By blinds I don’t mean people that can’t see but these are blinds you put on your windows so no one can see in or out and little to no light can go through it. If you really want to block out the outside light, then wooden blinds are probably the right ones to buy.

Most blinds are plastic and light can go through them. Wood usually is a bit more opaque making it more likely to absorb the light including the heat along with it, rather than just letting it pass through. Even if the wood is thin just like the plastic ones, if the color is brown like wood, not much light will pass through it. I have blinds but unfortunately they are plastic blinds and now I have to think of changing them to wood since I like dark right before I wake up in the morning.

Need New Memory

Well the past few days my best and only desktop computer has been acting really stupid. It is using up a lot more memory also known as RAM than it really should be. Usual would be 150% regular RAM but it goes to nearly 300% more which is pretty scary. I own an old model of a Motherboard so I have 4 DIMM slots but unfortunately they are just 184 pins.
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Awesome Web Host

THC also known as top hosting center has just offered their previous customers and in hopes to bring in some new ones an incredible offer that some people just cannot refuse. Their web hosting is already amazing but with their new feature and offer called Rudolf Web Hosting, you can get an excellent web host offer for just a one time pay and a domain for LIFE. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I said for LIFE. The only time you have to worry about it is when you have to think of who you will be giving your account to in order to keep your site alive and well.

With Rudolf web hosting, you get one account for $95. Sounds expensive? Well it shouldn’t because it is just a one time pay. It is a lot better than paying $5 or $10 per month because in a year, your money will be all wasted. But with rudolf, that $95 can keep you going for YEARS to come. You get 250 gigabytes of hosting physical space and 3000 gigabytes or 3 terabytes of total monthly bandwidth. You can run as many websites as you want because you get free mysql databases and great support. I don’t know about you but to me, this is a very attractive hosting offer.

Web Designing

About a year ago, around the exact same time I was learning to design simple html websites. And a few days after I actually started to learn, I got my first job offer at the local library. So I had to give up something, either my forum, my job offer, or web designing. I sadly gave up learning web designing around the same time last year.
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Soy Candles

Before there any lights in everyone’s house, the only ways to see at night in the dark were either with Lanterns, Candles, if you were a Bat, or any other nocturnal animal. But since then, lanterns are rarely used but candles are found everywhere. If you go to a department store or a discount store, you are bound to find candles. But are they Soy Candles? I really doubt it because soy candles have a certain type of aromatic feeling to it. The smell is soothing and relaxing. I believe people use it for aromatic therapy to help others relax although I am not a 100% sure on that.

Universol Aromos sells some of the best soy candles around. Their site can be reached at which is pretty easy to remember if you already know the name. Their candles are made for relaxation and they are both FDA and kosher standard so you have nothing to worry about hard to you legally, medically, or even religiously. Their prices are also cheap. You can get like a dozen natural soy candles for around $13 or $14. You can buy it directly off their site to save you time and trouble of going to the store. But remember that the $13 and $14 aren’t meant for all, some are cheaper but some are a bit more expensive.

Happy Holidays from Old Papers

Well guys, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the day after tomorrow is the real deal, Christmas itself. Everyone is happy but believe it or not, people are still out shopping for last minute presents and I am about to do the same later on today. But just over a week away, the year of 2007 will be over. This has been a great year with great accomplishments for me and I will never forget it.
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Finance Genius

You can refinance your house and you can refinance your car. Two great things you can do to get some extra money for the work you have put into both of those pieces of property. But if you have bad credit, it may be hard for you to refinance either one. That’s where finance genius comes into play. They can help you with your Bad Credit Car Refinance situation.

Getting help refinancing your car can be a great deal. If your APR goes down by 1 or even 2 percent, then you could be saving a lot of money in your payments. Best of all, finance genius can help you with other things as well insurance, mortgage, and student loans. If you really want to refinance your car, you should really seek some professional help, just to get you started at least.

Theme Options

Most bulletin board or forum softwares allows the administrator to set up more than one theme for his users. And trust me when I say this, take advantage of that feature because your users will love it. If you make the whole forum look dull with the same colors from day one to day 365 then your users can get bored looking at it. Giving them options brings colors and makes your users want to come back just to see the different styles you have up.
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Moving Your Car

Moving from one location to another takes time, patience, and a lot of work. If you are moving abroard to another country not connected to your own, you could be in for a hell of a ride. But there are forms of auto shipping where they can help you move your car from one place to another whether its international or just domestic. helps anyone with the need to move their car from one location to another. This is only for domestic moving. And their sister company helps with, you guessed it, international shipping. Don’t let land, water, or even the air stop you from taking your car from one location to another. And best of all, you can get a free quote from there to see how much you can expect to spend.

2007 Is Over

Just over a week left for the year of 2007 to come to an end. So far I have had a rough year full of both good and bad luck. The end of the year, bad luck had taken over showing me no mercy. But for tonight, everything seems to be going well. And I am even planning on going on vacation next week right after Christmas, fun!
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Careers In Music

There are many types of careers you can pursue, music careers is one of them. Artists House Music is probably the place you can go to get the knowledge and resources you need in order to pursue a career in the music industry. They have interviewed companies such as Muder Inc. and you can get the whole thing on their site a

The site is run by John Snyder who is a multi grammy aware winner and that should tell you more than just a little something. He has experience in the music business and he has won multiple grammy awards, that’s something not many in the world can claim. If you need more information on careers in music, then you may want to check out the site to get an idea of the resources you could get a hold of.

