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Get Another Parakeet?

I posted here about getting a new Parakeet a few days ago and so far it went great with just a few problems. First, in order to put the new bird to sleep, I have to grab her with my hands and force her in, otherwise she won’t go. The other two go in voluntarily by themselves or with a little help from me with a boost of my fingers.
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Water Heater Returned!

I posted about my new aquarium a few days ago and about 2 days ago I went back to Petland Discount to get more fish. The manager there insisted that the water temperature be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and I said OK, it will be between that. Then he said I should get a water heater just to make sure it gets between those temps.
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Get Cool Stuff

If you are looking for some cool gifts, you can Buy Cool Gifts at Cool Stuff Express. Here you can find all the coolest of items anywhere available. Whether you need cool stuff to do something comical or for something to do outdoors, you can go to to check out what they offer.

They have more categories than the ones I mentioned above and of course the prices and quality are both good. You may be the coolest kid on the block with some of these items. Again if you want some cool stuff, get some cool stuff, don’t sit around and wait for it to come to you.

Dance Wear

Personally I can’t dance even if my life depended on it. I can’t move my body like many others can and I am not as flexible either. I am more of an instrument player more than a dancer. But if you are a dancer, you should have some good looking dance clothes that will also give you the freedom you need to move your body in any direction needed for the type of dance style you are dancing to.

Just For Kix is a website where you can buy your dance gear online. Whether you need tops, bottoms, or warm up clothes for dancing, they have it all. They give quality along with style and who could forget about the cheap pricing. You can go to for more information about the types of dance clothes you can get and just pick out the ones that fit you.

Aquarium Mishap

Today I went to petland Discount to buy a 10 gallon aquarium set because we’ve never had an aquarium this big and it is just a pretty cool thing. I bought a kind of starter kit because I am still a newbie at taking care of fishes since I’ve never had one for more than 2 or 3 months at most before it died out.
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Military Uniforms

If you are looking for some military uniforms – army uniforms there is no better place than the US Patriot Store. They provide all that you will ever need to serve in any branch of the military such as the army. If you need BlackHawk Tactical Level holster for your military assigned weapon, you can find it here. Most places will try to sell you clothing telling you they are the authentic military wear when it really doesn’t matter. At the US Patriot Store, you will be able to find all the uniform and clothing you need that fit you nicely and clothing that are loose giving you the comfort you need in order to carry out your mission. You will no longer have to feel constricted by all your clothing and gear.

If you need a shirt to wear under your armor so that your body doesn’t get scratched up or damaged in any way from the armor itself, then you may want to get a loose under armor shirt which is designed for performance. You won’t have to feel the shirt pulling you back by stopping you from moving your body in ways that you have to move it. Now you can be free and fight for freedom at the same time with all the comfort in the world.

Mad Gringo Way

Mad Gringo offers some great looking outfits for both men and women which include T-shirts for guys and Sarongs for women. They all look great and of course, what would feel better is a great price on these items. And that’s exactly what Mad Gringo Does. They offer their clothing and styles to all of us for cheap prices and they have their saying of “go slow” and the whole go slow mentality. If you are planning on going on vacation to somewhere warm or even hot, you could really use the sarong if you are a female and their shorts and t-shirts if you are a guy. They provide comfort along with style. And again, their prices are near unbeatable.

If you are going to lets say Hawaii for your next vacation and you don’t have any thing to wear. You can go on the Mad Gringo website at and check out some of the cheap and very stylish Hawaiian shirts and see which matches you best. You can get on their website and call them about their products if necessary.  And another plus side to this is you don’t have to leave your house to go shopping before you go on vacation, you can order online and have it all shipped to your house directly.

Daylight Savings Confusion

Usually I look forward to daylight savings time in the Spring around the time of April. This time it happened in March because Congress wants to prove they can control time. Well they say it’s to make things easier for us but I assume it’s to show off their power to control time in this country. And it has caused me some confusion two days ago.
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Heavy Rains

If you live in the New York City and Long Island Area including some North East part of New Jersey area, we are all in for a huge amount of rain tonight until tomorrow night. There is a flood watch advisory in all 5 boroughs, Long Island, and some parts of New Jersey. It will get rough and it will get wet.
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Firefighter Training

The knowledge of fire safety is crucial in our lives. Firefighters known as some of the bravest people in the world have to be especially knowledgeable about fire safety because they are constantly running into burning buildings saving lives and at the same time, they have to be aware of their surroundings and the best way to do that is with the right training.

At Fireblast, they offer the best structural training grounds for any firefighter and any fire department. They will give you the training you need in all sorts of settings. One setting could be fighting a fire in concrete building or even wood building and even metal buildings. These are all safe and all firefighters will have the experience needed here to get better at their important jobs.


Beds give us the comfort we need at night to sleep comfortably. If humans were like most other animals, we would have no problem sleeping on the ground or on the floor or even on trees, but thanks to evolution we have evolved differently and we are unable to do any of those with any comfort. And thanks to the human mind, beds like the Faux Leather Beds has been made which add style to comfort and what can beat style and comfort in the same bed? At, they have just exactly what you are looking for and more.

