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Baxendale Walker

If you are looking for a leading company that deals with development and implementation of wealth strategies, then Baxendale Walker is the place to go. Baxendale Walker has been around for a while and they have helped out many businesses, individuals, as well as trustees with their money. Now they are available to help you!

Day Trading

Day Trading has been a profession for many around the world. People have used the occupation of day trading to make tons of money. Especially now, with the market as volatile as it has been lately, making money day trading can be easy if you know what you are doing. If you don’t, I would highly recommend that you try to get tips and read about what it is that you need to know in order to succeed in the day trading world. If you are interested in becoming a Day trader, I recommend that you visit the Day Trading Center at and get all the useful tips you can handle.


Collabera is one of the leading and fastest growing end-to-end information technology services and solutions provider in the world. They provide highly innovative and affordable information technology services and solutions to help their clients combine their business and Information technology strategies.

They will help you through the steps that your business needs in order to succeed with a cooperative IT section. They have different services from just consulting services to actual application services. They can provide their services to many Industries including but not limited to financial services, communications and media, and energy and utilities. They make it very easy for you to get your business growing with the best IT solutions available.

Payday Loans

If you’re looking for good payday loans then I recommend you visit today. They offer the quickest and best payday loans around. You can also apply for payday loans at The Daily Skunk where there is no credit check, no faxing, where it’s confidential and secure. There is no better way to get some cash advance for yourself for the coming holiday season. It’s the best way to make sure you get the gifts you want to get for your friends and family this Christmas.


What is Dvor? Dvor is an exclusive members-only shopping website. They offer a huge variety of products for you and your family for this holiday season. They offer things such as pants, shirts, sunglasses, or any other clothing as well as electronics such as GPS’ as well as Televisions. And since it is a private shopping site, you get the best deals around and you don’t have to worry about someone taking the last piece of article because most people wouldn’t have access. With Christmas around the corner, Dvor is the way to shop!

Network Support

If you need Computer Network Support and IT Consulting in Irvine then the only place to go to is Array Systems at They provide the best computer network support available.

They will also help you with any form of IT by consulting you with anything that you or your business needs. Again you can find them at if you really need some support for your computer network.

Answering Service

Answering Services are sometimes necessary for businesses in order to accept more orders, take more messages, and even communicate with the business world from a different perspective. Answering services provided by places like Map Communications do great job utilizing the latest technology and implementing this to their business. They have been in business for nearly two decades so you know they can be trusted and you can be very sure that they have the experience necessary to do something like this. You do not want your customers and your business partners all around the business world to call and pick up a busy signal on the phone do you? If you have a representative answering the call, the consumer or your business partner will know that you are doing all you can in order to keep them interested in the business and most of all, it lets you show everyone that you are very professional and you appreciate their business.

Map Communications is a great company that can provide you the best answering service anywhere available. Any business would be smart to use answering services rather than making their business associates get a dial tone and force them to try back later.


Salesconx is an online business referral marketplace that can be found at the following url: You can go to check it out and see if they have something that interests you or if you have something to offer you. Earlier today they announced that another company named Moshe Weiss who is a master rainmaker and a leading networker. They have over 16,000 direct business connection so you know they are huge, and they have a lot of experience. The day your business gets 16,000 direct business connections, you will know exactly how these guys feel.

Moshe Weiss joined Salesconx and partnered up and it was announced earlier today. It is a great thing to see these two huge companies joining forces to make things bigger and better for everyone. Salesconx helps business drive more revenue by giving them leads and with over 17 million sales reps in the US, they know they have the power to do the very same thing. Salesconx just adds more value to the sales cycle as mentioned below so they really know what they are doing.

Again you can go to for more information about this great business partnership and also read the following press release released earlier today.

NEW YORK- April 14, 2008–, the online business referral marketplace today announced that Moshe Weiss, a master rainmaker and leading networker with over 16,000 direct business connections, has joined the Saleconx Partnership Program to monetize his network. Salesconx helps businesses drive more revenue by providing a platform for qualified lead and deal generation by leveraging the 17 million sales professionals in the United States. The member base currently consists of 1,800+ frontline experts across numerous industries and disciplines including finance, banking, real estate and business services. These members are compensated for introducing qualified decision makers in their individual networks to other Salesconx members seeking these connections.

“Salesconx is all about delivering added value to the sales cycle – from the buyer, to the seller and the decision maker,” said Evan Sohn, CEO of Salesconx. “Shortly after launching, we were approached by companies who wanted to deliver similar value to their members. This served as the foundation for our Partner Program.”

The Salesconx Partner Program was launched this past March to make the platform more accessible to new sales, marketing and small business professionals. The partners consist of small businesses and networking individuals interested in adding value to their network by providing their members, users or contacts with the opportunity to buy and sell business referrals on Salesconx Partners are looking to help their existing contacts drive more business, while profiting from these relationships they have cultivated over several years.

