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With the internet, viewing videos doesn’t happen won the television anymore. Now you can go on certain websites and watch some of your favorite shows and a lot of user submitted videos that just piles onto the internet and fills it up. YawpBox is another place you can go to watch some user submitted videos, photos, and now even audios. Watch some hilarious videos along with some very educational one and learn a few things. Watch other videos and just laugh your pants off.

You can sign up on YawpBox and submit your own videos for large audiences. Test your skills of producing and even directing videos. If you are the actor, just see how many people you can attract. And you can even enter the Lex & Terry challenge that is run by the nationwide radio and tv station where it wants you to create a video for a large audience. You can go to for more information on the Lex & Terry Challenge in their own section. And in the meantime, watch how other’s have submitted their own videos. Can you make better ones? With a few programs and a video camera, you aren’t too far away from becoming a great director.

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