juts pay $750. How convenient is that?

With the internet revolution, in the future, I predict that you can even buy your food online in advance and have it delivered to your house in time to eat on Tuesday. That’ll be amazing. Good luck with your shopping needs.

Use Title Tags

Title tags are used when you are posting links in html. When you do a href = followed by the url and then you close it with the end quotes key, you can put in Title= and put in a little description. When you hover your mouse over the link, it will show the description which is inside the title tag and it works great with search engines.
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Baby Bedding

If you have a newborn, you should know that he or she needs a very comfortable bed to rest otherwise he’ll be up crying all night. The family living upstairs from me has a new baby and they have told me how their baby bedding ideas at first were horrible and then they got a crib. And also getting just a crib shouldn’t be it. You should also get a good matress or anything soft because anything hard may hurt the baby.

Make sure you are getting a crib with protective walls so the baby doesn’t roll over and fall. That can damage the brain and you will be the one responsible for your carelessness. Also get some good pillows so the baby does not hurt his head or neck lying down. Making sure your baby is comfortable in his domain (his bed) is probably the most important part of his childhood because no rest means no sleep and no sleep can ruin a child’s life because he can be cranky and trust me, even I get cranky if I have a bad night’s sleep. Make sure your child gets the best rest.

Memory Card Readers

Memory Cards also known as SD cards because Scan Disk has made them famous have been used in exchange for floppy disks for a pretty while now. They are much smaller than floppies but still can hold more than a 1000 times the data than any floppy can. A floppy drive generally holds just 1.44 megabytes of data where a memory card can hold 1 gigabyte of data which is equivilent to 1024 megabytes of data.
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Web Hosts

To get information on top web hosting, you may want to visit They offer information on some of the best web hosts out there that offer you more than you can ask for in exchange for your money and of course their services. Soon I’ll be needing a new web hosting package from a new web host and you can assume I will drop by Top10Webhosting and look at their hosting reviews and get an idea of which I should try next.

Almost all the hosts listed on the site comes with a free domain so you don’t have to worry about wasting another $10 or so on buying a new domain for your new web host. You can get your new domain and your web host at the same place and have them both hosted at the same place. Can’t get any easier. I do need a new web host soon and that is because one of my old hosts have given me much trouble. Just hoping I can find a good recommendation.

Floppy Drives

In modern time, meaning today, floppy drives aren’t used as much as they used to be. About ten years ago, floppy disks were today’s USB Flash Drives. Small, light, and easy to carry from place to place. But now, most computers that are build don’t even have any floppy drives when you buy them. They either replace that with memory card readers or with more USB connectors.
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Christmas Cards

Well Thanksgiving is over and so is Black Friday that ended yesterday with massive amounts of sales. Now the time to shop for Christmas Gifts and what’s a better gift than giving out Christmas Cards? It may cost a lot but if you can make it meaningful, it can mean more expensive than any other gift. Company Christmas cards allows you to give out a lot of cards to your co-workers around the company or office. And what if you had an idea to make a great Christmas card, where would you go?

Well you can go to because they are currently running a Christmas cards scholarship contest where you can win $10,000 if you make a great enough Christmas card and it gets published. Imagine saving that much money on your college tuition. If you have the Graphical gift and ability to create greetings cards and making them appealing, then you have a gift. You should put that gift to the test and make a card and if it gets picked, you get $10,000. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. But you better hurry because they stop taking entries on January 15th 2008. Good luck to those that will enter!

Black Friday

Well today is technically Saturday and yesterday was the Friday after Thanksgiving and do you know what that means? It means it was officially Black Friday. On this day, shops and malls all around the country opened extra early and some as early as 4 AM to let in all the shoppers. Yesterday, the offical Christmas shopping season has started in the United States and people are going crazy to get the best deals.
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The need to use lights at night has never been more in the history of the planet. During the day time, it’s alright because the Sun provides all of us with its great power of light but at night, light is actually needed. With the Christmas season coming up, the day light hours seem to get smaller and smaller and on December 21st in the United States, it will be the shortest number of day light hours for the whole year. That’s when you can get the chance to use your LED Xmas lights to save some money and energy from using regular lights.

Outdoor LED Christmas lights allows a bright light to shine on the outdoors while saving you money and energy. Saving money is probably more important because regular fluorescent lights can give you a heart attack with the huge electricity bill. So using LED Christmas light around the Christmas tree and decorations around your home can be very smart. I will be sure to get some LED lights for Christmas and for my own personal use because to me, these little lights just look cool. I’ll probably keep them up until after new years and then go all the way to February before taking them down. At least I won’t get a huge electricity bill.

