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July 24 Downtim

Thursday, July 24th, 2008, the blog and all the other sites hosted on this server is scheduled to go down for a few minutes. At most the server will be out for a total of 2 hours. There will be some physical upgrades with the server.

One major upgrade is the RAM Upgrade. It will double. There are also other minor updates not worth mentioning. So remember if you see us down, we are upgrading!

Summer Break

Today I started my summer break for the next three months. I will be home looking for a job, working on my websites, and of course improving myself. I may even take a few classes here and there trying to be a guy that can do someone’s taxes. It is all a plan.

And also over the summer I plan to make and finish at least two wordpress themes. I will start fresh, not carry on from one of my old projects. And I will try to finish them as soon as possible by keeping them simple yet sophisticated.

Old Papers Info Upgraded

This blog has been upgraded to wordpress 2.5.1.  We upgraded from version 2.2.1 which is months old and it is a great thing that we have finally upgraded to the latest working and stable version.

If more upgrades come out in the future which is most likely to happen then you can believe we will upgrade once again.  But in the meantime enjoy this blog!

Almost 3k Comments

This blog has packed up nearly 3k unmoderated comments. It is about a 1000 comments higher than I originally expected to get before moderating but then I thought I’d make it a full 3000 since 3 is a good number for me.

Next weekend hopefully I will get the chance to look at all the comments and see which ones need to be in and which ones need to be deleted.

Thanks to all those that commented in a good way and Don’t come back to all spammers.

Whoa 1500 Comments

I actually didn’t moderate the comments here on Old Papers Info for a few weeks. I did it on purpose to see how much it stacks up. It is now the largest portion of our database. Currently it holds over 1500 comments and I am waiting for it to get to 2,000.

Why 2000? Well that’s the magic number I set for this before I mass delete all spam and try to point out those that aren’t fully spam. It is hard to tell since some are very clever to do it once in a while and I don’t keep track of the IP Addresses used to post. But oh well.

1500 comments now and counting.


I haven’t moderated comments on this blog for the past seven or eight days and so far I have over 1200 comments in moderation. It will be extremely hard getting through the comments to look for good comments and separate them from the bad.
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Upgrade Failures

Over the past week I have been trying to upgrade this blog, Old Papers Information, along with Rhemaranch and so far I have failed with both. I have no idea why but I believe it is because of the version of wordpress these are. We are on 2.2.1 and the latest is 2.5. I have upgraded other blogs but some of them were 2.1, 1.2, and even 2.3 and so far this is the one giving me all the problems.
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Upgrading Old Papers Info this Weekend

This blog currently a wordpress version 2.2.1 and I’ll be upgrading to the latest version which is wordpress 2.5 this weekend. I know I was scheduled to do it before but due to other complications I was sidetracked and I was not able to carry on with the upgrade. And this time I will definitely make sure nothing else gets in the way.
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April Fools Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the holiday known as April Fools where you can prank your friends and family and get away with most of it, just make sure it isn’t too serious and make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone because then you can have a lawsuit on your hands if the other person doesn’t agree.
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Weird Error

On this blog I’ve been getting a weird error lately. Well not really an error but it is very annoying. When I try to submit a new post and ask to publish it, it just takes me to a page asking “are you sure you want to edit this post” and whether I click yes or no, the post gets deleted.
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Decrease in Activity

Over the next few weeks until the end of may I may be posting a bit less on my blogs and forums. Old Papers Information may see a decrease from an average of 5 to 6 posts a day to maybe 5 to 6 posts a week. I will still keep on posting and hopefully provide you all with the great information that you need.
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New Server, More Traffic?

Since moving to the new server just yesterday, it seems traffic for today is more than anything any day the past half month which is amazing. It happened last time too if I remember correctly but I don’t think we went from having 100 visitors to nearly 200 visitors a day last time.
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Server Move Expected Clearance Tonight

Overnight the host admin notified me that the server move would be completed soon. The nameserver updates for the server will be updated overnight and we should be on the new server. I just can’t wait to get out of this crap hole here that the hivelocity people calls a server.
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Slow Sat.

Today was probably the slowest Saturday for anything at all Online. Usually on weekends on Google adsense I Make a few cents at least and today, the total made was 0 from about a dozen websites. That is pretty horrible and sad. But the day isn’t over yet and since google goes by Pacific time I have just over 5 hours left in the day for Google Adsense.
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Upgrading Soon

This blog along with all my other blogs will be upgraded to the latest version of wordpress blog content management system or CMS. This blog is pretty up to date but there is a small update that follow and I will be doing that update in a week or so. This weekend I cannot do much because of the ongoing server move.

Hopefully the server move goes well and it will give me the signal that I can go on and change up the physical files of all my websites including blog and forum. I will keep you guys updated on what is happening on here so you are not surprised on downtime or even with what will go on.

500 Posts

Just a few posts ago this blog has hit 500 total posts. I had not realized until now when I decided to check how many we had. This is officially the 505th post but no matter, we have actually passed the big 500 post mark and I am extremely ecstatic for this blog. It has come far being just a few months old, well under a year old and hopefully I can post enough to reach a 1000 by the end of the year.
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Almost Done

Just to let you guys in on a little update about our server move, the server move is almost done and I am very happy for it. A majority of the server’s physical data was moved out successfully and in the process the memory was overloaded just last night when we were experiencing a lot of lag along with a lot of downtime.
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Lag and Downtime

The past few hours this blog along with a few other son this server have been lagging tremendously and that is because of the server move that is constantly occurring. I have no control over this so I am sorry to say that I cannot do much about this whole issue. If this is causing inconvenience to any of our visitors I am truly sorry but I have no hand in this.
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Datacenter Move Update

Just to let you guys in on what is exactly going on, the datacenter move update is occurring as we speak. Last night’s high server load was because the physical files were being from from the old server to the new server. I did not find out about this until this morning so I assumed someone else on the server was doing something stupid and it slowed things down.

But as this week progresses, we should be fully complete with the move including database move and even nameserver updates for the domains. During this you may be jumping back and forth old and new server so if you see us disappear or something doesn’t seem right, just come back in a few minutes or an hour and it should be fine. Domain Name Servers or DNS may take up to 24 hours to update at time, and I believe it’s 48 hours for .info domains.

Hopefully the transfer of servers go smoothly and efficiently with as little downtime as possible.

High Server Load but Working

Our server load right now is extremely high. About five times more than what it should be but we are still working properly. It is taking no more than 3 to 5 seconds to load a page on any of my sites which is very weird. The server load light is red because it is over the limit by so much.
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