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New TV

Today I went out with my family and we all picked out a 40 inch Sony Bravia television. It is a whole 8 inch upgrade from my old broken tv. It is great and so far it has been working great. It has a better digital television feed so we get more digital television.

I will try to post a little review of the Sony Television a few weeks later. I have to try it out first. Because remember my last tv only lasted 10 days before I had to return it for a refund. Hopefully this tv lasts years to come because we have a long 3 year warranty on this.


ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, the ‘O’ in ‘Of’ is omitted because it is a two letter word. And this is all about having an ICE sticker on your cell phones. This is an in case of emergency sticker and you can find more information by going to their website at

So why is ICE good? If something happens to you or anyone else with an ICE Sticker, the paramedics will know that you or the person injured has set up an emergency communication protocol so they are less worried about who to contact in case of an emergency and this is where ICE Comes into play. You can go to for more information on their services and how you can get the sticker.

New TV On the Way

On Friday my newest TV set is scheduled to arrive. Currently we have just one television set in my parent’s bedroom. We initially had three television sets but one by one they stopped working. Hopefully this new one will be great and full fill all that we expect it to full fill.
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Mobile Accessories

Cell Phone Accessories on are some of the best you can find to make your cell phones look awesome and hot. You will now want to show off your cell phones to your friends and even strangers. The accessories look awesome and the price at SFPlanet will make you feel great that you actually want to make your cell phone look hot.

Many products found on SFPlanet will not and can not be found in local retail stores that will tell you they carry this stuff, if you look those are either cheap replicas or something completely different. You can go to for more information on how you can spice up the look of your mobile phone.

Satellite Phone

A Satellite Phone allows us to use it like a regular phone without having to worry if our plan covers this certain area. And the Mackay Satellite Phone makes it even easier to communicate with the world via satellite. The satellite phone connects directly to the satellites in space without having to look for an antenna or a base satellite on the ground. This is extremely helpful and great.

If you are looking for a good Satellite phone company, you can look towards Mackay World Service Division because they provide excellent service and even more reliable equipment. If you are going hiking on a mountain there is a high chance that your regular cell phone will not work. Take this little tech device with you so if you are in trouble, you will have a sense of security that you can actually call someone to get you help. Don’t get lost!

Video Conference Cameras

Do you need some recommendations or even some information on good video conferencing cameras? If yes, then has just what you need. They give you and everyone else information on Windows PC compatible video cameras for any business applications and use. I actually have a web camera that they mention which is the Logitech Quickcam.

With the Logitech Quickcam, you get a recommendation from both Wiredred and Myself since I have had it for a few weeks and it works like a charm. Whether you have a Desktop or a Laptop you will be able to use their recommended cameras for any type of video conference whether its just a one on one or between 5 other people. This is extremely good for businesses wanting to communicate with their affiliates through a video feed rather than the traditional phone conversations.

iPod Charger Needed

I lost my iPod charger when I moved last back in January. I was not able to find it because it was obviously lost along with my modem, router, calculator, and a few ethernet cords. It was saddening and I was going to buy a new iPod charger until I remember my sister has an ipod so she has an iPod charger as well.
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A dozen days for GF Servers

In just a few hours the GF servers will have been up for a dozen days. I am actually waiting for day 15 or 18 to actually announce it publicly even on my on blogs. Hopefully the days don’t go too far and hopefully the days will keep on rising. In the past 12 days, there have been ZERO also known as 0 and NADA and ZIPPO down time.
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Temperature@lert is a new technological device that can help all of us keep an eye of the temperature in any room. If you run a server like I do at home, you should know that the temperature must be between a few degrees because if it is too high or too low the machine will stop functioning properly.

You can find the Temperature@lert website at for more information about the product. You will know if there are any dramatic temperature changes so you will know the reason for your problems for anything, whether it’s a server or to keep the room temperature to a comforting 70 degrees.

SPECpower_ssj2008 is the latest installment of an IT industry benchmark evaluates the power and performance characteristics in larger volume server class computers. It was created out of a need to monitor and regroup energy use from the IT industry and computer manufactures around the world.

SPECpower_ssj2008 does not only measure AC power from the source but it delivers a calibrated matrix for all computer functions including ambient temperature. There are two temperature measuring tools that are compatible with SPECpower_ssj2008 and the only one with support for 64-bit drivers is Temperarture@lert.

With the combination of the SPECpower_ssj2008 and Temperature@lert system administrators can run both temperature and power controls. The SPECpower_ssj2008 measures power for the AC input and combines the implementation to a performance metric. This provides pertinent information about what power considerations are made when considering which data center. Coupled with Temperature@lert, the power and temperature gradient works in symbiotic form to provide the best accuracy available in the IT industry.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Greg D. and his team at Dell Inc. whose deep knowledge and expertise made this possible.

For more information about SPECpower_ssj2008 visit:

iPod Charging

If you have an iPod like I do, you should know that you have to charge it once in a while. These iPod nanos last a pretty long time the way I use them. I use them for the commute to and from my college everyday for about 5 days a week. It all adds up to may be 6 hours of usage. And my Ipod battery is supposed to last about 12-14 hours.
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Headphones VS Speakers

Headphones and Speakers do the same thing, they provide your ears with sound of some sort, most commonly music. But people like to use one or the either when they are on the computer without knowing why. Some people use speakers because they think it is louder and better, but guess what? So are headphones, if you put headphones on your ears and turn up the volume, it will sound extremely loud, louder than most speakers.
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Do you like apple? By Apple, I don’t mean the fruit, but the apple company which is a huge company and the creator of the Macintosh computer as well as the iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and many other products. And if you are an Apple fan, Applelife is probably the best place to go as it provides great updates and news on Apple.

