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Chopper Challenge Video

This is my Chopper CHallenge video. I told you yesterday that I’ll be showing you more of my videos soon and here it is. This is for the game Chopper Challenge and I get a score of about 3200 here which is better than most others. The background music is the Audio of Enth E End by Linkin Park. Enjoy the video!

My Autobahn Video

I made this Video yesterday and uploaded it to youtube. It is of the Autobahn Game play. This is an arcade game that can be found at any time so you can head over to and play.

Don’t mind the background music, it’s alright but it is just to fill the emptiness of sound. Feel free to comment here or there. I have a total of 5 videos uploaded. Will share more with you later.

Kids Make Me Mad

Sometimes kids get so conceited in Games it is unbelievable. So I was playing Counter-Strike 1.6 earlier today and this kid killed me three times in row in a public server, something he believes no one has ever done so he starts bragging about how he is better than me for just killing me three times in a row.

I understood he is a kid so I didn’t say much and just kept on killing him until he left. But he talked trash until he left which is very annoying. If I had to guess I’d say the kid was just 12 or 13 years old that just started playing the game and started getting lucky on other people. And funny enough, he had one of the worst ratios in game.

My First Guitar Hero 3 Video

Below is a video of me playing Guitar Hero 3. The song is titled “Slow Ride” Performed originally by Foghat a few decades ago. A Great rock song in my opinion and it fits the game itself. I am playing on Medium difficulty level. I only had the game for three days when I made the video so you can’t really blame me for going slow.

Here is the video, enjoy! Leave comments here or there as you wish.

Played Guitar Hero 3

For about an hour total today I played my newest game Guitar Hero III and I am happy that I got it. It is pretty fun and I’ve only played the quick play mode which is mostly meant for practice. I have yet to play the story mode which hopefully I will get to tonight or tomorrow.
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Won Guitar Hero III Auction

After days of bidding on eBay I finally won a Guitar Hero III Auction. It all happened last night and I am happy to have gotten it while I was still in my budget. It cost me just under $40 total with shipping so I am happy. This would be the first Guitar Hero game that I will own for myself and it will be for my Playstation 2.
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Almost Got Guitar Hero 3

I think I may be winning a Guitar Hero 3 game right now. There is just a few minutes left and the auction is just at $25. There is just 5 minutes left to be exact and this purchase comes with a game as well as a guitar.

I am keeping my hopes up for this new purchase because I actually tested my PS3 and it works perfectly. I just have to find a Memory Card for my PS2 which I have two If I remember correctly and hopefully that still has available space otherwise I’ll have to delete an old game.

Trying to buy Guitar Hero III On eBay

The past few days I’ve been surfing around eBay looking for a good but cheap Guitar Hero III game so I can play on my PS2 when summer comes and probably on weekends before summer vacation starts. I have probably bid on at least two dozen guitar hero III packages over the past three days I’ve been looking. My Winning Percentage: 0.
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1000 Members at GF

At Gamers Forum we have hit a 1000 members this morning after a year and a half of life for the forum. It is a long time but due to two different incidents, we were pushed back and delayed from this 1000 member mark. Something I really hate about my luck.
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Aiming for a 1000 Members

At Gamers Forum, we are aiming to hit a 1000 members soon. We are at 997 which is just 3 away. I hope I am awake when this happens because it is a huge milestone. At first a 100 members was great to have, then 500, and now the big 4 figure number is about to come.

We have been getting an average of 8-10 new users a day, had 9 so far today and the day is almost over in 30 minutes. So I doubt we’ll reach a 1000 members today. But perhaps after midnight some people decide to join up and post a bit. I would love to make the thread that notifies everyone of the 1000th member. I just can’t wait for it, can’t come early enough.

GF CSS Server Slots Increased

Today as I was playing in the Gamers Forum Counter Strike: Source server, I noticed that out of no where the game turned into a 3 versus 4 and then 4 versus 4 for a little while. That used eight out of the twelve slots we have, so I though to myself, if it keeps getting popular, we will either need another server or increase the slots on this one.
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TeamSpeak Getting Popular

Our Teamspeak server has been getting popular over the days. But if you are expecting to get the IP address to the server, I am sorry but I cannot provide that here, not yet at least. Right now the only place to get the IPs for the TS server is at
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Finalizing CSS

I am actually done setting up all the Counter Strike and team speak servers on GF Servers. But on the CSS Server the Mani Mod is yet to be completed. The Mani mod is the plugin that allows me to control everything as a server administrator as well as give others admin positions.
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GF Servers Almost Complete

Since this morning for about 10 hours now (a little less than 10 hours) I have been working on the GF Servers. This includes the Teamspeak server, Counter-Strike: 1.6 server, and the Counter-Strike: source server which Our Users at Gamers Forum can come on to play and have all the fun in the world.
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Gamers Forum Casino

I can’t believe that I left out the announcement of the newest Gamers Forum addition of its Casino. I announced in on my other blogs and it is amazing how I could have forgotten that. Well anyway, the casino came up life last night, nearly 24 hours ago. And it has gotten very popular in its few hours of being alive.
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GF Servers Delayed

Due to other problems I was not able to get to finishing up the GF servers today. It is already the end of Wednesday and I know I have to get it up soon. Hopefully by tomorrow night it will be up and running ready for any one to come in and have fun.
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GF Servers :: Game Servers

The Gamers Forum Servers series of its Game Servers will be up within the next 48 hours. And you can believe it will be announced on this blog as well. The GF Servers currently consist of 1 teamspeak server, 1 counter-strike 1.6 server, and 1 counter-strike: Source server.
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In Need of Game Reviewers

At we are in need of a few more game reviewers to review games that you may have played in the past or are looking forward to coming out in the future. So far we have only had 4 reviewers at maximum at the same time.
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Yay Steam Responded

Steam finally responded to my support ticket question today. It has been 6 long days before I have heard a peep from them and I am thankful that this was finally completed and I was given my account back. I would have hated to buy the games all over again.
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Tomorrow Could Be the Day Steam Responds!

Steam disabled my client account last wednesday without any reason of any kind and without any notifications of any type. No Email, No Warning, Nothing. So I had contacted steam with a support ticket and they asked me to verify that I am the owner, I did so and then no response for 3 days.
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