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Cisco Cables

If you have a cisco product you may want to look at getting a Cisco cable if you want it to run efficiently and well. In today’s world most companies will try to make it so their cables and hardware are unique and they will only work with each other, this is how they make money and I have to say that this is very smart of them.

But if you want some of the best cables you can find for your Cisco product you can go to because they will provide you the best quality with the best priced. I have a few cisco products myself so I will definitely look to see which I am missing.

Destroy Your HDD Data

Do you need some hard disc data destruction service? If yes the you are looking for the Green Computer Services because they do it professionally and they do it efficiently. And what they do is secure so you don’t have to worry about people still having access to your data because they will securely get rid off all your data on your hard disc drive so you don’t have to worry at all about anything. This is sometimes great for businesses trying to get rid of old data or data that should not be accessed anytime soon. It is a great way to be safe and secure and make sure your data and information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Sometimes destroying data from your hard disk drive is crucial to make sure no confusion is possible in the future. Also if you have a lot of bank account information from the past along with a lot user information that is no longer is use but can still be exploited, it is very recommended to destroy the data because some people are evil and bad enough to take the data and raise hell in their own way. Don’t let them have fun at your own expense.

100 CD’s for $12

If you are a newegg shopper like I am you just have to take advantage of this special Newegg is having on their Verbatim 100 Pack CD. It is for sale and it costs just $19. I know the title says it’s $12 and it isn’t a typo. At the end you will be paying $12 after a $7 mail in rebate.

I have actually taken advantage of this and ordered it on Sunday. It arrived this morning and I have burned one CD to see how things are and so far so good. It works great and it feels even better. I have never had a pack of 100 CDs before. The most was a pack of 50. You can go to for more information on this, check out the CDs.

GF Servers to go Down Saturday

This Saturday I plan to install some components for a web server such as Apache and mysql along with php. This will need a restart or two and during some of the testing, the game servers and teamspeak servers may be shut down temporarily. The downtime expected is to be an hour to two hours maximum.
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Your LocalHost

Some people know what a localhost is and others have no idea. If you are trying to run a server, your local host is your local hard drive or the local computer or server or whatever it is you want to call your machine. People think localhost is just a name or just a word and you have to replace it with some IP or something.
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Got a new Monitor

Three days ago I ordered a new Monitor for myself as I stated in this blog a few days ago, two days ago the monitor arrived. I put it together and set it up the next day because I was busy the day it came. It is a 19″ monitor made by Acer and it is a great monitor.

It uses a huge resolution so I have to get used to it but I shouldn’t have a huge problem with this. My old 17″ Acer Monitor was given to my younger sister. The 17″ is still pretty big compared to the size of the computer table but it works.

A New Monitor

I am on my brand new Acer 19 inch monitor. I ordered it last night and it arrived this morning. It was extremely fast shipping and it looks great. It is great. It looks great, and it feels great. It uses a max resolution of 1680 by 1050 which is huge and well it just makes everything look smaller.
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Getting a New Monitor

Today I ordered a new 19 inch Acer monitor for myself. My sister needs a new monitor so I will be giving her my current one which is a brand of I-INC. It is pretty good and I’ve used it for only two weeks so not much has been used. You may be thinking why am I giving her the old Monitor and not the new one, what kind of brother am I?

Well the last question is very good, but her Computer desk is about 60% of the size of my computer desktop. A 19 inch monitor will not fit in that little spot. It is also wide screen which makes it worse when it comes to fitting that monitor on there. The 17 inch will fit fine as we have already tested. So there shouldn’t be much problem here. Hopefully she will like it and my new monitor comes in one piece.

Restored PC

My sisters computer has been glitchy for a few days and I mentioned that yesterday. So today I restored her PC all the way back to January 1st 2008 and it seemed to have worked. She can use her new camera perfectly and use the Yahoo Instant Messenger as well without a problem.
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Fixing My Old PC

I actually think I may be able to fix my computer one way or another without having to waste time taking it back to the shop and put my warranty to use. The PC is slowing up badly and it isn’t running programs and it is recent, so I wanted to Restore the PC to an earlier time, perhaps a month or two ago when it all went very smoothly.
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Old PC Dying

My Old Computer that I have given to my younger sister is slowly dying. It is no longer responding to new programs that are installed and it will not detect work groups in the Local Area Network which is a bit annoying. I have tried for hours yesterday and even this morning with no luck in fixing the issue.
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Red Cross PC

Red Cross PC provides a computer repair mobile service Friendswood for anyone that needs it. Computer repairing isn’t easy especially if you can’t figure out if the problem is hardware or software related and if you have no knowledge of either, you could be in some big trouble.

You can head over to and get some idea of their service offered. It is a mobile service so you never know, they could be at a place near you. If you need your computer repaired, get it repaired because at times, it is much cheaper to get it repaired than to make or buy a brand new one.

A New HDD?

I may be getting a new Hard Disk Drive for my new computer just to have a whole Terabyte of space. Well it won’t be a full gigabyte, about 24 gigabytes short of 1 terabyte but it will be awesome to have a full 1000 gigabytes of space whether I use it or not. In a few months my current Hard Drive will probably fill up half way the way I download stuff.
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I have stated many times about my new built computer just two days ago. And right now I am stating that I may have to re-wire the inside once again. I have done it before and made sure the wires don’t touch any of the 6 interior Fans but I may have to do it again because it looks plain old ugly.
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A Web Cam

Later on this week I will be ordering a few more products that are computer related such as a web cam. I will also buy a keyboard and mouse for my younger sister as well as a long ethernet cord, but mainly a web cam. I would only be getting the web cam because we need an extra ethernet cord and it will let us speak to family and friends overseas while we look at them.
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Ethernet Cord

An ethernet cord allows our computer to connect to the internet much faster than using a regular phone line which is generally a dial up connection. An ethernet cord is required by most computers and routers today in order to connect to the internet. So the next time you need to connect to the internet with your new modem and router, make sure you have an ethernet cord handy.
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GF Servers Down Temporarily

GF Servers has been shut down temporarily for a few days. I really Wish I could say it was for maintenance work but it is really because I accidentally pulled the plug while installing this new PC of mine. They were on the same power strip and the strip’s power was pulled by accident.
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Update Your Computer

Updating your computer is crucial if you have a Windows Operating System. Why? Because malware and viruses are always being created to affect windows computers and updating can help you keep your computers and other programs safe by helping them detect, avoid, and even destroy the viruses from ever affecting them.
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Super Fast Computer

I have only used this new computer of mine for the past few hours. I will say less than 6 hours in total but either way, this computer is acting super fast. I timed one of its Shut Down timings and it took less than 15 seconds. My Old PC took well over a minute into two to three minutes at times which was annoying.
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On my New PC

Right now I am on my new computer that I have finished building today.  I am happy to have gotten it working fully without any forms of problems.  Although I did have a few minor problems and you can expect me to post about those in a future post so you can avoid these when you go to build your own pc.

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