Moto Software

If you sell motorcycles or other types of automotive products you may want to think about getting some sort of motorcycle dealership software such as Commander NE. This is a basic yet complex software that helps you keep track of all your motorcycles, parts, services, and etc. and helps you price them all accordingly.

With the Commander NE Software you can manage more than just motorcycle. You can really manage anything at all but these are usually used more for power sports equipments and machinery such as motorcycles and ATVs and snow mobiles. This helps you keep track of everything and it helps you keep organized. Organization is the leading way to succeed in the business world, especially in the automotive one.

End of January

In less than an hour the month of January will end. It is really funny because this month went by really fast. One-twelfth of the year of 2008 is already done and we have just 11 more to go. I have done a lot this month which includes moving, settling in, buying a new computer case, open a proxy, and start up second term of college.
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Series 7 Books

If you want to become a stock broker you may want to think about getting Series 7 Books to practice on. Why? If you really want to become a stock broker you should know that there is a test involved and the Series 7 is one out of many series of books provided by Empires Stock Broker to help people like you get into the business of stocks and other fields.

The Series 7 book contains many helpful information including many practice tests for you. No matter how smart you think you are, there are always things in the world you do not know and practicing more and more with practice tests such as the ones found in the Series 7 books can be very crucial in determining what you do with your life. If you are going to take the test soon, good luck to you.

Summer Band

This coming summer, I may actually go on with a previous plan of mine and that’s to Open a band. I have been in a band in junior high school and that was very fun. But graduation came and none of the band members really went into the same school and some even moved out of state. So this is a plan I have with one of my closest friends.
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Mortgage Leads

Zip Search is a company that can provide some great mortgage leads for you when you need it. If you want to buy a house or buy that car you always dreamed of, you will need a mortgage to help you pay for that unless you can actually afford to spend thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on the spot and not pay for it later on by having debt from not paying bills, rent, and any other type of expenses you may have. Even if you think you can afford to pay for that car or house, a mortgage can be essential when it comes to keeping you and your money safe in the future.

The last thing you want is to spend half of your money on a car and then end up with credit card bills from other expenses, electricity bill, gas bill, other utility bill, then the big one, the rent. And of course how can we forget food and necessities. You have to have these little necessities to live and survive. And if you want to find information on great mortgage leads, this is where comes in. They can provide you some of the best information and leads available on the internet.

My Case has Cometh

Today my XION Computer Case has come and I am very excited. It got here this morning but I was not able to even open it out of the box other than opening just a side of the box to take a glimpse into it. It looks awesome and I have to say, it is HEAVY. They tell me it’s 19 pounds but when I picked it up today it felt around 30 pounds.
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Ameri Commerce

Ameri Commerce is a shopping cart software that can help you and any other business online. A shopping cart software allows your customers to browse through your products and put them in a virtual shopping cart and then check the products out like a real store just virtually over the internet. Many places have this type of software and it is highly recommended by me and many others if you are looking to sell things online.

Ameri Commerce is just one of the best and one of the most reliable shopping cart softwares out there. This software will make sure that you and your business succeed by giving your visitors and customers a great and very secure way to shop and spend their money online, this is a major thing you should look at if you want to save money and make money at the same time.

A Lotta Comments

Well this blog has been getting a LOT of comments lately and everyday I have to look through them all approving the good ones and deleting the stupid and spammy ones. And trust me, spam rules about 90% of the comments on this blog with stupidity and just copy and paste from the blog post along with a link to their site. Don’t do that!
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What is rhinoplasty? It is a type of plastic surgery and if you live in Maryland, you can do a little search of rhinoplasty Maryland to find more information about that. The Chevy Chase Face which is a pretty clever name does that type of rhinoplasty for anyone that may need it. They get people who doesn’t like the way they look and they just make those people happy.

This is a type of nose reconstruction or cosmetic surgery or whatever else you want to call it. It also includes others like face lift and brow lift which is popular by many because it makes them look younger. And you can believe a lot of older Hollywood celebrities have done it in the past and they will keep on doing it because they just love the way they look after the cosmetic surgery. And again, the Checy Chase Face is a high and well known cosmetic surgery clinic.

Case Due Tomorrow

I know I have been making quite a big deal about my new XION computer case but it was confirmed that I ordered the case last night and so far my order was processed and shipped already within a few hours which is great and very impressive compared to other companies. Newegg provides great service. But anyway, my new case is due to come tomorrow.
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Invisible Shield

Do you use one of those thick ipod case for your ipod that is made out of rubber or plastic? Those can get a bit annoying and that’s why the Invisible shield is out and it can be found on the website. It is just a thin strip of clear film that you use to cover your ipod all around and it will protect it from most types of damages such as scratches.

