CostCaptian Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller meaning they have the power and right and license to distribute all Microsoft Office products to schools, students, colleges, libraries, and other staff that need it for their organization. You can find their site at and they are one of the best Office 2007 providers around. I have used Microsoft Office products at my previous schools and even my current college and it may have just come from CostCaptain even though I cannot be a 100% certain.

They offer 100% authentic Microsoft product for a fraction of the price. Afterall, the products are going to good use to colleges, schools, and students. You can get Windows Vista for under $90 and Microsoft Office for around $130. If you try to go to the store and buy the CD and try to activate it, you better hope you have a lot of money because even then you are limited to how many installations you can make. If you need Microsoft products for your school, look no further than CostCaptain.

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