What is technorati? Technorati is a social bookmarking site where you can add your blog as well as other’s blogs to your favorite. This can be very helpful in some ways. Want to know more? Well Keep reading then. came out especially for blogs and blog owners. Blog owners can claim their blogs on the net and see how many other blogs link to their blog. It is quite fascinating to see how well your blogs can be and how popular it has become. This can result in a lot of traffic but please don’t expect this to raise your PageRank, this will not help. If you need to know what PageRank is, look around this blog for a Post explaining what PageRank is and How you can use it.

Login to your Technorati Profile and claim your blogs. You can add other blogs to your favorites to keep a track of them. If you like this blog and if you feel nice enough, you are welcome to add us to your favorites anytime. Keep reading for more tips on how to enhance your sites, forums, and blogs.

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