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Hope the title of this blog post doesn’t confuse you into thinking that this post is about College Professional Basketball or any other form of college sports because it isn’t. This post is about something that can help you and your house look better and even feel better than it ever did. College Pro is the name of a exterior house painters company that was founded by college student in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 1971 and since it was founded by college students the best thing to use as employees is college students. They use student painters to help your house get painted on the exterior and they get it done without a problem properly and very efficiently. They are full time college students so by hiring them you are actually helping them pay some tuition and other fees such as books and room and board while they help you out.

Each year they get to paint about 30,000 homes all around North America. If you look at the average that’s nearly a 100 homes a day all over this huge Continent. This is a huge success on their part and I congratulate them on making it this far. And for you, if you want to become a customer, what more reputation do you want? They paint five figure count homes all over a huge continent every year. If you ask me, they can’t get any more reputable than this because I haven’t heard of any other professional painting companies even coming close to this.

If you want more information on their services and how you can help them help you and then you help them again by paying them, then you can go to and check out what they have to offer you and your home. Make your home one out of those 30,000 other homes.

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