Free Domains?

I have seen at least 200 discussions in different places where one person asks if there is a place that gives out free domains and others just trying to explain that there isn’t a way and there are others that argue the other way. The only way you can get a free domain is if someone buys it for you. And if you look at it from the person that’s buying it for you, it’s not really free.

If a registrar gives out a domain for free with a non-domain purchase, guess what? It’s NOT Free. You are paying for that non-domain product and the registrar still has to pay ICANN a fee for the domain they have registered. This is a short post and it concludes, there is no such thing as a free domain. There is always a type of cost. If you want to get on subdomains such as – be my guest, but it’s not free, not from the owner’s end at least.

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