It’s Payday

Well technically it is Tuesday but it can be pay day for you. You can get the No Fax Payday Loans from Payday Loans Mania any time. Payday loans work like payday. You do some work for the week and you have the money by the end of the week.

When you get a Payday loan, you will not have to work even close to hard to pay the money back. The amount is usually little so it will be hard for you not to pay it back within a few months if not within the first month which would not surprise me at all. Visit their web site at for more information.

July 24 Downtim

Thursday, July 24th, 2008, the blog and all the other sites hosted on this server is scheduled to go down for a few minutes. At most the server will be out for a total of 2 hours. There will be some physical upgrades with the server.

One major upgrade is the RAM Upgrade. It will double. There are also other minor updates not worth mentioning. So remember if you see us down, we are upgrading!

Payroll Management

If you need help with managing payrolls then you will want to get more information on the payroll management systems brought out by Decision Logic. Whether you own a fast food business to a huge office with hundreds of worders, you can use the payroll management system to keep track of all the payrolls in your business.

This management software will help you when it comes to dealing with inventory, balancing the budget, payroll management, and multiple levels of reporting. It is mostly for restaurant owners but I assume You can use it for a few other business that are related. Go to for more information.

Apartment Fire

Earlier today morninng a car caught fire right outside my apartment building which eventually spread to a pile of garbage and then hit the building on the side. It wasn’t very serious or very bad because the fire fighters came on time and they controlled the fire pretty quickly.

I feel bad for the guy that lost the car. It was a brand new red car and now it is kind of destroyed. It turned black and white at the same time and the inside was destroyed. Glad it never touched the fuel tank otherwise it would have been ugly.

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