Can you trust Alexa?

If you don’t know what Alexa is already, it is just a website that has information regarding traffic and visitors for websies all around the internet. If your site has been up for a while, there is a huge chance it is listed in alexa. They rank you against all the other websites in the system. The only good thing is that it can risecompetition among webmasters which can be benefitial to the internet.

But, do note that alexa only counts visitors that has the alexa tool bar installed in their browser. If you don’t have the toolbar and you go ahead and visit sites such as Google or Alexa itself, they will not consider you as a visitor and just leave you out of the whole equation. This is a huge reason why I don’t like to trust Alexa but it’s just fun to see the numbers go up and down for some of my sites.

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