Apple has many fans and supporters. Apple products are great and I am actually using iTunes as I am typing this post. And at, you can get updated news and reviews on apple products, what you can expect in the future, apple product how-to’s so you know how to do something, and much, much more. It is an absolute great place to get all the information for your Apple needs.

Manager Assistant

The Manager Assistant is a employee review and management software that is one of the dream softwares for any manager and employer. Imagine keeping track of all your employees and management officials with just one software.

You can go to for more information on this amazing software. There are great reviews from this software all over the place. And even some fortune 500 companies use this software to keep everything managed, it is the perfect software for any boss.

Finale Music

Finale Music is a software from MakeMusic, Inc. It has the power to give you music engraving and also provides what some call smart music that is able to let you in on its complete music practice system that is designed to help you get better at Music. Music is an art and being able to read musical notes and put them into action takes a lot of skills and talent and many may not be able to do that. And now with Finale Music and its practice system, you may be able to do all of that and more. People often just give up learning, don’t do that, just give this a shot and watch the Smart Music improve your musical knowledge and skills.

Finale Music also has the world’s largest interactive accompaniment library so you can have some fun with this feature. Imagine playing your instrument by yourself but the library makes it feel as if you are in a huge auditorium playing in front of thousands with the whole band or orchestra right beside you. I have actually done that before with the drums back in Junior High school in the Junior High School Renaissance band, and I have to say, there is no other feeling like it. If you need some professional help getting better or just plain on practicing, Finale music may be the right software for you.

Appriver Spam Filter

Nobody likes spam in their mail box whether it’s in your email inbox or your real mail box. It just takes up space for no reason and we know we’ll just delete it or throw it in the trash. But if you need a good Novell spam filter, look towards Appriver for helping you with your spam filter needs. It isn’t for your real mail so if that’s what you need, look elsewhere.

Appriver can provide spam filters for Novell, Microsoft Exchange, and even the Linux and Unix operating systems helping you keep spam out and keeping real business in. No one likes the idea of something bad covering up something good which in this case is spam covering up your business proposal email that you have been looking for. They have been in business since 2002 and they know what they are doing, so you can trust them on that too.


SaaS Stands for Software As A Service and there is a software as a service conference sponsored by OpSource. OpSource does not provide the softwares so don’t confuse yourself with that, they simply provide the applications on the web for the companies that use software as a service for their company and business.

The new SaaS Summit 2008 will contain about 500 of some of the hottest companies along with the best web 2.0 companies in the conference. You can attend as well just head over to for more information. The conference is from February 27th to the 29th in San Franciso and Microsoft as their Diamond sponsor. This will be very interesting and exciting if you are interested in their topics.

One Stop Phone Shop

One Stop Phone Shop is an online mobile phones store where you can buy your favorite cell phones as well as get a plan with them if you wish. Their prices of these cell phones are unbelievable because they beat out most other mobile phone stores by a mile.

And most of the One Stop Phone Shop’s products come with free gifts along with free handsets which make your use of your mobile phones much easier than ever before. You can combine some of your orders and get huge discounts, other stores wouldn’t dare to go this path. If you do need a new mobile phone, check out and decide for yourself if they are right for you.

Precision Electronics

Precision Electronics Systems is one of the top and one of the very best home theater store Dallas can offer you. If you live in the Texas area, you are in luck if you are looking for a great quality Home Theater System with a great price to match the quality. There is no end to what you can do in your home, before you know it, all theaters will be closed and all your movies will go on in your living room.

With the Precision Electronics Systems home theater system, you can set up your audio and video of your theater just the way you like it. If you want the sound to come at you from full blast from front of you, set it up that way. If you need to make it surround sound like the theaters, you can go ahead and do that as well.You can check their site at for more information.

PDA Accessories

PDA’s have become essential in the lives of some people. These PDA’s allows some people surf the internet as they are riding a taxi to work to finish off a piece of their presentations. These PDA’s let some people do their home work as soon as they are assigned it. And sometimes the PDA’s are just for showing off, and what better way than to put some awesome looking and Cheap PDA Accessoires on your PDA to spice up the look.

You can go to and get some of the cheapest and most awesome looking PDA Accessories out there. PDA’s already look cool, but this is your chance to make it cooler than it ever has and it ever will. SFPlanet is the place to go to spice up the look for your PDA.

Charging Station

In today’s world, our need for portable devices is increasing ever so rapidly. These portable devices cannot last forever on its own. You will need to charge them. And if you have portable devices like a PSP, ipod, iPhone, cell phones, and anything else that needs charging, what a better way to charge them than on a electronics charging station.

The Charging stations at Vat19 provides the best way to charge all these portable devices. Why charge them one at a time when you can charge them all together in a simple work space? And you can keep track of what you have to charge and what has been charged. It is simple and it is one of the best ways to be organized with stuff like this.

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