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People often ask about which graphics program they should use to make a good signature for forums and other graphics. Well people often say the same thing and that’s Photoshop and I will tell you the same thing with something else along with it. Photoshop has a free trial period of 30 days and you can download it straight off the Adobe website. After the 30 days if you are satisfied with it you can just purchase it straight from the internet and save yourself the trouble of going to a store and getting the whole CD.

You can also use GIMP. You can get it from and it is a great software. I have used it and I have found it very useful. Although I found it extremely difficult to control because you need a lot of windows open to get the same amount of features and effects as photoshop and it’s one window. But Gimp is absolutely free forever so that’s one of the positives over photoshop. If you need a good Graphics Creating Program, you can get either Photoshop or Gimp, I’d recommend either one for you.

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