Racing Rims

Do you like to race your car professionally or even in amateur races? Then you may want to think about getting some Ruff racing rims for your tires because these are extremely durable and if you know where to get the right ones, you may become a very happy person.

Bringing our attention to where you can get these products, you can go to and look up the Ruff Racing Rims for yourself. The ones I have seen looks awesome and some of their prices start at just $125 which is much cheaper than most other shops out there. And they provide any sized rims as well, from 17 all the way to 24 inch. Don’t sit back and just look at the low prices, if you need these rims, go and buy them.

In Need of Game Reviewers

At we are in need of a few more game reviewers to review games that you may have played in the past or are looking forward to coming out in the future. So far we have only had 4 reviewers at maximum at the same time.
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Resell Rights Firesale

How would you like to get some products for about $27 with master resell rights so you can sell them and make the money back easily? Well you can get Monthly Deals On Info Producs With Resell Rights at And as we speak they are having a huge firesale of some of their best products in their grasp.

Their products helps anyone especially webmasters understand how they can make their sites more popular. One book is about the Instant WordPress Themes which tells you and teaches you how you can make awesome wordpress themes and sell them for profit. This is the one I want even though I won’t get the others. Their firesale fo this week ends in just 3 days so make sure you get your hands on them soon.

Server has been Upgraded

Early this morning around 3 AM Eastern Time, the server was upgraded to something better. The apache of the server was upgraded to the latest version and it looks and feels great. The server also feels much faster because a lot of errors have been eliminated.
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Appriver Spam Filter

Nobody likes spam in their mail box whether it’s in your email inbox or your real mail box. It just takes up space for no reason and we know we’ll just delete it or throw it in the trash. But if you need a good Novell spam filter, look towards Appriver for helping you with your spam filter needs. It isn’t for your real mail so if that’s what you need, look elsewhere.

Appriver can provide spam filters for Novell, Microsoft Exchange, and even the Linux and Unix operating systems helping you keep spam out and keeping real business in. No one likes the idea of something bad covering up something good which in this case is spam covering up your business proposal email that you have been looking for. They have been in business since 2002 and they know what they are doing, so you can trust them on that too.

Downtime In a Few Hours

On Tuesday February 6, 2008 which is technically just 20 minutes away, there will be some downtime because the host will be upgrading the apache and doing some other fixes on the server for security reasons and of course for more features for all of us here at old papers and other sites on this server.
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Home Office Furniture

If you need some great home office furniture, you can go to as they provide some of the best home office furnitures ever. I have a few home office furnitures myself which include a big cabinet for files which My dad and I use along with a computer chair that is like a mini executive chair.

I will be needing more home office furnitures for my home for my sister actually. She needs a good computer chair and you can believe I will be visiting the Great Priced Furniture Store to compare products. And I may also get a new computer table since mine has become pretty old and worn out in the past 8 years that I’ve had it. But if you ever need these types of products, you can go to

Yay Steam Responded

Steam finally responded to my support ticket question today. It has been 6 long days before I have heard a peep from them and I am thankful that this was finally completed and I was given my account back. I would have hated to buy the games all over again.
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Short Breaks

Mini Breaks can help you out if you are looking to go on a series of short breaks or just one short break just to take a break from your regular life. Of course we all need some form of break from our every day lives otherwise we would all go crazy doing the same things over and over again. We are not machines at a factory in an assembly line doing the same thing day in and day out. So if you want to take some short breaks in York or even mini weekend breaks in Cornwall, you can go to for more information on how they can accommodate you with what ever you need.

Mini Breaks helps you by providing you more than 36,000 hotel information all over Europe and the rest of the world. So it doesn’t really matter where you want to go, just search the city you want and get the list of all the hotels around that city and it can help you save money because you do all the comparing right on your computer screen. No need to wait on phone lines waiting for a representative. And remember, if you want to go on short breaks, Mini Breaks should come to mind.

