Name Server Updates

People often have the question of how long it really takes for name servers with domains to update. Well 95% of domain registrars will tell you to give it up to 24 hours for the name servers to stablize into the new server before causing any screw ups of any kind. And why am I writing this post? Well I moved my gaming forum to a new host today and guess what? Name servers need updating.

If they state it needs up to 24 hours, give it 24 hours before flipping out that something is broken or you did something wrong. I moved my forum about 13 hours earlier and it is still jumping around. Although it isn’t as much, it is still crazy and annoying at times. But I guess I will have to give it the remaining 11 hours that it has left to fully stablize, hope this works. Just have patience and everything will be alright.

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