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3 hour downtime last night

This blog along with Rhemaranch, News Flash 6, and Gamers forum experienced over a three hour downtime last night and for me and my host admin it was the last straw. We have found a decent dedicated server provider and hopefully they are much better.
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Some Lag

This blog has been experiencing some high latency tonight and it is for unknown reasons. I do not know what is causing it or why this is happening. It is only affecting the blogs on this server but not my forum which is on the same server and it is really weird.
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Downtime This Morning

At around 1 AM this morning Eastern Standard Time, this blog and a few others were down. This was for scheduled maintenance to upgrade one of the softwares in cpanel if I am not mistaken. I knew about this but I forgot to put a warning post here because I completely forgot about it.

The upgrade went well and there was about a 30 minute or so downtime, enough to make anything happen. Since I didn’t put in a warning thread, this is to explain our downtime. I wouldn’t blame my host this time for not informing me when they did this past weekend. Good job on that and the downtime was actually on cue unlike other times.

150 Comments – 0 Useful

In the past 12 hours we have gotten over 150 comments on this blog. The most ever in a short period of time like that. It was astonishing when I first saw it. But this time ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the comments were full of spam. It was funny thinking they can actually get their comments through.

Luckily I moderate all comments on this blog. Even if they have a comment approved from before, they have to get through me. Usually if we get a 150 comments in queue, we would have about 10 or even at least 5 comments made by people reading the content to have something to say.

I actually mass deleted so if there was 1 or 2 legit comments, I am sorry but they were deleted. Don’t have the time to scan through a 150 comments looking for good ones.

Able to view sites again

I had a long ordeal trying to view my own websites this afternoon. As one of my older posts stated, I was not able to access this site along with many other sites without using a proxy which got annoying after a while.
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Accessing Through a Proxy

Right now I am accessing this website through a proxy because I can’t seem to log in through a regular web browser. Seems my IP is either banned or blocked for some reason. It is really weird because it never happened like this before. I am worried because I don’t know why this is happening or what I did to make this happen.

This isn’t the first time something like this happened, I was banned from the server before for connecting through FTP but I haven’t touched my websites with an FTP manager for at least a week now. So it is very weird and puzzling, hopefully I can solve this soon.

Server has been Upgraded

Early this morning around 3 AM Eastern Time, the server was upgraded to something better. The apache of the server was upgraded to the latest version and it looks and feels great. The server also feels much faster because a lot of errors have been eliminated.
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Downtime In a Few Hours

On Tuesday February 6, 2008 which is technically just 20 minutes away, there will be some downtime because the host will be upgrading the apache and doing some other fixes on the server for security reasons and of course for more features for all of us here at old papers and other sites on this server.
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Today’s Downtime 2/25/08

Today February 25th, 2008, this blog along with Rhemaranch and my Gamers Forum experienced over 2 and a half hours of downtime. It was completely unexpected and it was brought on by a new client on this server. Really annoyed me when I heard about why the server just shut off out of no where.
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Fixing Errors

All Day today I have been visiting some of my sites and searching for errors, yes I was searching for them. Why? Because I can’t fix them until I find them. So far my forum had a ton and I fixed about half a dozen if not a bit more. The donation system was buggy and I guess thats why we never got a donation.
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Traffic Down But Comments High

The past few days I’ve been making some observations. We get around a 100 visitors a day at an average and in January our average visitor count was around 150 to 200 a day but it went down recently. We still have a consistent amount of visitors daily along with the amount of pageviews.
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Firewall Issues

It seems that after the last downtime, the firewall was a bit messed up for me. So as the admin of all these sites and my host account, it is giving me some trouble when taking some backups. You see I get completely banned from the entire server. Funny but annoying.
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Recent Downtime (2/23/08)

If you were on about two hours ago you probably noticed us down. We were down for about 35 minutes and it was all unexpected. I do post or try to post in advance about down times but this was a full on surprise.
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Happy Valentines Day

The day of love is almost over but I would still like to wish you a Happy Valentines Day. It has been a crazy day for me mainly because the weather was very pleasant. Too Pleasant if you ask me because the beginning half of the week, the weather has either been super cold or super stormy with snow or rain.
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Going to Airport

Tomorrow I am expecting two of my family members to come back to the Country by Kuwait Airways which is a very luxurious airliner and I am very excited to go back to the airport waiting for their arrival. So during the afternoon time I’ll probably away so you will not find me anywhere on the internet unless I take my laptop there and get on from there.
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Captcha Coming Soon

In a little while this blog will add on a plugin that will require all visitors that want to comment to put in a few characters in order to verify yourself as a human being. If you get it wrong, keep trying but if you are a bot, this post will be useless to you because I don’t like bots going around to spam the hell out of my blogs and forum.
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300+ Pages Indexed in Google

Today I am proud to say how far this blog has come in the past months of being open. We now have over 300 pages indexed in google alone. If you want the exact info then it’s a total of 304 pages indexed. I am proud and happy that we finally broke the 300 barrier Mark. We have almost 400 posts on here so that should help out a lot in the near future to increase this number.
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Few Sites Down

A few of my sites were down the past few days due to host issues. The sites include Admin-Solutions, ZenPix, and Arcade29 which is my active arcade for now. The datacenter they were on had a wide range of 600 server power outage and I had no way of getting to that to fix it. But happily the sites are back up and running at nearly full speed even though it seems to slow down at times.
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New Host New Comments

I moved one of my other blogs called Daeyounfa to a new host. Before the comment activity there used to be very low and kind of dead. But after moving it just last night, I had gotten about 30 comments left for me to moderate and a few other users registering.
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Happy Groundhog Day

Today passed February 2nd so that means Groundhog Day for everybody here in the United States. It is a silly holiday and it is a complete waste of time if you ask me. It gets a lot of publicity and attention for no reason.
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