Today’s Downtime 2/25/08

Today February 25th, 2008, this blog along with Rhemaranch and my Gamers Forum experienced over 2 and a half hours of downtime. It was completely unexpected and it was brought on by a new client on this server. Really annoyed me when I heard about why the server just shut off out of no where.
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My Hot BMW Store is a store where you can get almost anything you want for your BMW assuming you already have one. Nicknamed the Beamer, it is truly a luxury car with great suspension and speed. A BMW will make you feel comfortable and make you feel like royalty. You can find stuff such as BMW Body Kits, BMW Wheels, and more.

In order to feel like you are a part of royalty, you need accessories and other car parts that will make it look hot an awesome and that’s where comes into play. You can buy spoilers and wings for your cars to make it look like you are flying when you are driving past your friends. You can also buy headlights, tail lights, and anything else that you may need such as alarms and body kits and of course, brakes. My Hot BMW can and probably will provide you whatever you need to make your BMW the best of its kind.

Tomorrow Could Be the Day Steam Responds!

Steam disabled my client account last wednesday without any reason of any kind and without any notifications of any type. No Email, No Warning, Nothing. So I had contacted steam with a support ticket and they asked me to verify that I am the owner, I did so and then no response for 3 days.
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Chicago Apartments

Chicago is one of the largest Cities in the United States and people just love to live there I guess. I have seen people in New York City telling me how great Chicago is and I don’t blame them, I have heard a lot about it. If you do want to live in Chicago, you will probably need Chicago apartments and the best way to find them is to use the Connected Rentals Chicago apartment finders to help you out.

With the Connected Rentals little Chicago Apartment finders, you can find Apartments in Chicago like a breeze. You can get the best neighborhoods or if you have one in mind, search around there but this is the best place to go if your search contains the words Apartments Chicago IL. Good luck living in Chicago, I have never been there but from what I hear, it is probably better than NYC.

Hooray for IM Support

A few months ago I stated here that I set up Instant Message Support for my forum members. Well I have to say Hooray for that. I get bothered by people for no reason at times and when I say I am busy, I get bothered even more.
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Rent Back Direct

The Rent Back Direct website tells you of something people love to do which is known as uk sell and rent back and people usually do this to save some more money and basically just to sell to rent back so they can live in their own homes and don’t have to worry about the mortgage payments or other forms of bills that don’t depend directly on your family.

The art of sell house rent it back isn’t that new. People buy a house, take care of it for a while, sell it back to some company, and then rent it back so they don’t ever have to move out, they have profited from the sale, and they are living in their own home without the worry of a mortgage. If you want more information on this you can go to for more information on how you can do this as well.

Fixing Errors

All Day today I have been visiting some of my sites and searching for errors, yes I was searching for them. Why? Because I can’t fix them until I find them. So far my forum had a ton and I fixed about half a dozen if not a bit more. The donation system was buggy and I guess thats why we never got a donation.
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Health Care Industry Analysis

You can find a good deal of health care industry analysis information on Decision Resources at They provide the analysis on the current health care market and their trends. So if anything changes in price and/or demand, you can expect to find on here.

Pharmaceutical companies may find this very helpful because this is what they can use to stack up on their pharmaceutical products. And if your company can use their analysis for your own benefits, don’t sit back and let others such as your competitors take the information and succeed for themselves, use the info for your own gain and see how far you can go.

Traffic Down But Comments High

The past few days I’ve been making some observations. We get around a 100 visitors a day at an average and in January our average visitor count was around 150 to 200 a day but it went down recently. We still have a consistent amount of visitors daily along with the amount of pageviews.
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SaaS Stands for Software As A Service and there is a software as a service conference sponsored by OpSource. OpSource does not provide the softwares so don’t confuse yourself with that, they simply provide the applications on the web for the companies that use software as a service for their company and business.

The new SaaS Summit 2008 will contain about 500 of some of the hottest companies along with the best web 2.0 companies in the conference. You can attend as well just head over to for more information. The conference is from February 27th to the 29th in San Franciso and Microsoft as their Diamond sponsor. This will be very interesting and exciting if you are interested in their topics.

Firewall Issues

It seems that after the last downtime, the firewall was a bit messed up for me. So as the admin of all these sites and my host account, it is giving me some trouble when taking some backups. You see I get completely banned from the entire server. Funny but annoying.
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