Salesconx is an online business referral marketplace that can be found at the following url: You can go to check it out and see if they have something that interests you or if you have something to offer you. Earlier today they announced that another company named Moshe Weiss who is a master rainmaker and a leading networker. They have over 16,000 direct business connection so you know they are huge, and they have a lot of experience. The day your business gets 16,000 direct business connections, you will know exactly how these guys feel.

Moshe Weiss joined Salesconx and partnered up and it was announced earlier today. It is a great thing to see these two huge companies joining forces to make things bigger and better for everyone. Salesconx helps business drive more revenue by giving them leads and with over 17 million sales reps in the US, they know they have the power to do the very same thing. Salesconx just adds more value to the sales cycle as mentioned below so they really know what they are doing.

Again you can go to for more information about this great business partnership and also read the following press release released earlier today.

NEW YORK- April 14, 2008–, the online business referral marketplace today announced that Moshe Weiss, a master rainmaker and leading networker with over 16,000 direct business connections, has joined the Saleconx Partnership Program to monetize his network. Salesconx helps businesses drive more revenue by providing a platform for qualified lead and deal generation by leveraging the 17 million sales professionals in the United States. The member base currently consists of 1,800+ frontline experts across numerous industries and disciplines including finance, banking, real estate and business services. These members are compensated for introducing qualified decision makers in their individual networks to other Salesconx members seeking these connections.

“Salesconx is all about delivering added value to the sales cycle – from the buyer, to the seller and the decision maker,” said Evan Sohn, CEO of Salesconx. “Shortly after launching, we were approached by companies who wanted to deliver similar value to their members. This served as the foundation for our Partner Program.”

The Salesconx Partner Program was launched this past March to make the platform more accessible to new sales, marketing and small business professionals. The partners consist of small businesses and networking individuals interested in adding value to their network by providing their members, users or contacts with the opportunity to buy and sell business referrals on Salesconx Partners are looking to help their existing contacts drive more business, while profiting from these relationships they have cultivated over several years.

In a world of web 2.0, sales 2.0, social and professional networking, Weiss is a new breed of networker. In past a truly “connected” person has a few thousand relationships. Weiss by leveraging and focusing on online networking tools has amassed an online ‘rolodex’ of over 16,000 professionals. Moreover, Weiss spends his time cultivating and nurturing his contacts. “These aren’t merely names in a list,” said Weiss, “I spend most of my day communicating with my contacts, listening to what relationships they are seeking, and helping them grow their business.” By leveraging Salesconx, Weiss is now earning income while helping his connections drive revenue for their business and for themselves. “I am always looking for new ways to bring value to my network,” Weiss continued. “By inviting my contacts to join Salesconx I am now enabling them to drive revenue for their business and for themselves.”

About Moshe Weiss
As a master rainmaker and leading networker with over 16,500 direct business connections on LinkedIn alone, Moshe Weiss ( is always looking for ways to support and offer value-added benefits to his network, especially with people whose companies and products have a stake in the successful rollout of Relationship Capital. Interested networkers looking for a way to monetize their contacts can join Moshe on Salesconx at

About Salesconx
Salesconx, Inc., the leading marketplace for business referrals, provides an online platform for qualified introductions, pay-for-performance deal generation and appointment setting. Salesconx has helped small businesses, sales professionals and marketers across the country drive more business, adding more clients and customers in a broad range of industries and disciplines including financial services, banking, computer services, real estate and marketing services. Visit Salesconx at

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