Lean Management

How would you like to learn about lean management for yourself from a place call the kanban. At Kanban.com you can use their Ultriva software and reduce your safety stock as well as reduct your excess inventory to an ideal level so you can succeed with your business by looking at each product separately.

You can go to Kanban.com and get their new Ultriva software for free and use it for 30 days without a problem. If you find it helpful for you and your business, you can purchase it directly from their site and if you don’t find it helpful, you can always let it go after the trial period has ended.

April Fools Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the holiday known as April Fools where you can prank your friends and family and get away with most of it, just make sure it isn’t too serious and make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone because then you can have a lawsuit on your hands if the other person doesn’t agree.
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Weight Gain

Some people think that losing weight is the way all diets work. They couldn’t be more wrong. There are some that are Weight Gain Supplements that help people who are underweight. This can be considered a type of diet or reverse diet. This helps people gain weight to get into leagues which mostly deals with wrestling or familiar sports. These help grow muscles more than fat so it isn’t the same as eating McDonalds everyday for a month.

You can go to BodyActive-Online.co.uk for some good weight gain supplements and see which can work for you. Some people just have trouble gaining weight as some others may have trouble losing. It is all part of nature, human nature that is. Don’t let it control you, take action for yourself.

Played Guitar Hero 3

For about an hour total today I played my newest game Guitar Hero III and I am happy that I got it. It is pretty fun and I’ve only played the quick play mode which is mostly meant for practice. I have yet to play the story mode which hopefully I will get to tonight or tomorrow.
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Chiropractic practice isn’t very common nor is it very rare. You can’t find it everywhere but in some places, it’s all over the place. If you always wanted to become a Chiropractor you can look for some great chiropractic colleges that will help you get the knowledge as well as experience and the skills you need to become a great chiropractor.

You can look at Sherman College which is located in South Carolina and look at some of their courses. This is the place to go if you always wanted to become a chiropractor or ever wanted to know what it takes to become one. You will get the skills and experience needed to succeed as a great chiropractor.

MKV Files

Many people don’t know about MKV files. These are forms of video files that are pretty rare and exotic and not many people want to deal with them. Not many video players can play them without the right codec. If you want to know which video player can read this type of file and show you the movie, keep reading.
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Velocity Networks

If you own a small business you should know how crucial it is to be able to speak to your customers and other clients, especially partners. Regular phone lines with companies like Verizon and Bell Atlantic just won’t do it because they use regular phone lines and they just give all of us a lot of problems, trust me I speak with experience. Velocity Networks at Vel.net offers some great Small Business VOIP Solution for businesses. You will be able to speak to anyone on the other end clearly without a problem. You will not have to worry about all the static or dropped calls or even someone Picking up the phone and disconnecting you from the internet if you still use Dial-up. VoIP is Voice Over IP connection which uses Your Internet to connect your phone rather than the usual phone jack on the wall.

VOIP Phone connection feeds off the internet’s speed and bandwidth which makes this much faster and the sound is much clearer than most other connections. Regular phone lines may use connections that are just as fast as Dialup which is not fast. And if you have a Cable internet connection you will be speaking with no problem. Velocity Networks provides some great deals for any small sized businesses so if you feel you need a better phone line, Vel.net is the place to go. You can pay just around $30 for any calls in the United States and Canada, can your phone provider do that for you?

Won Guitar Hero III Auction

After days of bidding on eBay I finally won a Guitar Hero III Auction. It all happened last night and I am happy to have gotten it while I was still in my budget. It cost me just under $40 total with shipping so I am happy. This would be the first Guitar Hero game that I will own for myself and it will be for my Playstation 2.
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Do a Job Search

If you want to know a good place to start your job search then Insourced.com is the best place to go. You will be able to search for the type of job you want at the location you want. You will now be able to take control of your whole life and point to the direction to which you will go. Your road to success may start now, all you have to do is do your job search at the right place and you could be set for life.

I have had jobs before and I have to say there is nothing and no feeling like the feeling you get on Payday. Even before you get your check, on Payday the whole day feels good because you know you will be rewarded for all your work. You can have that feeling too and this time with your skills, you may be able to earn a lot more. Go to Insourced.com and start your job search today!

Almost Got Guitar Hero 3

I think I may be winning a Guitar Hero 3 game right now. There is just a few minutes left and the auction is just at $25. There is just 5 minutes left to be exact and this purchase comes with a game as well as a guitar.

I am keeping my hopes up for this new purchase because I actually tested my PS3 and it works perfectly. I just have to find a Memory Card for my PS2 which I have two If I remember correctly and hopefully that still has available space otherwise I’ll have to delete an old game.

College Pro

Hope the title of this blog post doesn’t confuse you into thinking that this post is about College Professional Basketball or any other form of college sports because it isn’t. This post is about something that can help you and your house look better and even feel better than it ever did. College Pro is the name of a exterior house painters company that was founded by college student in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 1971 and since it was founded by college students the best thing to use as employees is college students. They use student painters to help your house get painted on the exterior and they get it done without a problem properly and very efficiently. They are full time college students so by hiring them you are actually helping them pay some tuition and other fees such as books and room and board while they help you out.