Cable Connection

Well the internet is truly advancing. About ten years ago, Dial-Up internet connection was the most common form of internet connection in every home with internet. Then came DSL with its download speed that can spike to triple digit in kilobits per second. Now it seems that Cable connection seems to be the most used in households today. I am a cable connection user and I am very happy with it.
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A mortgage is usually a huge loan taken out on large products such as a house or a car. If you are taking out $500 for books for college, then you can call that a simple loan. Mortgages tend to have a bit of higher interest rate since it can take you years to pay back. Getting remortgages done can also be considered the same and it is usually done on houses if you can’t stay with the same bank or loan company for too long. The interest rate here in New York is outrageous so when anyone takes out a mortgage, they should always pay attention to all fees, interest rates, and check how much they will actually be paying. Or they can always get a mortgage payment protection so their payments are protected and they won’t get into any trouble in the future.

My family has taken out big loans or mortgages a few times from a house and several cars in the past. I have yet to take out even a simple loan but I have observed closely to see how things actually go and where you should put your attention to the most and from what I have seen, it should always be the interest rate the state or city will make you pay. Then later on you can regret not paying attention.

Building a Server Update 4

Well it was time to get my hard drive after I have picked out my case, fan, motherboard, and processor. The hard drive will determine how much information I can put into the computer and this is not exactly memory as some may confuse it with that. Memory post will come next. So far I have thought about getting a hard drive with at least 160 Gigabytes of space but I have found one that is much better with just a little rise in its price.
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Backgammon is one of the oldest board games you can play and enjoy. It has been played by our family in the past decades and believe it or not, it is still pretty popular today. With the internet revolution, you can now play online against others all over the world. There are also many backgammon download sites around where you can download and play directly on your computer. I have played backgammon in the past and I’ll be honest when I say that I Stink bad at the game. I have a few friends that know how to play because they were taught when they were young but unfortunately this wasn’t a game my family played too much. is probably the best place to go to find some good backgammon downloads along with some players online. They also have blackjack on their site which is a pretty fun card game and it is all about luck and knowing when to Stop. Gammonish features backgammon and
blackjack as their two top games that their users love to play. But too bad that I am only skilled in blackjack a lot more than backgammon but they have good guides and reads that can help you understand the concept of backgammon. Time to start reading.

BackgammonMasters Company’s recent explosion of traffic to their All-in-One Game Lobby has prompted the launch of their Live Customer Support Feature. This new addition to their software allows players logged into the platform to instantly contact customer support and receive immediate help on any number of issues.

The influx of traffic is due to the fact that the software is available in 12 languages as well as the recent launch of real money 21 BlackJack in the game lobby alongside the real money Poker, Perudo and ever-popular backgammon games and tournaments.

BackgammonMasters Live Support Feature lets customers click the Live Support button in the game lobby and either connect immediately to an operator or they may choose to first answer a series of short questions which will pinpoint their problem and direct them to a relevant operator.

The Live Support Feature is currently available only in English, but after this feature is launched and fully tested, BackgammonMasters plans to add live support to the other software language platforms as well. A BackgammonMasters spokesperson stated that the Company believes their relationship with the customer is vital to the success of the company and that opening these additional lines of communication will be a positive move enabling the company to enlarge their loyal customer base and increase their points of contact with members. Live Support System currently support all four games including real money 21 blackjack games. More about 21 blackjack – and blackjack game rules can be found at:

Release by source for backgammon news and information.
For further information about 21 Blackjack see:

Name on Credit Card

From my past experiences, I always check the name on the credit card when issued to me. When I got my first credit card a while back, they misspelled my name wrong on the card. I actually went on and kept it for months before noticing. I only noticed when a store asked for ID and the names were 1 letter off. They understood thank god otherwise I could have gotten into trouble for trying to use someone else’s credit card.
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Christmas Lights

As the holiday season closes in with Thanksgiving being just four days away, the need to buy Christmas ornaments and gifts for your friends and family will rise and will get to its peak very soon. Christmas lights are used on Christmas trees and if you go to any major store, you will notice a huge Christmas tree there. The most famous one is the tree at the Rocefellar Center which is always the largest tree around New York City.

If you look look closely, you will notice that they are using LED Christmas tree lights which is a better type of light to use for a huge tree like that. For several reasons, they prefer to use LED lights over regular incandescent lights. They last longer than any other type of lights. You can use them for years to come. Some LED lights will last for 25,000 hours and even if you run it all year long, this will last you about three years. But it is usually done in the month of December so if you run it for just a month, you can run it for decades. They also use far less energy than most other types of lights so your electricity bill is a lot less. If you want to use it at home and want to win some contests for the best looking decorations without getting a huge electricity bill, this will probably be your best bet.


Google is the largest search engine on the internet and it certainly is the richest. It is just over 9 years old and it is the leading search engine on the net and it is a multi-billion dollar company. The only company that seems to be higher than Google is the great Microsoft. These two companies have domincated the internet for years and looks like they will continue for years to come.
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