Clear Your Debt

Many people seek Debt Management and that is a very good idea if you are deep in debt or if you just need help getting things done. People may think seeing debt management can put a bad name on your reputation among friends, that is completely wrong. If you go into heavy debt and go very deep where it is almost impossible to come out, how will you tell your friends you owe others thousands of dollars that you don’t have. Try getting a good name for your reputation then. If you need help you can go to as they provide some great advice on debt management and more.

Just imagine a life free of debt. I know there are millions of americans, europeans, asians, australians, and many others today wishing they can live a life without debt. But some just can’t avoid it. People make mistakes. If people didn’t make mistakes they wouldn’t be people, just perfect beings otherwise known as God. And I have seen just too many cases of people going deeper into debt because they don’t seek help for themselves, don’t make that mistake and get help when you really need it. ClearDebt.Co.Uk may be the solution for you.

February is Over

Today was February 29th, about 14 minutes left technically. And it was a great month for me. I had gotten a lot done and have accomplished a lot more than I ever Imagined. I even got more done this month than the whole month of January which had 31 days, a full 2 days more.
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Manager Assistant

The Manager Assistant is a employee review and management software that is one of the dream softwares for any manager and employer. Imagine keeping track of all your employees and management officials with just one software.

You can go to for more information on this amazing software. There are great reviews from this software all over the place. And even some fortune 500 companies use this software to keep everything managed, it is the perfect software for any boss.

TeamSpeak Getting Popular

Our Teamspeak server has been getting popular over the days. But if you are expecting to get the IP address to the server, I am sorry but I cannot provide that here, not yet at least. Right now the only place to get the IPs for the TS server is at
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Spring Training Rentals

Spring Training season is almost here for sports teams and sports lovers will be very happy for this. Scottsdale is a location near some spring training sectors and if you want to rent some Spring training rentals in Scottsdale, you can go to for more information and see what they have.

If you work for a team, you can live here in full luxury unless your team requires you to stay at a hotel. And if you are a fan you can stay here as well and be on time to watch your favorite team practice if they allow it. Scottsdale is a beautiful place as well, can’t leave that out.

Fixing My Old PC

I actually think I may be able to fix my computer one way or another without having to waste time taking it back to the shop and put my warranty to use. The PC is slowing up badly and it isn’t running programs and it is recent, so I wanted to Restore the PC to an earlier time, perhaps a month or two ago when it all went very smoothly.
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Finale Music

Finale Music is a software from MakeMusic, Inc. It has the power to give you music engraving and also provides what some call smart music that is able to let you in on its complete music practice system that is designed to help you get better at Music. Music is an art and being able to read musical notes and put them into action takes a lot of skills and talent and many may not be able to do that. And now with Finale Music and its practice system, you may be able to do all of that and more. People often just give up learning, don’t do that, just give this a shot and watch the Smart Music improve your musical knowledge and skills.

Finale Music also has the world’s largest interactive accompaniment library so you can have some fun with this feature. Imagine playing your instrument by yourself but the library makes it feel as if you are in a huge auditorium playing in front of thousands with the whole band or orchestra right beside you. I have actually done that before with the drums back in Junior High school in the Junior High School Renaissance band, and I have to say, there is no other feeling like it. If you need some professional help getting better or just plain on practicing, Finale music may be the right software for you.

Old PC Dying

My Old Computer that I have given to my younger sister is slowly dying. It is no longer responding to new programs that are installed and it will not detect work groups in the Local Area Network which is a bit annoying. I have tried for hours yesterday and even this morning with no luck in fixing the issue.
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Mobility Works

Mobility works provides you and anyone else with wheelchair vans if you really need it. Traveling with a wheelchair can get rough, you have to constantly get off the chair somehow and then get in the car and then do the same getting it, no one should face this issue, and with mobility works, you can change all of that.

With a wheel chair van, you can get in and out of the van after going from one place to another with ease. No worries about getting out of the chair at all. You just slide in and voila, it’s complete. You can go to for more info. My Grandmother could really use this but I doubt they have service in the country my grandma is living in, I will keep my eye open though.

