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Are you are fan of reality TV shows? If you don’t know what reality TV is, it is basically when a group of people are brought together and they do their own thing based on what the whole show is about. One example is America’s Next Top Model. Here, want-to-be models come and compete for a spot as the best competitor and end up being a professional Model. But if you do like reality TV shows, you can check out because this is probably the best site if you love reality TV. It contains some of the most popular reality TV episodes including one of my favorite.

I have been watching Reality TV shows for years. I always find it interesting since most of it isn’t scripted. Well it is hard knowing if it is scripted or if it is for real. One of my favorite reality tv shows is The Amazing Race. This is where teams compete to get from one place of the globe to another and the one to make it through everything the quickest without getting eliminated wins. I saw most of the episodes and I know they are good. If you like reality TV shows, check out for your favorite episodes.

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