Payment Processors

What are payment Processors? These are online websites that will handle internet transactions for you and/or your business. One very famous and most used processor is known as PayPal. You can send money and receive money from anyone from every country where PayPal exisits. Another one is known as e-gold. You can also use these as your own Credit Card payment processing website to pay others through your credit card. Remember that you are using real money and not fake internet money. You can withdraw the money in a check or even a bank transfer. And you can put in money the same way along with a credit card payment.

Another processor is known as MoneyBookers. Again, this works the same way. They will handle all your money online. You can make payments and accept payments. Any and all of these processors can and will come in handy if you have an online business or store. You can even pay for postage and packaging with USPS and FedEX and DHL through these processors. These just makes your life a lot easier. I use paypal and I am slowly trying to get a feel of all different processors. A new one that came out not to long ago was brought up by a famous company known as Google. Google Checkout is one of the newest processors online. Not too many people use it but it is becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

This is just a brief intro on how you can manage your money online. Expect more useful content to be added on this later. I will explain each and every single one of them later on. Thanks for reading!

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