Trade Stocks

When you own a stock, you own a part of the company the stocks belong to. If you own 10,000 stocks from a company that has a 100,000 stocks in total, guess what? You own 10% of that company so you make 10% of whatever the profits are of the company. If you want to know How To Trade Stocks, you may want to consider asking a stock broker in person or over the phone. It can be very informative and helpful.

I also suggest reading e-books and other articles from the internet. You will find more variable information about how to trade stocks on the internet than you will asking just one stock broker. You can go around asking a dozen or two stock brokers or just use a search engine and run through thousands of websites that may have helpful information. Good luck trading stocks, you will get better and better the longer you stay into the game.

Happy New Year

In less than 7 hours, the year of 2007 will be over here in New York and for anyone else living in the eastern standard time zone. This past year has been great to me. I finished high school as the salutatorian, started college, started this blog and still have it, and a ton of other accomplishments. Along with a lot of bad luck near the end, that’s a reason why I won’t miss this year too much now.
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FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and this is really smart to fill out if you are just heading off to college or are planning to go to college within the next year. Most high schools will push you and encourage you to fill out the FAFSA form online as soon as you can and usually the deadline each year comes by May and your information will be in their system for as long as you keep going to school to learn. They will use your info to offer you any type of financial aid available whether they are Government Grants or just regular sponsored scholarships by certain organizations, individuals, or corporations.

I have filled out the FAFSA form about a year ago just before heading off to college. And so far it has helpe dme out greatly by giving me some great scholarship opportunities and telling others that offer scholarships about me and my financial status. They even take the grades and your whole family’s income into play. If you need help and want to know some tips to filling out the FAFSA form with ease without any mistakes, you can check out because they contain free help for you. Don’t spend time and money on some “professional” willing to do it for you because at the end, you really are wasting time and money.

Domain Resellers

I have always wanted to own a website and company with whom I sell domains with. I own at least a dozen domains right now and they all have websites. Then I have another 4 or 5 that are just Parked or just left alone. I think it will be nice to become a domain reseller since right now I can’t afford to pay for the ICANN fees to become a valid registrar.
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Ivy Ridge

The Ivy Ridge Academy is a great academy for anyone wanting to excell in the academic world. It is a specialty Boarding School located in New York. It is right by the beautiful St. Lawrence River and the students who go to this school gets a great education and a great life experience from all of the activities they have. The program was tested by many and it was proven to work and it was proven to help out anyone in need.

They are always dedicated to help struggling teens to get out of their troubles and straight into success. And if you live in Canada, you send send your teen over to Ivy Ridge because it is closer to Canada than it is to New York City and you can give them a great education. This just shows you that they aren’t limited to just New Yorkers, they have actually gone international into Canada. You can find more information on their great academy at

Ordering From eBay

From my past experiences with google buying at least 2 dozen items and selling a few items as well, I have an idea of when the best time to order a product is. And it all depends on when you want your item. First look at the shipping details. If it states its a 3 to 5 day priority shipping package, then you know the package won’t come on Sunday but will every other day. If you wan’t it by Friday, end the auction by Sunday, you’ll get it by Friday 99.9% of the time.
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We Need Lights

The days from June 21st to about December 21st gets shorter and shorter everyday. Night comes earlier and earlier and the need to have light grows tremendously. If you are having a wedding then you definitely need some wedding lights or if you are having a party at home at night, you need lights, you can’t expect to do it the old fashioned way with the candles do you?

But if you do want great lighting you may want to give LED lights a thought. They can give you the same amount of brightness and some will give you more than you ask but don’t worry, compared to regular lighting at home these days, these are far more enery efficient saving energy and saving you money on your electricity bill. And some of these lights may last for up to 100,000 hours which is about a 100 times better than most lights today.

Name Server updates – 24 to 48 hours?

Well if you own a .com or a .net domain, it can take up to 24 hours for the domain name servers to update fully and point to the new server without having to bounce back to the old one periodically. But domains such as .info, .org, and .us, and a few other extensions can take up to 48 hours to update the name servers. Talk about being slow.
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Popup Displays

The Godfrey Group always has some of the best looking display boards and options around. Now their new innovation of the popup displays is taking place where you can fit the whole display in a little box then it just pops into place and you have a full sized display board. Just because they are pop up displays, doesn’t mean they aren’t professional. As always the Godfrey group keeps is as professional looking as possible.

If you always wanted a portable display for your business just to show off in trade shows or other events, you may want a pop up display because it just flattens out at the end. You can fit it at the trunk of your car, on the back seat of your car, and some will even get small enough to fit your passenger seat.