Opening Your Computer?

There are a few precautions you should take before you consider opening up your computer case because you should damage your computer parts or even yourself. First thing you should always do is shut down the computer. Then wait a few minutes and then Unplug the power cord from back of the computer. Wait another minute or so, then open up the lid.
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Forex Trading

Forex which is short for Foreign Exchange is something many people around the whole world due. This is their way of investing into the world whether it’s in their own home country or their neighboring country or a country on the other side of the planet. Forex Trading has truly grown in the past decades. Companies such as eToro makes it easy for traders like you to keep track of all your business forex trading from anywhere in the world. It is truly interactive and it is like viewing a race. You can watch your trades go down slightly or watch them soar above the rest.

With etoro, you can compete with other traders to get the best deals on the trades in the whole global market. And if you have no experience with this, no problem because they have practice sessions where you can buy stocks with practice money and see how well you do. Of course you wouldn’t really own the stocks, they are just virtual stocks with virtual money showing you if you would have profitted or would have lost. That’s probably my favorite feature. Forex trading is growing from day to day and it is getting bigger and better than ever before, are you a part of it yet?


As I predicted, Google is back to re-indexing all the pages it has de-indexed the past week. My forum had over 25,000 pages indexed just over a week ago. Then one day dropped to 16,000 and I was just SHOCKED. Losing 9,000 pages from a search engine over night is killer and can give you a heart attack. Then a few days later it dropped to 14,000 and then finally to 13,000 and that’s when I started worrying a whole lot about what will happen. I was worried because my SERPs or Search Engine Rank Positions were also dropping by not 1 but a few keywords dropped as much as 10. Wouldn’t you be scared if it seemed google was hating your website?
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Travel Hero

When traveling you need three very important things over anything else. First, you need a way to get there, known as the mode of transportation. Second you need a place to stay, called a hotel, OR just a place to stay. And third, you ned a way to get around there such as a car or even a bicycle, I call that the mode of hanging out. Well Travel Hero is a website dedicated to help you with exactly what you need. If you need a flight to Las Vegas or need information on Las Vegas hotels or need to rent a car, you can do that all from their website.

Without the three major things in your vacation, it just wouldn’t be complete. You will be left hanging in one place or another. The flight is the most important on the list because you have to get there first. Then hotel because you need a place to sleep at night. And as for the mode of hanging out, you can actually walk so that car is really optional. But either way, travel hero can help with all three or just any one of them.

Submitting to Directories, Does it Still Work?

Years ago and even months ago from now, submitting to directories have helped in grow a backlink and in getting minimal traffic. Most directories tend to send out no visitors to single digit amount each month. But now, after google’s screw up with the Page Ranks, people aren’t even sure if submitting to directories can help their site and I am here to tell you YES it can still help.
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NY Real Estate

Finding some good real estate properties in New York is extremely difficult. Especially if you want the property to be at a place like the Hamptons, New York City, or North Fork. Well if you are looking, you may want to give your attention to Prudential Douglas Elliman for a bit because they are New York’s Largest Real Estate Company and they have over offices in the state serving nearly 350 communities with their listings and information. If you need NYC or even North Fork real estate properties information, you can count on Prudential Elliman to provide you with great information.

New York is probably one of the toughest places to find good and cheap land or even if you want to rent, it’s very hard. I have seen my family go through trouble to find a good house and trust me, doing it without a real estate company can be extremely difficult and time consuming. If you want to save yourself time and trouble, Prudential Elliman could be the key.

Happy Spamfest

Well it is the holiday season and it is when the internet is filled with the most spammers. These guys with no lives go around blogs, forums, and other websites just commenting and posting total crap in hopes to get some sales. Mostly porn spammers these days can be found. This blog gets a hundred or so new spam posts daily all full of crap. So ’tis the season to be spammy is the song sung by all these hopeless idiots.
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Gimmees is an online site that offers promotional products and trade show items to business owners and basically anyone else that wants to promote their products. If you are a business owner and you need some more new products to sell, you can probably get some of their promotional products. Some costs just near pennies and you can sell them for nearly 100 times the profit. Something you can’t beat.

Of course you don’t have to go around dancing in public telling everyone of their promotional products. All you have to do is sell them and if the customer likes it, there is a chance he or she will look at the brand name of the product and if it’s pleasing, gimmees may have just made another customer thanks to you. There are many useful things you can do with promtional products, espcially if they are from gimmees.

vBulletin 3.7 Beta 3

Earlier today the vBulletin staff has announced its official release of the third beta version of their newest vbulletin software of 3.7. It has been in beta for the past month or so and so far it is still unstable and they have even advised all members NOT to upgrade their current stable version of vbulletin to this beta 3 version of vB 3.7.
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