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If you own a small business you should know how crucial it is to be able to speak to your customers and other clients, especially partners. Regular phone lines with companies like Verizon and Bell Atlantic just won’t do it because they use regular phone lines and they just give all of us a lot of problems, trust me I speak with experience. Velocity Networks at offers some great Small Business VOIP Solution for businesses. You will be able to speak to anyone on the other end clearly without a problem. You will not have to worry about all the static or dropped calls or even someone Picking up the phone and disconnecting you from the internet if you still use Dial-up. VoIP is Voice Over IP connection which uses Your Internet to connect your phone rather than the usual phone jack on the wall.

VOIP Phone connection feeds off the internet’s speed and bandwidth which makes this much faster and the sound is much clearer than most other connections. Regular phone lines may use connections that are just as fast as Dialup which is not fast. And if you have a Cable internet connection you will be speaking with no problem. Velocity Networks provides some great deals for any small sized businesses so if you feel you need a better phone line, is the place to go. You can pay just around $30 for any calls in the United States and Canada, can your phone provider do that for you?

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