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Do you know what a whois guard it? Well the name may say it all, it says WHO IS GUARD. It protects the information of the rightful owner of any domain and it comes in very handy when trying to avoid spam via email or even regular mail because you will be bothered. I know that for a fact when I registered my first domain, I had no idea about what a whois guard was and I had gotten at least a dozen letters in the mail giving me information on their registrar which isn’t very good.

Should I use a whios guard? Well it is all up to you. It isn’t absolutly necessary but if you have a very popular domain with maybe thousands to even millions of visitors a day, then it could be a good idea to avoid all that spam. In namecheap, whoisguard for the first year is free and then costs less than $3 for the whole year. It isn’t a huge price to pay when you are trying to protect some parts of your name. The price varies and I happen to use a whoisguard for some of my most active and most visited websites. Again, it isn’t completely necessary but it is a very nice feature to have in my opinion.

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