Not all artists and bands get a huge record deal and make it to the time and end up making some albums and sell millions of copies and get famous. You can go to Unsigned.com and listen to some of the reggae artists and independent bands that never made it to making a huge hit. You can browse through your favorite genres and like always, mine is rock. I do like hard rock and hip hop but punk rock and hardcore rock can kick all their butts.

Unsigned has hundreds to thousands of music for you to listen to online. Some songs on there sound like they should be on MTV and others feel as if they need to stay on myspace and no one should add them. But either way, listening to new and up coming blood in the music business is always great especially when they music music as good as some bands and artists with huge record contracts already. No one can really get through any of this without help and all these unsigned solo artists, duos, trios, or even a whole group forming a whole band can be heard all over the internet and all over the world on Unsigned.com. Now I know where to go to listen to some good music besides MTV.

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