This thin film is strong enough to protect the ipod from scratches and more. And best of all, you can basically anything that you feel needs protection such as your cell phones, other mp3 players, laptops, digital cameras, and basically anything else. And it doesn’t create the hassle by making the size of your little equipment any bigger like normal cases would.

Here is a little picture of what it looks like over an iPod video.


iPod is a leading MP3 player in our economy today. Different versions of the iPod comes out every once in a while with its smaller major branches. First came the regular first generation iPod which is no longer with us. Then came the iPod mini which not many people use anything. And then that turned into the iPod Nano, one of the smallest and thinnest MP3 players in the planet. A huge number of people have this version including myself and my younger sister. As time goes by they kind of upgrade the iPod nano to look slimmer and yet hold more songs than it did before.
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Dental Care

One very important thing just up there with Health Care is Dental Care. And if you Live in the Beverly Hills area of California, you can find Beverly Hills dental care at Dr. Maddahi’s office. You can go to his site at and take a little quiz to give their office a feeling of what your oral health is like so they can help you out even better when you show up for your appointment.

The Dr. Maddahi’s office online test is called the Personal Smile Evaluation which is clever and nice if you ask me. This gets people’s attention when taking the little evaluation and they use it as some great information during your appointment. You can come out of his office with a better smile than you have now and your job will be to take care of that smile after your appointment with Dr. Maddahi.

Newegg Problems

Newegg is my primary place to shop for computer parts thanks for a few recommendations from my friends. A few hours ago I tried to order an item which I mentioned a few posts ago and they wouldn’t let me view my shopping cart. It was for my new computer case by the way. Newegg would take about 15 minutes to give me the “server not found” error page.

But just a few minutes ago I was able to once again access newegg and place the order of my newest computer case. I am very excited to get it and they have promised me that the item will be here in three business days via UPS. So now comes the game of waiting which I don’t like very much. Hopefully I didn’t go through a lot of trouble for nothing.

Rocky Point

You can find Rocky Point rentals information on I thought I’d get straight to the point, get it, point meaning Rocky Point? No? Alright anyway, Rocky Point is a luxurious place to visit for any vacation and as I always say, getting a vacation rental is much better than any hotel you will ever stay in. And it is even better when your vacation rental costs you much less than a hotel.

A hotel can sometimes invade your privacy when maids and others come in to check on you or clean the room and then at night when you are sleeping and people come back really late, they make noise in the hall way. A vacation rental will allow you to have all the privacy you want without any type of interruptions. And if you ever visit Rocky point, don’t settle for a hotel, go all the way to a vacation rental.

XION Case ShowCase

Well this post is about showing off my new to be case as I have finalized my decision on getting this case and using it with my new computer. I have read reviews the past few hours and it seems perfect. Some have problems while others don’t have any complaints at all.

Here is a picture of what it really looks like, it is provided by newegg so I thank them for having the picture and having the product in stock for me.

computer case

Carolina Real Estate

The Carolina’s are beautiful places to own property and real estate. Carolina Beach Real Estate are some of the best places to actually buy land. You get a glimpse of the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean if located in the right place and unlike in New York City where the real estate prices have been sky rocketing in the past few months and years, you don’t have to worry about high prices. With the price of one New York City house, you can probably purchase three in the Carolinas.

You can go to for more information on real estate and other types of land available in the Carolinas. North Carolina has some of the best land available for what you want to do. And you can actually save more money buying a larger portion of land there than buying a single family house here in New York City. So if you really want to go down there and live pretty happily, you know where to visit.

A New Computer Case?

Well I am looking into building a very good computer for myself soon and I am specking parts for it now. I have been doing so for the past few weeks or so. Today I found a great computer case made by the company called XION. The case looks awesome, it is spacious, and has more slots than I could probably use.
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Golfing is a very popular sport in the United States. I have friends who like to play golf and even I like to play golf. Even though I don’t have first hand experience playing golf in a real field, I would really like the opportunity at some part of my life. I have played golf simulators, golf video games, and my favorite, mini golf. You can get online golf tips at

You can sign up on One Plane Golf Swing and get access to some of the video features they have of giving you both online tips in reading and even through video. One huge and useful benefit from being a member is the customized golf instruction in both text and video. You can get very useful information from just being a member than you can actually getting trained by a trainer on a field.

Need More Ink

I have an old Hewlett Packard Printer model Deskjet 842C so it isn’t the newest one around the block. It is old and the ink for it it scarce thus making it much more expensive than most other ink jets. I have been looking around those websites that sell inkjets and cartridges online for a very cheap price, but most of them want a high purchase count for free shipping.
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