2007 Is Over

Just over a week left for the year of 2007 to come to an end. So far I have had a rough year full of both good and bad luck. The end of the year, bad luck had taken over showing me no mercy. But for tonight, everything seems to be going well. And I am even planning on going on vacation next week right after Christmas, fun!

Well in a few days, Christmas will knock on our doors. Joy will take over everyone’s heart, well most people at least. And then just a wait of another 6 days brings on the new leap year of 2008 where we get an extra day to do whatever we want on February 29th. And of course who could forget, the presidental election will be here and I will be sure to vote on that.

I just hope 2008 will be a better year for me and my family. Good luck to you all!

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