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IM stands for instant messages and these days, all teenagers and now pre-teenagers are starting to use the instant message system to communicate with friends. I have been using programs such as AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messenger since I was maybe eight years of age. AIM Stands for AOL Instant Messenger and MSN is for Microsoft and Yahoo is self-explanatory. Now there is SweetIM which is just a basic addon for instant messengers such as the ones I’ve already mentioned. You already have fun speaking to your friends and family members over the internet in instant messages, why not make it a bit sweeter than it already is?

With SweetIM, you can send some sweet looking graphics to your friends and family. This will add on more smilyes and other graphics to your instant messenger than already installed. You can use this SweetIM system with AIM, MSN, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Social Networking Sites, Emails such as Yahoo and Gmail, Forums, and even blogs like us. But unfortunately I am not much of a smiley using guy on this blog here otherwise I’d be all in for it to install it right here. Next time you want some awesome smilies and graphics for your next instant message, just think of SweetIM.

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