Computer programmers have some of the best Programming skills anyone can have on this subject matter. I have tried to learn Visual Basic along with C++ and so far I have gotten minimal knowledge into my brain and I am not proud of it. I envy these programmers and Graphic Designers with their keen senses to do these tasks as if they are adding simple single digit numbers. And I know envy isn’t a good thing but I just can’t do what they can but I am trying hard to change all of that.

Of course there are many types of programming in the world. You can be a computer software programmer, a computer engineer, someone that programs television sets to work with others in sync and more. So far I have gotten the television part and I just have to work on the software programmer part and I should be good. If you want to learn as well, good luck to you and wish me luck because this is a subject I definitely need help with.

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