In a world of web 2.0, sales 2.0, social and professional networking, Weiss is a new breed of networker. In past a truly “connected” person has a few thousand relationships. Weiss by leveraging and focusing on online networking tools has amassed an online ‘rolodex’ of over 16,000 professionals. Moreover, Weiss spends his time cultivating and nurturing his contacts. “These aren’t merely names in a list,” said Weiss, “I spend most of my day communicating with my contacts, listening to what relationships they are seeking, and helping them grow their business.” By leveraging Salesconx, Weiss is now earning income while helping his connections drive revenue for their business and for themselves. “I am always looking for new ways to bring value to my network,” Weiss continued. “By inviting my contacts to join Salesconx I am now enabling them to drive revenue for their business and for themselves.”

About Moshe Weiss
As a master rainmaker and leading networker with over 16,500 direct business connections on LinkedIn alone, Moshe Weiss ( is always looking for ways to support and offer value-added benefits to his network, especially with people whose companies and products have a stake in the successful rollout of Relationship Capital. Interested networkers looking for a way to monetize their contacts can join Moshe on Salesconx at

About Salesconx
Salesconx, Inc., the leading marketplace for business referrals, provides an online platform for qualified introductions, pay-for-performance deal generation and appointment setting. Salesconx has helped small businesses, sales professionals and marketers across the country drive more business, adding more clients and customers in a broad range of industries and disciplines including financial services, banking, computer services, real estate and marketing services. Visit Salesconx at

Ron Bongo

Ron Bongo is a leading in the open source industry software. He is the CEO of a company called Corra Technology also known as CorraTech. And he is a very well respected person in the business world especially being a huge CEO of a great tech company.

You can find many information sources on Ron Bongo because he is pretty well known here and there. And if you want to follow the footsteps of anyone to make it huge in business he should be above many other people on your list.


Kudzu is a business directory where it would cost you $750 normally to get a high listing in their business directory. Now they are offering their all time best free business listing offer which you can use to your own benefits by putting your business up for listing and watch the business come to you rather than you going out to look for it. There is no end to how much you can make from a huge $750 listing on a huge business directory like Kudzu at I know I wouldn’t mind listing my business so I may actually go and try it out and see what happens, I will post results here if there is any but trust me, my business ideas aren’t as large as some of yours may be.

Your listing will be in Higher placement in search when people are searching through this business directory. And also a link from this website is considered of very high value so if you want some Search Engine Optimization benefits or SEO Benefits, this is probably one of the best way’s to do it. You can go to for more information and how you can save yourself $750 and pay nothing at all.

Lean Management

How would you like to learn about lean management for yourself from a place call the kanban. At you can use their Ultriva software and reduce your safety stock as well as reduct your excess inventory to an ideal level so you can succeed with your business by looking at each product separately.

You can go to and get their new Ultriva software for free and use it for 30 days without a problem. If you find it helpful for you and your business, you can purchase it directly from their site and if you don’t find it helpful, you can always let it go after the trial period has ended.

Velocity Networks

If you own a small business you should know how crucial it is to be able to speak to your customers and other clients, especially partners. Regular phone lines with companies like Verizon and Bell Atlantic just won’t do it because they use regular phone lines and they just give all of us a lot of problems, trust me I speak with experience. Velocity Networks at offers some great Small Business VOIP Solution for businesses. You will be able to speak to anyone on the other end clearly without a problem. You will not have to worry about all the static or dropped calls or even someone Picking up the phone and disconnecting you from the internet if you still use Dial-up. VoIP is Voice Over IP connection which uses Your Internet to connect your phone rather than the usual phone jack on the wall.

VOIP Phone connection feeds off the internet’s speed and bandwidth which makes this much faster and the sound is much clearer than most other connections. Regular phone lines may use connections that are just as fast as Dialup which is not fast. And if you have a Cable internet connection you will be speaking with no problem. Velocity Networks provides some great deals for any small sized businesses so if you feel you need a better phone line, is the place to go. You can pay just around $30 for any calls in the United States and Canada, can your phone provider do that for you?

Do a Job Search

If you want to know a good place to start your job search then is the best place to go. You will be able to search for the type of job you want at the location you want. You will now be able to take control of your whole life and point to the direction to which you will go. Your road to success may start now, all you have to do is do your job search at the right place and you could be set for life.

I have had jobs before and I have to say there is nothing and no feeling like the feeling you get on Payday. Even before you get your check, on Payday the whole day feels good because you know you will be rewarded for all your work. You can have that feeling too and this time with your skills, you may be able to earn a lot more. Go to and start your job search today!

