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For many colleges around the country, they are either already in their finals week where they have finals for all their classes or will go into finals week very soon. Currently I am in the middle. I just took 60% of my finals and I have just two left to take next week.

My last final is on Wednesday May 14th and I am excited about that. It just means that my college year, my freshman year as well, is over, it’s finally over. And I know that time will fly and the time to graduate college and going into Graduate School will come quickly.

Good luck to all of you on your finals and getting through college!

Research Day

Tomorrow at my college it is research day. This is where several classes get together and present their research done on a subject given to them by their professors. I have the Circuit Court Justice and I can say that I am ready.

I have a shift to serve tomorrow which lasts an hour from 1 pm to 2 pm and I don’t like that because it calls for me to be at school two hours earlier than I should be and I have to sit down and present things. But anyway I hope it goes well and goes smoothly tomorrow, wish me luck.

Class Cancelled and Skipped a Class

Today one of my classes was cancelled after another class which lasted just 30 minutes due to an easy test. I had no idea my second class which is my middle class of the day was cancelled otherwise I would have taken my laptop with me to class. I had a third class but I really didn’t feel like going just because, no particular reason, just didn’t see what was so special about today than any other day.

This is the first time in my college career that I skipped a class on purpose. Other times I didn’t even go to class due to illness of one kind or another. Hopefully my second class professor is here on Monday because I just don’t like waiting an extra hour just for 1 class.

Registering for Classes

Yesterday I officially started the registration process for classes I will be taking next semester which is the Fall of 2008. It starts August 27th for me which is pretty early compared to many other colleges around the country but it is a great college so to get things done properly, you have to get things started early.
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Chiropractic practice isn’t very common nor is it very rare. You can’t find it everywhere but in some places, it’s all over the place. If you always wanted to become a Chiropractor you can look for some great chiropractic colleges that will help you get the knowledge as well as experience and the skills you need to become a great chiropractor.

You can look at Sherman College which is located in South Carolina and look at some of their courses. This is the place to go if you always wanted to become a chiropractor or ever wanted to know what it takes to become one. You will get the skills and experience needed to succeed as a great chiropractor.

Fenster Boarding School

Boarding schools give teens and other students an unique experience. Far different than than going to a public school or even just a regular private school. Boarding school gives them a kind of preview to what it would be like to live on Campus and teen boarding school such as the Fenster Boarding Schools are here just to help you and anyone else seeking a good boarding school for their teens.

The Fenster School was founded over 60 years ago and they have all the experience needed in order to give you or your children the right and meaningful education that they need. They will help their students get a high school diploma and get into an accredited college or university and even help the student grow in self-esteem hanging out with others in that environment. It is an unique and great experience, nothing else like this if you ask me.


If you want to get some more information on how you can learn about freight broker agent training you can check out the Transport Training International at They will give you all the information you need to get into the trucking industry and you can do it from your home if you get the right position. Freight Brokers have the choice of working from home or an office near your home, of course you will have to earn it.

Transport Training International offers classes for anyone wanting to become a Freight Broker. You can either apply for the 3 day or 5 day classes depending on how much you want to learn and also depending on how much free time you have to get here. Not many people do this job so you know you will be unique in having the power. You can go to for more information on how you can become a Freight Broker Agent.

Finally Done with Midterms

Today I have just come home after a long day of classes after finishing up all my midterms. All my midterms started last week and I am happy that they are finally over and I don’t have to worry about most other exams until my finals, this is for most of the cases because some classes give exams right in the middle..
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Study Abroad

Study Abroad programs are offered by many colleges around the United States and the world. These colleges offer you the chance to go to another country and just absorb the culture and language of the people. It is a great thing these colleges offer their students and if you get that opportunity, you should really decide to take it.
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60% Midterms Done

This week is almost over and so far I have been done with 60% of the midterms I am due to take at school. Tomorrow I have a few more and I’ll be 80% done leaving just a few more midterms next week which will hopefully put an end to my misery of reading and studying.
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Meet your Advisers

If you are going to college in the next fall term or if you are already in college, you should always keep an eye on where your advisers, counselors, and deans are. These people are probably the most helpful individuals you will find in your whole college campus. These are the people that can help you get through college as well as understand the whole class registration process.

I bring this up because I have met with my adviser three times already last term speaking to her about this term. Next Monday I have another meeting with her to discuss about my next term of college. I have found their services very helpful. After this year is up, I’ll be assigned a dean instead of an adviser. Make sure you know who you have to speak to when the time comes, otherwise you may regret it.

Just a simple tip from a guy that just started college.

