Many new webmasters coming into the website management world doesn’t understand what CPC and CPM are. CPC stands for Cost Per Click and it is usually used with Programs such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. This is where you pay a certain amount of money for each visitor that clicks your website”s link and is forwarded to you. Not much to it. But what does CPM stand for?

M means mill or a thousand. M also stands for Impressions. So if you put that together, it’s the cost per thousand impressions. This just means you pay a certain amount of money to the website or the program after you ad has been displayed a 1,000 times. This is a lot better than CPC because if you pay $10 per CPM and you pay $0.50 Per CPC, there is a higher chance of getting more clicks from that thousand Impressions than just 20 clicks on the CPC. Each have their advantages and disadvantages so just know which to use.

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