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Around this time last year, I was applying to colleges that I was setting aside for last choice or colleges that had a longer application deadline. Right now I am in college waiting for it to re-open after this long month long vacation for me. Still have about two weeks left. This is a message to all high school seniors to keep on sending those applications in before their deadline, some may accept it late but you should make sure they do before you take any action.

Some of you may think applying to last decision colleges is a waste of time and I have to advise you that it isn’t. You may be saving yourself time and trouble in the future just incase you don’t get into the one you desired. So again, keep on applying and fill out that FAFSA form when the time is right for you. I believe you need the 2007 tax return and you should be able to gain access to it soon.

Good luck!

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