Canceled Classes

I really hate it when classes get canceled. I know it should be thrilling that I get a break from my teachers and as much as I like that, I do pay a huge tuition to go here. I had Lab last Friday but it was canceled because there was some form of mix up in the schedule.
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Class Canceled 2nd Day

I am sitting at my college history class room as I write this post and that’s because my history class has been canceled for the second day in a row. First it was Friday and now today, Monday. It isn’t the best news because believe it or not, I actually wanted to learn since I am paying for this thing. But he did notify us ahead of time that class will be canceled.
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Buying Books for College

If you plan to go to college whether it’s a community college or a huge private college, a tip would be to set aside at least a $1,000 a year for books. A mistake I made this year already. I had gotten a lot of scholarships so I thought I’d use that money to buy the books but it turns out, it’s not possible with all my other costs such as transportation and of course, tuition that isn’t getting covered by the scholarships.

The past two terms I’ve been at college, I have spent well over $1,000 already on books alone. I still have at least 3 more books that I Have to buy by next week. I went today but the books were all sold out or not available so I was a little disappointed that I have to go back to the shops again for the third time for those three little books. You can also buy used books that cost less but nowadays, new editions of books come out every year just so these publishers and authors can make more money and that interferes with the teacher’s way of teaching and makes you buy the newest editions to which there are no used books to buy.

Good luck at college! Costs a hell of a lot of money.

First Day Second Term

Today was my first day for my second term of college. It was pretty good and better than I expected to be. I have selected a few hard classes but unlike others, I like a bit of challenge and work at times so I will keep the classes all the way through and aim for that grade of A. No A+ are given since it is not an ivy league college and the GPA for an A+ is 4.25 where as the GPA for an A is 4.00. Not much of a difference.

Tomorrow I start class in the afternoon and it will be my first day for my two classes. And then on Friday I should have a Lab class if it isn’t canceled. No big grade is given out here since it isn’t counted toward the overall GPA. I just hope my other three official classes are as great as the three I had today.

1 More Week

After today Ends I only have 1 more week of vacation time left before I have to start classes again. This time classes are more intense and they are more time consuming because I have to take more courses and do more work to keep a high grade. I will try to enjoy my week left and it has been a long month and a half vacation for me.
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Fenster is a boarding schools for teenagers that may need extra help and they will help the teenager become successful, grow self-confidence, get a high school degree or diploma, and get accepted to a great college. It may be hard for the parents to set their child off to a boarding school, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Fenster has some great staff members dedicated to help out all their students succeed with almost anything they want. Here nothing is impossible. Honestly, boarding schools give the students an experience they may have never experienced before and something they may never experience again. So why give up the opportunity to live through this. They have been around for over 60 years so trust me when I say that they know what they are doing.

Apply for Colleges

Around this time last year, I was applying to colleges that I was setting aside for last choice or colleges that had a longer application deadline. Right now I am in college waiting for it to re-open after this long month long vacation for me. Still have about two weeks left. This is a message to all high school seniors to keep on sending those applications in before their deadline, some may accept it late but you should make sure they do before you take any action.
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CostCaptian Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller meaning they have the power and right and license to distribute all Microsoft Office products to schools, students, colleges, libraries, and other staff that need it for their organization. You can find their site at and they are one of the best Office 2007 providers around. I have used Microsoft Office products at my previous schools and even my current college and it may have just come from CostCaptain even though I cannot be a 100% certain.

They offer 100% authentic Microsoft product for a fraction of the price. Afterall, the products are going to good use to colleges, schools, and students. You can get Windows Vista for under $90 and Microsoft Office for around $130. If you try to go to the store and buy the CD and try to activate it, you better hope you have a lot of money because even then you are limited to how many installations you can make. If you need Microsoft products for your school, look no further than CostCaptain.


FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and this is really smart to fill out if you are just heading off to college or are planning to go to college within the next year. Most high schools will push you and encourage you to fill out the FAFSA form online as soon as you can and usually the deadline each year comes by May and your information will be in their system for as long as you keep going to school to learn. They will use your info to offer you any type of financial aid available whether they are Government Grants or just regular sponsored scholarships by certain organizations, individuals, or corporations.

I have filled out the FAFSA form about a year ago just before heading off to college. And so far it has helpe dme out greatly by giving me some great scholarship opportunities and telling others that offer scholarships about me and my financial status. They even take the grades and your whole family’s income into play. If you need help and want to know some tips to filling out the FAFSA form with ease without any mistakes, you can check out because they contain free help for you. Don’t spend time and money on some “professional” willing to do it for you because at the end, you really are wasting time and money.

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