The military needs to use Galco holsters for their guns. For great military gear and other objects and products you may need, you can go to the La Police Gear website at LAPoliceGear.com for more information and order online.

If you want the best quality military gear than the La Police Gear store is the place to go. Don’t fall for the trap of other places that may promise great quality for half the price because if you look, the quality is probably worse or lower than the price itself.

Almost 3k Comments

This blog has packed up nearly 3k unmoderated comments. It is about a 1000 comments higher than I originally expected to get before moderating but then I thought I’d make it a full 3000 since 3 is a good number for me.

Next weekend hopefully I will get the chance to look at all the comments and see which ones need to be in and which ones need to be deleted.

Thanks to all those that commented in a good way and Don’t come back to all spammers.

Cisco Cables

If you have a cisco product you may want to look at getting a Cisco cable if you want it to run efficiently and well. In today’s world most companies will try to make it so their cables and hardware are unique and they will only work with each other, this is how they make money and I have to say that this is very smart of them.

But if you want some of the best cables you can find for your Cisco product you can go to DiabloCable.com because they will provide you the best quality with the best priced. I have a few cisco products myself so I will definitely look to see which I am missing.

Research Day

Tomorrow at my college it is research day. This is where several classes get together and present their research done on a subject given to them by their professors. I have the Circuit Court Justice and I can say that I am ready.

I have a shift to serve tomorrow which lasts an hour from 1 pm to 2 pm and I don’t like that because it calls for me to be at school two hours earlier than I should be and I have to sit down and present things. But anyway I hope it goes well and goes smoothly tomorrow, wish me luck.

Get Lens

I am sure you have heard of the newest and best lens out there called the Acuvue Oasys lens. I Have seen a lot of commercials for it and I know people have already purchased the new Acuvue Oasys lens. If you want a pair for yourself I suggest you go to 1 800 Get Lens because they provide the best service and best quality lens you can find. You can find their website at 1800GetLens.com for more information on their products and how you can buy the new acuvue oasys lens and save big and at the same time, get rid of those old glasses that just irritate your eyes.

People buy the acuvue oasys lens because it allows them to see all day without having their eyes get irritated and start itching. We all know that this can get annoying and eventually it can damage the eyes and lens. So don’t take the risk and go to 1800GetLens and get some lens for yourself, it could be one of the best decisions you have ever made. I know because my sister has told me when she moved from eye glasses to eye lens and she feels great. She has a pair of lens from acuvue as well.

New TV

Today I went out with my family and we all picked out a 40 inch Sony Bravia television. It is a whole 8 inch upgrade from my old broken tv. It is great and so far it has been working great. It has a better digital television feed so we get more digital television.

I will try to post a little review of the Sony Television a few weeks later. I have to try it out first. Because remember my last tv only lasted 10 days before I had to return it for a refund. Hopefully this tv lasts years to come because we have a long 3 year warranty on this.

Answering Service

Answering Services are sometimes necessary for businesses in order to accept more orders, take more messages, and even communicate with the business world from a different perspective. Answering services provided by places like Map Communications do great job utilizing the latest technology and implementing this to their business. They have been in business for nearly two decades so you know they can be trusted and you can be very sure that they have the experience necessary to do something like this. You do not want your customers and your business partners all around the business world to call and pick up a busy signal on the phone do you? If you have a representative answering the call, the consumer or your business partner will know that you are doing all you can in order to keep them interested in the business and most of all, it lets you show everyone that you are very professional and you appreciate their business.

Map Communications is a great company that can provide you the best answering service anywhere available. Any business would be smart to use answering services rather than making their business associates get a dial tone and force them to try back later.

Class Cancelled and Skipped a Class

Today one of my classes was cancelled after another class which lasted just 30 minutes due to an easy test. I had no idea my second class which is my middle class of the day was cancelled otherwise I would have taken my laptop with me to class. I had a third class but I really didn’t feel like going just because, no particular reason, just didn’t see what was so special about today than any other day.

This is the first time in my college career that I skipped a class on purpose. Other times I didn’t even go to class due to illness of one kind or another. Hopefully my second class professor is here on Monday because I just don’t like waiting an extra hour just for 1 class.


ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, the ‘O’ in ‘Of’ is omitted because it is a two letter word. And this is all about having an ICE sticker on your cell phones. This is an in case of emergency sticker and you can find more information by going to their website at icesticker.com.

So why is ICE good? If something happens to you or anyone else with an ICE Sticker, the paramedics will know that you or the person injured has set up an emergency communication protocol so they are less worried about who to contact in case of an emergency and this is where ICE Comes into play. You can go to IceSticker.com for more information on their services and how you can get the sticker.