Each year they get to paint about 30,000 homes all around North America. If you look at the average that’s nearly a 100 homes a day all over this huge Continent. This is a huge success on their part and I congratulate them on making it this far. And for you, if you want to become a customer, what more reputation do you want? They paint five figure count homes all over a huge continent every year. If you ask me, they can’t get any more reputable than this because I haven’t heard of any other professional painting companies even coming close to this.

If you want more information on their services and how you can help them help you and then you help them again by paying them, then you can go to CollegePro.com and check out what they have to offer you and your home. Make your home one out of those 30,000 other homes.

Trying to buy Guitar Hero III On eBay

The past few days I’ve been surfing around eBay looking for a good but cheap Guitar Hero III game so I can play on my PS2 when summer comes and probably on weekends before summer vacation starts. I have probably bid on at least two dozen guitar hero III packages over the past three days I’ve been looking. My Winning Percentage: 0.
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Business Thank You’s

If you want to send a few Business Thank You Cards to some of your affiliates or partners in the business world, it is highly recommended to do so. Why? Because it shows your affiliate and partner businesses that you appreciate them working with you and that you love working with their businesses. They will feel appreciated and special and the next time you deal with them, there may be a sort of incentive from their company to yours. That’s something you want to keep your eye out for because business relationships like this help.

If you want to know where you can get some elegant and great looking Business Thank You Cards, you can go to the Cards Direct online store at CardsDirect.com. Check out the cards they have, pick out the one you like and check out. Browse through the site, pick the one you like, take it to your shopping cart, enter the amount of cards you would like to purchase, watch the savings, and then check out.

Below is a card that I liked that looks great. It is simple but sometimes simplicity means everything. It is simple, stylish, and it says what I want it to say. Thank You!

Business Cards

Easter Break Over

Two days ago On Sunday was Easter. Many people had fun and I was preoccupied with other things. I have been on this little Easter Break since last Thursday and I have enjoyed the extra 3 days off from classes but unfortunately it all starts again. If you are in college like me you probably feel the same way.
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Get a Trustworthy Tour

If you ever wanted to go to the San Diego zoo but you have never been to San Diego before to know where it is or how it is, you can get a trustworthy tour from our friends at Trusted Tours & Attractions who can show you around the whole city and more. They have branches almost everywhere in the United States so you don’t have to worry about finding the place where there is a Trusted Tours & attractions branch so you can go to vacation there, just simply visit their website at TrustedTours.com for more information on how you can find the right places to go to and do your research ahead of time.

If you need things to do in Los Angeles you can check out the Trusted Tours site and then check out what they can find for you to do. And best of all if you like newsletters you will want to sign up to their newsletter so you can win a Free iPod Nano. You should hurry up because the offer ends in less than 10 days on March 31st. And this way, you can plan your family vacation ideas and get them together and at the same time be entered to win a free Ipod Nano.

Save 20% at GoDaddy with $100 Purchase

GoDaddy always has a few working coupon, this is why I love that company when it comes to registering domains with them. The most I’ve spent in one day with them is probably around $25 or $30. And if you are a big spender meaning if you spend a $100 or more at a time buying domains, hosting package, and other things, you are in for a treat because you could be saving a lot of money.
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Have Issues?

Many people have issues. One form of issue that can be tough for everyone is marital issues between the spouses. This can lead to divorce and if there are kids, it will definitely lead to depression and a lot of headache because if the kids are young, they won’t know what is going on and why it is going on. So the best thing to do is if you have marital issues is to get some help from a professional Marriage Counselor. I have seen too many cases of a couple splitting up for a reason as stupid as having the dinner three nights in a row or even two nights in a row. This can be entertaining for the rest of us to watch from the outside but between the two people, it is horror.

You can go to YourMarriageCounselor.com for more information on some great professional marriage counseling that can help anyone deal with any form of marital issues and get through it all. You will learn about how communication can help you and your spouse or any other couple around you get closer and avoid these marital issues and then you can live life happily ever after. Don’t let small things get in the way of your marriage.

Get Another Parakeet?

I posted here about getting a new Parakeet a few days ago and so far it went great with just a few problems. First, in order to put the new bird to sleep, I have to grab her with my hands and force her in, otherwise she won’t go. The other two go in voluntarily by themselves or with a little help from me with a boost of my fingers.
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Insurance Consultants

Sometimes when it comes to insurance, the guys at the insurance place will give you a lot of headache telling you why they can’t pay you or why they will not pay you. It can get annoying and very nasty later on. You can seek help from a professional insurance claim consultants from The Public Adjusters office and let them take care of all your legal work with the insurance company. Don’t let the Insurance Company win because they control the money and basically the economy, you can play that against them and get what you deserve when you need it. Fight for what is yours and let the public adjusters help you win that fight no matter what.

If you are in trouble with the insurance company and they won’t pay you even after calling and calling day after day asking for some help, asking for compensation for what you have paid for, this is the time to call the Public Adjusters office and let them help you get what you need and let them help you get what you deserve. If you believe it is too late to call because you waited a month, don’t worry because it is never too late. If you still haven’t gotten your money yet, there is time to get it.

New Blog Coming

Over the next few days I’ll be releasing publicly my latest blog. The name is Duersata Blog but you won’t be getting a link to it yet. It is live and running but I am not ready to advertise it to get the traffic the way I want so I’ll be anticipating its full release soon.
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