Won Guitar Hero III Auction

After days of bidding on eBay I finally won a Guitar Hero III Auction. It all happened last night and I am happy to have gotten it while I was still in my budget. It cost me just under $40 total with shipping so I am happy. This would be the first Guitar Hero game that I will own for myself and it will be for my Playstation 2.

I haven’t touched my Playstation 2 in ages, at least 8 or 9 months until last night. I had to make sure it was working properly and it is. I have had the console for maybe half a dozen years and it still works perfectly and I am happy. Otherwise I’d be mad because the game would be useless to me.

This guitar Hero III Pack comes with the game, manual, all the stickers, and of course, the Guitar, what good would the game be without the guitar controller. I just received an email that it is being shipped and I am waiting patiently for it, hopefully it comes soon.

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