Network Support

If you need Computer Network Support and IT Consulting in Irvine then the only place to go to is Array Systems at They provide the best computer network support available.

They will also help you with any form of IT by consulting you with anything that you or your business needs. Again you can find them at if you really need some support for your computer network.

Summer Break

Today I started my summer break for the next three months. I will be home looking for a job, working on my websites, and of course improving myself. I may even take a few classes here and there trying to be a guy that can do someone’s taxes. It is all a plan.

And also over the summer I plan to make and finish at least two wordpress themes. I will start fresh, not carry on from one of my old projects. And I will try to finish them as soon as possible by keeping them simple yet sophisticated.

Italy Cars

I did plan on going to Italy for a study abroad program with my college next year. But I may have to push that plan to my junior year which is just about 6 months after my original Plan. And I know if I am there, I may need a car to get around so I was searching for Car Hire Italy and came up to Argus Rentals which offers worldwide car hire service.

Their site is located at if you are interested. I will be keeping my eye on this and hopefully I won’t have to go through too much to get a license to drive that thing when I am in Italy in just over a year. I am excited about going to Italy.


For many colleges around the country, they are either already in their finals week where they have finals for all their classes or will go into finals week very soon. Currently I am in the middle. I just took 60% of my finals and I have just two left to take next week.

My last final is on Wednesday May 14th and I am excited about that. It just means that my college year, my freshman year as well, is over, it’s finally over. And I know that time will fly and the time to graduate college and going into Graduate School will come quickly.

Good luck to all of you on your finals and getting through college!


Engobi is just short for Energy Go Bites which is known as the the love child of caffeine and snack chips and I find that pretty clever and amazing after reading a bit about it. It is supposed to hit the shelves of stores this month so if you like caffeine and need energy at different parts of the day and love chips, then Engobi, the Energy Go Bites is right for you. You can visit the ENGOBI’s website at

A single-serving bag of Engobi contains approximately 140 milligrams of caffeine so it is enough to give you the boost that you need. You won’t have to drink hot coffee for this energy, just take a bit of Engobi and just feel all the energy go throughout your body.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Today is the 5th of May and if you live in Mexico or are from Mexico it is a huge day for you because it is Cinco De Mayo celebrating a great victory many years ago right before the Mexican Independence. It is a great holiday and I wish you all a Happy Cinco de Mayo today.

I am not from Mexico and I have a few Mexican friends but I know a few things about the holiday because I have taken about 6 years of Spanish at school to know a lot about the history of the Holiday after watching countless number of videos on the day.

Happy Cinco De Mayo guys! Have a great day.

Niche Content

The Niche of a website just means the category or type of content the website has. It can be Articles and Web Content that are related to lets say “Games” as an example. If you write all games articles, search engines are more likely to put you in higher keyword rankings in their search engines over general or all niche related sites because they focus more on everything rather than something in particular.

I am not saying general websites can’t rank high, they can if they try and write their articles and grow their web content properly. But knowing what to write and what to focus on takes skills and having web content that will help you with your web earnings as well as get a lot of visitors to your site can take skills and a lot of practice to gain these skills.

Old Papers Info Upgraded

This blog has been upgraded to wordpress 2.5.1.  We upgraded from version 2.2.1 which is months old and it is a great thing that we have finally upgraded to the latest working and stable version.

If more upgrades come out in the future which is most likely to happen then you can believe we will upgrade once again.  But in the meantime enjoy this blog!

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