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Do you like to laugh? Funny Pictures from

I don’t know about you, but I love to laugh. From time to time I go searching for funny photos, pictures & videos on the internet and one of the websites that I frequently visit, especially when I’m really bored and need a good chuckle, or even a big laugh, is Uber Humor. Their web site is located at and they have a collection of so many funny photos, pictures, and videos from all around the internet and all around the world. Uber Humor has some of the funniest collection of photos, pics, and videos that I have seen and it is a great web site to visit if you are looking to pass some time or just need a laugh.

I constantly find myself to share a lot of what I see on Uber Humor with my friends because they are just worth sharing. I have actually decided to share some with you guys. Below this post you will see several pictures that I found funny and worth sharing. These pictures are all from and it is a very, very small sample of their many selections. Their collection is truly huge and it is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for a laugh.



The newest and one of the most used Social networking sites out there is now called 3gb. You can find old friends or make new ones here and just have fun. Upload photos to share with your friends and watch your friends do he same. You can join 3gb community today and just enjoy the fun and take in all the benefits.

The 3gb community is new and it has already picked up so by joining you will only help them grow and being part of a site that is expected to become big should be a great honor in my opinion so if you do sign up, have fun!

Stylish Design

Stylish Design is the name of a very good web designing blog where you can find some of the best web design and styling around. There are a lot of work here along with a lot of information. All the information you need in order to become a great web designer yourself.

I have always wanted to become a web designer and you can assume I will be looking at what Stylish Design does and see if I can implement some of that my own way and see how things go for me. You can visit their site at for more information on their styles and web design.


Do you need good web hosting? If you are in need of some great web hosting packages along with some great service then you may want to check out what SeverPronto can offer you because they have been in business for a while and now they want to add new clients onto their great servers.

They offer both Linux and Dedicated server hosting packages for you. If you want to read about some reviews others may have put up, you can go to for more information on reviews on this great company and then decide if they are the right web hosting company for you.

Web Hosting FAQ

If you are looking for a good web hosting faq there is no better place than the one and only Web Hosting Choice. You can find them at and you can check out what they have to offer you. If you are in need of web hosting for your websites or any other web host related issues, you ought to give these guys a visit.

At Web Hosting Choice, you can search for the perfect host based on your budget and how much resources you want. If you don’t want to spend more than $30 per month then put that as your max limit. If you want a host without a set up free, then just fill it with a 0. They will give you a big list of the hosts that fit your needs and description and then you can decide what you should do with your website and where you should host it.

Moving to new Datacenter Soon

The current datacenter this server is on has been giving me along with my host admin a lot of issues the past few months. We have been struggling to go through downtime and false promises but neither of us will have any more. We are now looking for another host that can provide us with a dedicated server that will keep us happy.
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Site Safari

Site Safari is a website where you can discover other websites around the internet. Every time you open your browser you are given a different website to view and it could mean new discoveries for you and your interests. You can Check out Site Safari! at It is a great service and many people are already using it.

You get to select the sites you want to see when you open up your browser. You can select the few websites you like or the sites you want to keep tab of and put it in your site rotation. It is a type of self-rotating home page program that anyone can use. This will be good to keep track of some of your favorite websites because sometimes, bookmarking just isn’t enough.

Sweet IM

IM stands for instant messages and these days, all teenagers and now pre-teenagers are starting to use the instant message system to communicate with friends. I have been using programs such as AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messenger since I was maybe eight years of age. AIM Stands for AOL Instant Messenger and MSN is for Microsoft and Yahoo is self-explanatory. Now there is SweetIM which is just a basic addon for instant messengers such as the ones I’ve already mentioned. You already have fun speaking to your friends and family members over the internet in instant messages, why not make it a bit sweeter than it already is?

With SweetIM, you can send some sweet looking graphics to your friends and family. This will add on more smilyes and other graphics to your instant messenger than already installed. You can use this SweetIM system with AIM, MSN, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Social Networking Sites, Emails such as Yahoo and Gmail, Forums, and even blogs like us. But unfortunately I am not much of a smiley using guy on this blog here otherwise I’d be all in for it to install it right here. Next time you want some awesome smilies and graphics for your next instant message, just think of SweetIM.

Proxy network?

I have seen a lot of people open up proxy networks hoping that they make a lot of money and some even succeed. So far I only have one active proxy so that’s why I was thinking of following into the footsteps of a few others and opening up 2 to 5 more proxies hoping that I can profit a bit from it to stay a little happy.
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My First Proxy

Well guys I have never owned a proxy in my life before Until now and it is called Help With Course Work. Of course it may just be the opposite because it is giving you the chance to go and visit sites that are blocked from your school straight into game websites and play all your games for free.
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Proxy Host

I have never owned a proxy website before and it is one of the few types of sites I have never owned including a Search Engine with its own spider. I have been looking hard for a good proxy host that can provide me good service and help my proxies thrive. So far I tried out one and still have the host but It doesn’t let me connect through FTP which is really annoying because transferring files via ftp takes too long since you have to do each file individually.
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Ordering From eBay

From my past experiences with google buying at least 2 dozen items and selling a few items as well, I have an idea of when the best time to order a product is. And it all depends on when you want your item. First look at the shipping details. If it states its a 3 to 5 day priority shipping package, then you know the package won’t come on Sunday but will every other day. If you wan’t it by Friday, end the auction by Sunday, you’ll get it by Friday 99.9% of the time.
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Web Design Services

Web Design Services can be hard to find if you aren’t looking in the right places. Of course you can use google and Yahoo and try to use the best results but are they trustworthy? Network Solutions is a huge company that sells hosting packages along with domains and now they have moved onto web designing services. They can make any site in the internet look a 100 times better and if you are all about competition, you can look better than your rivals in no time.

Web Design Services aren’t very easy to offer either. But with Net Sol’s help, you can have a professionally designed website in no time. Just takes around $500 for the service but if you can turn that $500 to $5000 later on as profits, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about anyway.

Spam Filters

These days almost all mail systems have spam filters. Free mail providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and now AOL after years of being just an ISP email provider, have made their spam filters much stricker and much harder to pass. If you receive spam, you can automatically mark that email as a spam mail and never have to see that again.
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