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Submitting to Directories, Does it Still Work?

Years ago and even months ago from now, submitting to directories have helped in grow a backlink and in getting minimal traffic. Most directories tend to send out no visitors to single digit amount each month. But now, after google’s screw up with the Page Ranks, people aren’t even sure if submitting to directories can help their site and I am here to tell you YES it can still help.
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Would anyone in their right mind build a web directory by hand in pure HTML? Including updates and regular maintenance! I know someone who did! It’s – a local, Canadian-based business & community directory for Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s built and maintained “by hand.” It’s a lot of work, but those seeking information on Sackville, really appreciate it. The owner jokingly admits: his website is updated faster than the local phone book.

When something happens in Sackville, the site is updated within hours! Fully categorized and easy to navigate, is a great example of what can happen when “elbow grease” meets “determination.” currently receives in excess of 11,000 visitors every month, and that number continues to grow! Take a peek.

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