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Save 20% at GoDaddy with $100 Purchase

GoDaddy always has a few working coupon, this is why I love that company when it comes to registering domains with them. The most I’ve spent in one day with them is probably around $25 or $30. And if you are a big spender meaning if you spend a $100 or more at a time buying domains, hosting package, and other things, you are in for a treat because you could be saving a lot of money.
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Domain Transfer Issues

Currently I am trying to transfer a domain from Namecheap to Godaddy because I have to save as much as I can. Since I built myself a new computer a few weeks ago, my pockets have been run dry and with all my other bills, I have to go about saving even a few dollars if possible.
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Domain for my home web server

I am looking for a cheap and short domain for my web server that I plan to set up by the end of this weekend. I have spotted a few on other websites on sale. These pre owned domains are much cheaper than buying new domains and these are just as good most of the time.
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Free Domains?

I have seen at least 200 discussions in different places where one person asks if there is a place that gives out free domains and others just trying to explain that there isn’t a way and there are others that argue the other way. The only way you can get a free domain is if someone buys it for you. And if you look at it from the person that’s buying it for you, it’s not really free.
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Domain Resellers

I have always wanted to own a website and company with whom I sell domains with. I own at least a dozen domains right now and they all have websites. Then I have another 4 or 5 that are just Parked or just left alone. I think it will be nice to become a domain reseller since right now I can’t afford to pay for the ICANN fees to become a valid registrar.
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Name Server updates – 24 to 48 hours?

Well if you own a .com or a .net domain, it can take up to 24 hours for the domain name servers to update fully and point to the new server without having to bounce back to the old one periodically. But domains such as .info, .org, and .us, and a few other extensions can take up to 48 hours to update the name servers. Talk about being slow.
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Name Server Updates

People often have the question of how long it really takes for name servers with domains to update. Well 95% of domain registrars will tell you to give it up to 24 hours for the name servers to stablize into the new server before causing any screw ups of any kind. And why am I writing this post? Well I moved my gaming forum to a new host today and guess what? Name servers need updating.
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Whois Guard

Do you know what a whois guard it? Well the name may say it all, it says WHO IS GUARD. It protects the information of the rightful owner of any domain and it comes in very handy when trying to avoid spam via email or even regular mail because you will be bothered. I know that for a fact when I registered my first domain, I had no idea about what a whois guard was and I had gotten at least a dozen letters in the mail giving me information on their registrar which isn’t very good.
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Expired Domains

People often have the question of when they can pick up a domain when it is expired. The answer to that is always different. It really depends on the registrar the domain is currently registered with. Some registrars hold the domain an additional 30 days after it expires and then lets it go. Others hold it for 40 days and then lets it go. It really is different and unpredictable.

But imagine it’s a great domain and the registrar wants it. Guess what? You will not see that domain become available because the registrar will keep the domain for itself and sell it in their marketplace for an excess price or whatever they think is right. They’ll hold off domains that they think is worth around $100 or so. Some are worth more and if you are the one that will let a domain expire, don’t make a mistake by letting a great domain go.

Transferring Domains

Domains are always getting transferred from one owner to another or even one registrar to another. And people often have the question of when they should transfer their domain out of the registrar. My answer is do it a month ahead. Don’t worry, you will not lost a month but a year will be extended onto the original date.

If you do it last minute, domains take days and even weeks to be transferred from one registrar to another, so you shouldn’t waste any time. The time is coming for me to transfer some of my other domains out of the registrar Moniker for different reasons you will know later on. If you are transferring to another person and you have about a month left, then you can do it whenever you want. It doesn’t make a difference because not much time is lost there and you do not have to go to any big extremes.

Save with Godaddy

I am part of GoDaddy and based on experience I will say that they are a great registrar. You can get your .com domains for just $6.95. That’s one of the lowest prices available for a .com. Their .info domains are just $1.99 and that is for a limited time. All .com transfers are also $6.95. This domain right here, is a domain registered on GoDaddy and I am very satisfied with what I got from it and their services.

Use the following code “gdm0731″ without quotes and get any domain for just $1.99. There are catches like everything else. You must buy a non-domain product. Whether its hosting or anything else that they offer.

GoDaddy will also give you personalized email space, hosting with website builder (this is excellent for beginner web designers), blog, and photo album, and more. The code above is a gift from me to you. You will save over 75% of what a domain will cost. But if you are a thinker, you will know that you will actually have to spend much more than domain cost to get that domain for less than $2. And please be aware that GoDaddy Charges $0.22 for icann fees. This will be added to that $1.99 or that $6.95.

Good luck registering with GoDaddy. I’ll list more codes and information later on.

What’s a Domain?

What is a domain? A question asked by many new to webmastering or site creation. It was one of my questions when I first started out a while back. Well a domain in simple terms, is what you see on your web browser address bar that ends in a domain extenions such as a .com, .net, .org, or .info. This blog has a .info extension so the domain is There are dozens of other extensions. I will tell you about those later on in other posts.

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