Clear Your Cache

Your browser’s cache is considered to have three major things along with a few others. First is your cookies. By cookies I don’t mean chocolate chip cookies that you can eat but cookies are given out by websites and you store them into your computer whether they are permanent or just temporary. This website sends out one too just to tell your computer that you have visited. The second is the History. This tells you the web pages you have viewed within a certain period of time.
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Bed Bugs

What is a bedbug? They are nasty little bugs you can find on your mattress and they actually do suck your blood as you sleep. When you wake up you may find some red dark spots on your skin and it may look a bit swollen and sometimes even hurt. But not to worry.

You can go to to learn more about Bed Bugs. I have had an encounter with a few a while back, before I moved. Thank god they didn’t follow me here but I was lucky to not get any diseases from the bites. They may be little but they can cause more harm to you than you can imagine so be careful and take all the precautions you can.

Did we Disappear?

If you weren’t able to access this blog for an hour or five it’s because we were having technical difficulties which are all behind us now. It started around Noon time eastern standard time and I was able to fully fix it all by 10 PM eastern standard time. Read more »

Web Design Services

Web Design Services can be hard to find if you aren’t looking in the right places. Of course you can use google and Yahoo and try to use the best results but are they trustworthy? Network Solutions is a huge company that sells hosting packages along with domains and now they have moved onto web designing services. They can make any site in the internet look a 100 times better and if you are all about competition, you can look better than your rivals in no time.

Web Design Services aren’t very easy to offer either. But with Net Sol’s help, you can have a professionally designed website in no time. Just takes around $500 for the service but if you can turn that $500 to $5000 later on as profits, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about anyway.


Many new webmasters coming into the website management world doesn’t understand what CPC and CPM are. CPC stands for Cost Per Click and it is usually used with Programs such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. This is where you pay a certain amount of money for each visitor that clicks your website”s link and is forwarded to you. Not much to it. But what does CPM stand for?
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Why do people go on a diet? Well maybe it’s because they don’t like the way they look or they want to lose some weight. Some starve themselves to death until they have lost 10 pounds with eating just a few pounds of food the whole month. And other go the smart way and look up some of the great diets available to compare on Weight Loss Diet Help’s website. And remember that diets don’t always work the same way for everyone. You may lose a lot of weight if you just eat a certain type of food and Weight Loss Diet Help can help you with what can and what probably will work for you.

Places like weight watchers cost most of course. Why? Well they help you lose weight and like other programs, they have some meal plans that can help you. And from Weight Loss Diet Help’s website, you can get a savings coupon you can use to save yourself some money and lose that extra weight you wanted to get rid of. Before you do go on a diet make sure you know what you are getting into because you don’t want to come out losing half of your weight because it wouldn’t be natural at all. Good luck!

Can you trust Alexa?

If you don’t know what Alexa is already, it is just a website that has information regarding traffic and visitors for websies all around the internet. If your site has been up for a while, there is a huge chance it is listed in alexa. They rank you against all the other websites in the system. The only good thing is that it can risecompetition among webmasters which can be benefitial to the internet.
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Wrought Iron Haven

The windows in the walls of our houses gives us a way to see into the world. And sometimes you just want to shut it off with curtains or other drapery hardware. These curtains, drapes, and even blinds keeps the light out when you need it and also prevents others from seeing into your house and peeking into things that are not their business. And Wrought Iron Haven is probably the place to go if you want curtains or other drapery hard ware.

Drapery hardware refers to the hardware you use in order to hold up the drapes and curtains. You may need curtain rods in order to hold up the curtains and drapes. This also includes the little decorations that may be at the end of the rod. I use curtain rods in my house even though I didn’t pick them out. But if you do want to pick out your own, you can check out what Wrought iron Haven has for you because trust me, they have a huge selection. They have served and helped out many customers in the past and they can and probably will keep you happy with your drapery hardware and believe me, that’s not all that they have.


Dreamweaver is a HTML Editing Software and it is one of the most popular of its type in the whole world. It was owned by a company called Macromedia but unfortunately it was bought out by Adobe so now instead of being called Macromedia Dreamweaver, it’s Dreamweaver and it’s newest version is Dreamweaver CS3. I still have the old Dreamweaver version which is Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.
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Coventry is an online Health Insurance Information website where you can go to find some of the lowest priced and best rates for health insurance anywhere in the country based on where you live. Coventry Health Care Georgia will get you information for all health care providers in Georgia and then it’s the same if you live in New York for New York.

Coventry helps families and individuals find the best and most affordable with the best extras available for you. They will tell you about the best local health insurance information you can get and the best info you can want. You can get on their site and quote or just call them up and see what kind of an insurance you can get. Good luck.

Merry Christmas

Christmas is technically Just over an hour and a half away but celebrations usually start right in the morning time when you start opening presents with your family and pray a bit. I wish you all a Merry Christmas tomorrow and a great new years next week.
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