Finalizing CSS

I am actually done setting up all the Counter Strike and team speak servers on GF Servers. But on the CSS Server the Mani Mod is yet to be completed. The Mani mod is the plugin that allows me to control everything as a server administrator as well as give others admin positions.
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Ever wish you can get some expert help on something the right way? The way that will actually help you rather than confuse you even more? Well at, you can find the right expert help that you need. For a small fee, you can be connected to an expert in the field ready to help you with whatever it is that you need.

Their service has helped many in the past and you can be one of them if you ask. Whether you want to be able to call the expert over the phone, over a VoIP, IM or even a video call, they can help you get in touch with your desired expert in any way possible. It is sometimes much better to save time by consulting an expert rather than testing it out for yourself.

GF Servers Almost Complete

Since this morning for about 10 hours now (a little less than 10 hours) I have been working on the GF Servers. This includes the Teamspeak server, Counter-Strike: 1.6 server, and the Counter-Strike: source server which Our Users at Gamers Forum can come on to play and have all the fun in the world.
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Want a Tattoo?

Tattoos are very stylish in society these days. Everywhere I go there seems to be someone with a tattoo. The ink is somewhat permanent although It can be removed with special lasers. If you want some good lower back tattoo designs for yourself or to show to anyone else you can go to for more info.

The Lower Back Tattoos website offers their readers a chance to look at some of the hottest designs of tattoo any one can get on their back. There are actually photos of the designs on people’s back so you know exactly how it will look and where it will go. I may get a tattoo in the future but I am afraid of that little needle jabbing at my arm. But maybe my feelings will change.

Gamers Forum Casino

I can’t believe that I left out the announcement of the newest Gamers Forum addition of its Casino. I announced in on my other blogs and it is amazing how I could have forgotten that. Well anyway, the casino came up life last night, nearly 24 hours ago. And it has gotten very popular in its few hours of being alive.
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IMDB Movies

If you love Movies you should pay attention to IMDB which is the Internet Movies Data Base and many people use this site and even I have at times. But this is for Movies IMDB provides you with reviews that you will thank them for. If there is a movie out with your favorite actor in it but you don’t know if it is good enough for you to go and waste your money on, you can go to the Movies IMDB website and get the full on review and a little story line summary, then decide whether the movie is right for you or not.

They update very often with the best movies out there in theaters or on DVD. If you wondered whether the movie’s story line is good or not or if it fits your likeness, then you may want to check out the Movies IMDB Site because they will give you a short summary of it all. Then you can decide if its good for you or not. If not then just skip it and read over to the next review, it’s that easy. They are recommended for having some great content and great information. Have fun watching movies!

GF Servers Delayed

Due to other problems I was not able to get to finishing up the GF servers today. It is already the end of Wednesday and I know I have to get it up soon. Hopefully by tomorrow night it will be up and running ready for any one to come in and have fun.
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ComTec also known as Communications Technology is the largest Audience Response System service providers in the United States. So if you are looking for an audience response system for a presentation or a meeting you may have planned, there probably is no other place better than Communications Technology. I mean what’s better than being the best ? Nothing, absolutely nothing is better.

You can go to their site at for more information on their audience response system. I have said this before, getting your audience involved in the presentation gives them more of an understanding to what you are talking about and that can mean you have more supporters on your side. Don’t let the other guy get all the glory because he brought in an audience response system, take action, and make sure your audience does too.

GF Servers :: Game Servers

The Gamers Forum Servers series of its Game Servers will be up within the next 48 hours. And you can believe it will be announced on this blog as well. The GF Servers currently consist of 1 teamspeak server, 1 counter-strike 1.6 server, and 1 counter-strike: Source server.
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Training Experience

Management Training and experience can get us all very far in life. If you put in your resume that you have had extreme training in the fields of management and sales, you may be able to get some high paying jobs because it shows that you know how to control things and you know how to direct things.

And if you live in the United Kingdom Area and you need some Management training or any other forms of training to increase your experience, you can check out They provide some of the best training you will need in the fields you desire. They are experienced and they are here to give you the experience you need to succeed.

A New Sponsor

A New sponsor has come our way here at Gamers Forum. Their name is Game Mobile. Even though they are a sponsor of Gamers Forum, they will not be featured here today. I am just saying how great it is to get another sponsor for my forum.
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