Kids Make Me Mad

Sometimes kids get so conceited in Games it is unbelievable. So I was playing Counter-Strike 1.6 earlier today and this kid killed me three times in row in a public server, something he believes no one has ever done so he starts bragging about how he is better than me for just killing me three times in a row.

I understood he is a kid so I didn’t say much and just kept on killing him until he left. But he talked trash until he left which is very annoying. If I had to guess I’d say the kid was just 12 or 13 years old that just started playing the game and started getting lucky on other people. And funny enough, he had one of the worst ratios in game.


Salesconx is an online business referral marketplace that can be found at the following url:http://www.salesconx.com. You can go to check it out and see if they have something that interests you or if you have something to offer you. Earlier today they announced that another company named Moshe Weiss who is a master rainmaker and a leading networker. They have over 16,000 direct business connection so you know they are huge, and they have a lot of experience. The day your business gets 16,000 direct business connections, you will know exactly how these guys feel.

Moshe Weiss joined Salesconx and partnered up and it was announced earlier today. It is a great thing to see these two huge companies joining forces to make things bigger and better for everyone. Salesconx helps business drive more revenue by giving them leads and with over 17 million sales reps in the US, they know they have the power to do the very same thing. Salesconx just adds more value to the sales cycle as mentioned below so they really know what they are doing.

Again you can go to Salesconx.com for more information about this great business partnership and also read the following press release released earlier today.

NEW YORK- April 14, 2008–Salesconx.com, the online business referral marketplace today announced that Moshe Weiss, a master rainmaker and leading networker with over 16,000 direct business connections, has joined the Saleconx Partnership Program to monetize his network. Salesconx helps businesses drive more revenue by providing a platform for qualified lead and deal generation by leveraging the 17 million sales professionals in the United States. The member base currently consists of 1,800+ frontline experts across numerous industries and disciplines including finance, banking, real estate and business services. These members are compensated for introducing qualified decision makers in their individual networks to other Salesconx members seeking these connections.

“Salesconx is all about delivering added value to the sales cycle – from the buyer, to the seller and the decision maker,” said Evan Sohn, CEO of Salesconx. “Shortly after launching, we were approached by companies who wanted to deliver similar value to their members. This served as the foundation for our Partner Program.”

The Salesconx Partner Program was launched this past March to make the platform more accessible to new sales, marketing and small business professionals. The partners consist of small businesses and networking individuals interested in adding value to their network by providing their members, users or contacts with the opportunity to buy and sell business referrals on Salesconx.com. Salesconx Partners are looking to help their existing contacts drive more business, while profiting from these relationships they have cultivated over several years.

In a world of web 2.0, sales 2.0, social and professional networking, Weiss is a new breed of networker. In past a truly “connected” person has a few thousand relationships. Weiss by leveraging and focusing on online networking tools has amassed an online ‘rolodex’ of over 16,000 professionals. Moreover, Weiss spends his time cultivating and nurturing his contacts. “These aren’t merely names in a list,” said Weiss, “I spend most of my day communicating with my contacts, listening to what relationships they are seeking, and helping them grow their business.” By leveraging Salesconx, Weiss is now earning income while helping his connections drive revenue for their business and for themselves. “I am always looking for new ways to bring value to my network,” Weiss continued. “By inviting my contacts to join Salesconx I am now enabling them to drive revenue for their business and for themselves.”

About Moshe Weiss
As a master rainmaker and leading networker with over 16,500 direct business connections on LinkedIn alone, Moshe Weiss (http://mosheweiss.com) is always looking for ways to support and offer value-added benefits to his network, especially with people whose companies and products have a stake in the successful rollout of Relationship Capital. Interested networkers looking for a way to monetize their contacts can join Moshe on Salesconx at http://www.salesconx.com/mosheweiss.php?reff=1003.

About Salesconx
Salesconx, Inc., the leading marketplace for business referrals, provides an online platform for qualified introductions, pay-for-performance deal generation and appointment setting. Salesconx has helped small businesses, sales professionals and marketers across the country drive more business, adding more clients and customers in a broad range of industries and disciplines including financial services, banking, computer services, real estate and marketing services. Visit Salesconx at http://www.salesconx.com.

Whoa 1500 Comments

I actually didn’t moderate the comments here on Old Papers Info for a few weeks. I did it on purpose to see how much it stacks up. It is now the largest portion of our database. Currently it holds over 1500 comments and I am waiting for it to get to 2,000.