College Pro

Hope the title of this blog post doesn’t confuse you into thinking that this post is about College Professional Basketball or any other form of college sports because it isn’t. This post is about something that can help you and your house look better and even feel better than it ever did. College Pro is the name of a exterior house painters company that was founded by college student in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 1971 and since it was founded by college students the best thing to use as employees is college students. They use student painters to help your house get painted on the exterior and they get it done without a problem properly and very efficiently. They are full time college students so by hiring them you are actually helping them pay some tuition and other fees such as books and room and board while they help you out.

Each year they get to paint about 30,000 homes all around North America. If you look at the average that’s nearly a 100 homes a day all over this huge Continent. This is a huge success on their part and I congratulate them on making it this far. And for you, if you want to become a customer, what more reputation do you want? They paint five figure count homes all over a huge continent every year. If you ask me, they can’t get any more reputable than this because I haven’t heard of any other professional painting companies even coming close to this.

If you want more information on their services and how you can help them help you and then you help them again by paying them, then you can go to and check out what they have to offer you and your home. Make your home one out of those 30,000 other homes.

Business Thank You’s

If you want to send a few Business Thank You Cards to some of your affiliates or partners in the business world, it is highly recommended to do so. Why? Because it shows your affiliate and partner businesses that you appreciate them working with you and that you love working with their businesses. They will feel appreciated and special and the next time you deal with them, there may be a sort of incentive from their company to yours. That’s something you want to keep your eye out for because business relationships like this help.

If you want to know where you can get some elegant and great looking Business Thank You Cards, you can go to the Cards Direct online store at Check out the cards they have, pick out the one you like and check out. Browse through the site, pick the one you like, take it to your shopping cart, enter the amount of cards you would like to purchase, watch the savings, and then check out.

Below is a card that I liked that looks great. It is simple but sometimes simplicity means everything. It is simple, stylish, and it says what I want it to say. Thank You!

Business Cards

Trade Show Display Boards

Trade shows occur all around the globe. Some are national and others are international which welcomes big businesses from all around the world showing off what they have in their business and corporation on trade show displays and this is a great way to let everyone know your company exists and better yet, you could be getting the young entrepreneurs and other small businesses interested in working for you. What more can you ask for other than success and a way to show off your business and at the same time, plan to gain from it all in the future. Many businesses do it and so should you, find some trade show exhibits near you and find out how you can become bigger than you already are.

IF you want to know about some good places to where you can buy good and well designed trade show displays and banner stands I can give you two recommendations of Create it Displays and Balance Display. You can visit both of their sites online by going to either or and get more information to how you can show off your business to the rest of the world. Good luck profiting and spreading the name of your business!


Do you need some form of plastic or plastics for your business? If you are, Newport Plastics is giving out free promotional products to business that need it. Newport Plastics is just a full service custom injection molding shop out to help anyone that needs the help with molding plastic to finished products. They have the power and experience needed To run any and all engineered resins.

All the newport molding, designing, and tooling are done in house so you don’t have to worry about this company being without experience and doing everything at a factory that would just end up ruining your product or products. At Newport Plastics, you will get services such as Reliability Analysis, Material Selection Assistance, Packaging Design Assistance and more. You can go to for more information on their services and how they can help your business grow.

Rate Your Job

Rate your Job at and let everyone know what your job is like and why you actually like your job or why you hate your job. And at the end you can even rate your boss to let everyone know what they are in for, people will thank you.

Well I shouldn’t really say people will thank you because it is anonymous. This way you won’t get into any trouble at your job or with your boss for saying some mean things. You can go to for more information on how you can rate your job and your boss and even read reviews others have written.

Pepperjam Marketing

Do you need some Search Engine Marketing done for your website so you can benefit from the fun and pleasure of having search engine traffic brought to your site which can actually lead into monetary payments for you? If that’s a yes then you may want to check out what the Pepperjam Search Engine Marketing company can offer you.

The Pepperjam company will help you do all the search engine marketing you along with along search engine optimization that will help you rank higher in the search results for your keywords which can result in more visitors for your site. They can also help you with affiliate marketing, and online media planning and management. If you always wondered how you can make more money from pay per click advertising, the pepperjam services may just be what you need in order to succeed.

Valiant Glass

Do you need some sort of glass for your building or even the interior of your house? Well first before that question is answered, I want to say, glass meaning glass on windows and maybe even a green house, but not glass like drinking glass, so don’t get too confused now. But if you do need that and you live in the Sydney Australia area, your best bet is to go to the Valiant Glass store there and check out what they have, they provide a 7 day service in the Sydney Area, much faster than most others.

You can also visit the Valiant Glass company online at and check out the glasses they have for you including the services. If you need glass for a mirror, they carry that and they will be able to help you. The numbers there are listed so find the one closest to you and get to the glass working.

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