Some people wonder what PR is. PR stands for PageRank and it is determined by the largest search engine on the web. I am pretty sure you have heard of it since this company is international and a majority of the internet population uses this search engine to search for their daily things. It is known as Google. Google’s pagerank was made to give websites a ranking of 1 through 10. PR10 being the highest and toughest to get and only about a dozen sites have it including,, and

You will need hundreds of high PR backlinks to your site to get a PR10 or a link on the Google home page which is impossible. This blog right here is a PR3. A 3 out of 10 isnt very bad and shows work has been put into it. Pagerank updates once every three or four months and the next one should come in a week or so or as I am hoping it will come soon.

Way of getting pagerank is to get backlinks from other websites. It doesnt have to be the same category or niche but it will help out more. You can trade links, buy links, make your own websites and just separate the links, they all help. This is just a brief review of what PR is and more info will come soon. Good luck to you!

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