Why 2000? Well that’s the magic number I set for this before I mass delete all spam and try to point out those that aren’t fully spam. It is hard to tell since some are very clever to do it once in a while and I don’t keep track of the IP Addresses used to post. But oh well.

1500 comments now and counting.


The newest and one of the most used Social networking sites out there is now called 3gb. You can find old friends or make new ones here and just have fun. Upload photos to share with your friends and watch your friends do he same. You can join 3gb community www.3gb.biz today and just enjoy the fun and take in all the benefits.

The 3gb community is new and it has already picked up so by joining you will only help them grow and being part of a site that is expected to become big should be a great honor in my opinion so if you do sign up, have fun!

GF Image Host

The Gamers Forum Image host has finally been implemented and all the members benefit from this. You can host up to 250 images on the forum and get the bb code and html codes to place it in any other forum and website and best of all it is all free.

If you haven’t signed up for Gamers Forum yet, do so at Gamers-Forum.com. Graphics Professionals get to host 300 images. As time goes by and I see we need more space I will definitely get a higher host package or even a dedicated server of my own and allow people to hose thousands instead of a few hundred images.

North Idaho Rebates

The North Idaho Rebate Blog is dedicated to giving you rebate information on North Idaho properties. You can go to http://northidahorebategroupblog.wordpress.com/ for more information on how you can get more information about the rebates you could be getting in North Idaho. Just imagine getting $3,000 back or even $10,000 back at closing if you couldn’t sell your home then you would be very happy not to have sold your home in the first place because it is a whole $10,000 back, how can you say no to that?

It is an extremely great program. All realtors should use this rebate system because then people will have more trust in realtors because they know they have nothing to lose but something to gain just in case the sale doesn’t go through. It can be a hassle especially when you have the mind to believe your realtor is just after your money but when they offer you something in return if they can’t help you, that’s more than you really can ask for. And best of all it is for both ends of the market whether you are a buyer or seller, you can get up to $10,000.

My SOTW Entry

SOTW Stands for Sig of the Week and we run it on Gamers-Forum.com every week. This graphics piece below is for the SOTW 20 that I made. It didn’t take too long and I am not a graphics expert so it isn’t the best work you probably have seen but it’s something.

I haven’t worked with graphics for a while and this is the first signature I made this whole year. Feel free to critique it and I will definitely keep on practicing. No such thing as the best in making sigs.



Here is a grate opportunity for the people who wants to invest in Forex market at the eGlobal forex website. This is an Internet-based Foreign exchange brokerage firm. This is a vast opportunity for the new people who don’t have any experience in investment in the foreign exchange. The company Europe and Asia their corporate office located in London.

The best part of the investment is that you deal over the Internet for buying and selling. The payment would be made through electronically to your account and vise versa. You should try this opportunity without wasting any more time as the foreign exchange investment is the best with a little chance of losing principal money.

E-global Trade and Finance Group, Inc is the leading International Forex-broker. It deals with internet electronic payment systems. Employees of the company work in Europe and Asia. The main office of the company is located in London.

These days, the company offers one of the best deals in the Forex market, which are suitable for the newcomers and advanced traders.

MicroForex is from 20 USD, MiniForex is from 200 USD and StandardForex is from 2000 USD. We use cents and dollars accounts, the trade terminal MetaTrader 4 and mobile terminal MT4. It is the real practice on the real account with minimum risk, which involves 30 currency pairs, including gold and silver, leverage 1:500, spread from 2 points, news from Dow Jones, automatic orders transactions, online support, offices in Europe, Asia and partner’s offices around the world, automatic online cash withdrawal within e-currencies and credit cards, withdrawal and support of multi accounts in traders room.

We are honest and reliable.
High service support, flexible trade conditions and wide opportunities for withdrawal and deposit of money is our competitive advantage in the Forex market.

Welcome to E-Global Forex!

Registering for Classes

Yesterday I officially started the registration process for classes I will be taking next semester which is the Fall of 2008. It starts August 27th for me which is pretty early compared to many other colleges around the country but it is a great college so to get things done properly, you have to get things started early.
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Ron Bongo

Ron Bongo is a leading in the open source industry software. He is the CEO of a company called Corra Technology also known as CorraTech. And he is a very well respected person in the business world especially being a huge CEO of a great tech company.

You can find many information sources on Ron Bongo because he is pretty well known here and there. And if you want to follow the footsteps of anyone to make it huge in business he should be above many other people on your list.


I haven’t moderated comments on this blog for the past seven or eight days and so far I have over 1200 comments in moderation. It will be extremely hard getting through the comments to look for good comments and separate them from the bad.
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