Their beds are full of style and from the looks of it, full of comfort as well. their faux leather beds look stylish and I just want to lay on there and go to sleep. Of course with leather you have to be careful but don’t worry I will be very careful. They provide a great selection with great prices. Some of their leather beds start at just £199 each, can you find any other companies or stores sell leather beds for a lower price. Or even the equal price in fact. I doubt that you will find any that can match that. You can go to for more info on more than just leather beds.

Waterproof your basements

When it rains heavily outside and your house happens to be at the bottom of some hill and all the water is pouring towards your house, a basement flood isn’t too far away. And in Connecticut that can be a major issue since most houses have basements that aren’t waterproofed in anyway, and these are all vulnerable to damages. If you are looking for a good CT basement waterproofing contractors, you can go to

At Budget Dry, they provide the best waterproofing service available in Connecticut. If you need your basement waterproofed for the summer season when it happens to rain a lot, it is a great idea to do so. The last thing you want is the wood in your basement floor to go bad and start producing mold, that can be hazardous to everyone’s health.

Need a Garage?

Garages house our cars. Gives our vehicles a room of their own away from the predators outside. Also protects the stuff in the garage from natural events. If there were to be high gusts of wind every other minute, there is a high chance that the wind would be carrying something with it such as small rocks and ramming it right into your car. But if you have Concrete Garages made from places like Lidget, you are good to go because these concrete garages will make sure whatever is in the garage, is safe from stuff like that. And think of what would happen if it was to hail outside, that could be disastrous. has some great service that offers to build you your own concrete garage. If I had the space I would certainly get one even though I don’t have a car. I call it planning for the future. I do plan on getting a car in the future, hopefully it isn’t too far away. But currently I have a lot of junk in my closets that could use a good useful space like a garage. I could use it temporarily as a huge closet Until I do get a car in the future.

Spring Break is Over

My spring break was the last week of February which is technically the oldest day of the year and into the first two days of March. And today it was the last day for me to enjoy my freedom. Too bad I didn’t enjoy it too much since I had no morning, woke up at nearly 1 AM because no one bothered to wake me up, how great.
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Remove Your Tattoo

A few days or about a week ago, I posted about getting some cool tattoos and explaining how they are permanent unless you get a laser tattoo removal in which case the ink that is inside of your skin is slowly peeled away. It is safe and if you live in the Houston Area, a Houston tatoo removal clinic makes it easy for tattoo removal. Their methods are safe and they have been in business for a while now.

This Houston tattoo removal website can be found at Their doctors and nurse practitioners have high level of experience in this field and they will be able to accommodate you in any way possible to make your tension ease up. You can even go on their site and look at the before and after pictures to look at the great work these guys do and how they can make your unwanted tattoo disappear.


Sunsational Style seels some great sun protective swimwear for you and any one else that needs it. Their accessories and swimwear will protect you and your body from the worst Ultraviolet radiation days. The Sun can be harmful if you are not careful and it can do some major damage to your skin tissue if you are overly neglectful, so don’t do that and get some swimwear that will protect your skin.

At, you can find products such as UPF 50+ sun protective swimwear, activewear, sunscreens, and even laundry detergent that is SPF meaning it will protect you from the sun just because you washed it with that detergent. It is pretty cool and next time you go the beach, make sure you know what to wear so you don’t have to worry about the consequences later on.

Need A Fence?

Do you need a fence of some sort? How about something that resembles a precast concrete wall even though it is made from plastic. But don’t let that fool you because plastic can be hard as rock at times. And the Fences made by Simtek Fence will keep you happy and feeling safe all year long.

Their fences are top quality. And again don’t let the word Plastic fool you. The wall has been abused brutally in more ways than one. One example is a pitcher pitching a baseball at over 90 miles per hour and it was able to withstand that many times. And best of all, they look like concrete so no one would be trying that out any way. You can go to for more information on their products.


Nu/Hart is a hair transplants clinic who has been in the business of hair transplants and micro technological hair transplantation since 1984. So you can really bet they have experience and they know what they are doing since they have been out for nearly 24 years. If your hair is thinning and you don’t look so great and you don’t feel great about yourself, a hair transplant may be the way to go.

Thinning of the hair can hurt someone’s self-esteem. Lowering of self-esteem may affect the person in society and turn him really shy and it can affect his family and friends as well. But there is nothing to worry about since Nu/Hart Hair Clinics is here to help you and any one else that needs to regrow their hair.

February is Over

Today was February 29th, about 14 minutes left technically. And it was a great month for me. I had gotten a lot done and have accomplished a lot more than I ever Imagined. I even got more done this month than the whole month of January which had 31 days, a full 2 days more.
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Mobility Works

Mobility works provides you and anyone else with wheelchair vans if you really need it. Traveling with a wheelchair can get rough, you have to constantly get off the chair somehow and then get in the car and then do the same getting it, no one should face this issue, and with mobility works, you can change all of that.

With a wheel chair van, you can get in and out of the van after going from one place to another with ease. No worries about getting out of the chair at all. You just slide in and voila, it’s complete. You can go to for more info. My Grandmother could really use this but I doubt they have service in the country my grandma is living in, I will keep my eye open though.

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