Clear Your Cache

Your browser’s cache is considered to have three major things along with a few others. First is your cookies. By cookies I don’t mean chocolate chip cookies that you can eat but cookies are given out by websites and you store them into your computer whether they are permanent or just temporary. This website sends out one too just to tell your computer that you have visited. The second is the History. This tells you the web pages you have viewed within a certain period of time.

The third is probably the most important which is the Temporary internet files. These are the images, files, and everything else besides cookies that were downloaded into your pc for faster website loads. You can go to your Tools menu in both Internet Explorer and Firefox and clear your cache by deleting all three and this gives your computer a chance to work a bit faster but on the downside, sites may load a bit slower for you but it is a good price to pay sometimes if you are having problems.

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