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GF Image Host

The Gamers Forum Image host has finally been implemented and all the members benefit from this. You can host up to 250 images on the forum and get the bb code and html codes to place it in any other forum and website and best of all it is all free.

If you haven’t signed up for Gamers Forum yet, do so at Graphics Professionals get to host 300 images. As time goes by and I see we need more space I will definitely get a higher host package or even a dedicated server of my own and allow people to hose thousands instead of a few hundred images.

My SOTW Entry

SOTW Stands for Sig of the Week and we run it on every week. This graphics piece below is for the SOTW 20 that I made. It didn’t take too long and I am not a graphics expert so it isn’t the best work you probably have seen but it’s something.

I haven’t worked with graphics for a while and this is the first signature I made this whole year. Feel free to critique it and I will definitely keep on practicing. No such thing as the best in making sigs.


New Blog Coming

Over the next few days I’ll be releasing publicly my latest blog. The name is Duersata Blog but you won’t be getting a link to it yet. It is live and running but I am not ready to advertise it to get the traffic the way I want so I’ll be anticipating its full release soon.
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New Proxy Coming

Recently I bought a new domain to open a new proxy. I have had some success with my old proxy called Help With Course Work and I hope to get this one going as well. The name of my newest proxy is called Bare Proxy. I won’t list the domain here yet because it isn’t ready for launch.
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How would you like to make money by selling links on your blog posts from either new or existing content. Many people do this as a form of income from their blogs and if done properly, you can be making a lot of money for great content and great key words. This type of linking and advertising is called Contextual Links where the links can be found within content and it is very good for Search Engine Optimization Or SEO. This can higher the SERPs or Search Engine Rank Positions of your website because it has a lot of content surrounding it providing a rich contextual linkage environment.

If you have a wordpress blog like I do, it should be very easy for you because you can download the plugin after signing up and then watch the magic happen right in front of you. You can be making money just for sitting back and from content and blog posts you may have written months or even years ago. LinkXL just gives you and everyone else another way and a new chance to make some money online, after all, what is better than to make money doing some of the things you love, I know blog lovers love this new idea, and you can check this all out at

Banned from GF

Well we have a few problem members on Gamers Forum, this isn’t a secret. But today one person who has made over a 1000 posts since joining in January was banned for just snapping. He was cussing out everyone on the forum and the forum itself. I gave him an infraction for all of those which equaled to 9 then he asked to be banned, so I banned him there too. It was just a 30 day ban, but it doesn’t end there, no it doesn’t.
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First Real User in 3 Days

In the past 3 days I banned about 10 people from Gamers Forum and today I am happy to say there is actually a REAL USER on there. She is a girl from the United States and she is posting and not spamming. I have to say that it is very nice of her not to spam my forum and make me mad.
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Some Sites Down

If you read any of my other blogs such as or they are currently down. I have no idea what is going on but the SQL part of the whole server just shut down and it is showing a 100% of it is being used so I assume it was overloaded.
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Another PR Update?

A month ago in January, people were excited about how a PR update just happened. Although I did not see any change, I did not really care whether it would occur or not. And the past few days, it has been all about the PR Update Happening as we speak, why is google doing this?
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Resell Rights Firesale

How would you like to get some products for about $27 with master resell rights so you can sell them and make the money back easily? Well you can get Monthly Deals On Info Producs With Resell Rights at And as we speak they are having a huge firesale of some of their best products in their grasp.

Their products helps anyone especially webmasters understand how they can make their sites more popular. One book is about the Instant WordPress Themes which tells you and teaches you how you can make awesome wordpress themes and sell them for profit. This is the one I want even though I won’t get the others. Their firesale fo this week ends in just 3 days so make sure you get your hands on them soon.

Hooray for IM Support

A few months ago I stated here that I set up Instant Message Support for my forum members. Well I have to say Hooray for that. I get bothered by people for no reason at times and when I say I am busy, I get bothered even more.
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Slow Days

The past few days have been very slow traffic wise for this blog. About just around 200 unique visitors the past 6 days which is horrible compared to what we were getting during January where one day we had reached over a 1000 unique visitors. So right now I am in the process of promoting this blog along with a few others ones of mine to see if I can increase traffic flow.
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First Site Tips

Many people still don’t have a website and they are looking to open one soon. If you are one of them then keep reading as I Give you some tips on what type of site you should open. If you are part of a forum that is succeeding you may feel the urge to open your own forum in hopes that it will succeed the same way. As tip number one says: Do NOT open a forum as your first website.
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Have Test Users

Sometimes forum owners are afraid to make other users where they control their aspects and posting patterns. I want to say that it is alright to have test users around forums, blogs, and any other sites that require registration. Having a test user allows you to test out features as a regular member or even a different ranked Staff member.
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Tech Design

Web Designing isn’t easy. Trust me I have tried it and so far in the past two years I have been working on it, I have only made one wordpress template that was previously released on this blog a few weeks ago. Still haven’t finished my second. But anyway, DB Tech Design is a Florida Web design company dedicated and determined to help anyone that may need their professional and great design services.

A great way to connect with your visitors and members is to have a very unique design. If it is the same design that can be found in every other forum or html site, then you won’t look too attractive. Having a company like DB Tech Design design a site for you, you will be saving time, and even money from having to learn all the mumbo jumbo on your own and try it out yourself.

Check Your Mail Often

If you have set up an email account like or where your viewers and readers and members and visitors can email you for questions, trouble, and concerns, you should really check that mailbox often. I have seen webmasters set up something like that and visit once a week and even once a month at times.
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PR Update Happened?

I have been reading a lot about the “upcoming” Page Rank update from google but now, I am hearing a lot about how it has already occurred over two weeks ago and that not all sites were affected. Now I am really confused to what Google is actually doing with their page rank system. Personally I believe they should really shut it down and web masters should base quality of their sites as they see it.
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Spammers Don’t Understand

At first the title of this post was People Don’t Understand but I’ve changed ‘People’ To ‘Spammers’ since I don’t see how they are people since people have more common sense. This guy joined my forum earlier today to spam a link. He was blocked of course because you need 10 posts to do it. So he goes around opening 10 threads where 6 of them are in the wrong category.

But the guy has to wait at least 24 hours to post a link, but he doesn’t wait, he just puts spaces in between the words which is still Illegal On Gamers Forum and we do count that as Spam Advertising. I have warned him twice and edited his post and removed the link. Then he has the nerve to edit the post again, remove my visual warning and put the link back. Then he goes into spammer corner which has the rule of NO ADS ALLOWED and he posts his link again. Banned for the next 7 years. These type of spammers make me so mad sometimes.

Google AdSense Invalid Clicks

Google Adsense is an ad revenue program where you can place their ads on your site and you make money every time clicks are made on the ads of the advertisers. But there are times where you accidentally click your own ads or someone just click bombs you by sitting in one place and just clicking a bunch of ads to make your CTR or Click Through Rate skyrocket.
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Owning a Movie Forum

The movie industry is constantly growing and there are hundreds to thousands of movies coming out each year world wide. Not just hollywood of course but Bollywood in India and Lollywood in Pakistan and the movie industry in Japan and China and other parts of the world is growing. Owning a movie forum probably has more potential to keep going rather than owning a forum that focuses on the niche of a certain TV show because it is due to get canceled.

Although I think owning a movie forum has potential, it also has downsides. One downside is competition. There may be 5 figure count of movie forums out there and new ones coming up everyday. People are trying to feed off the popularity of the movie business and trying to establish good sites. If you do not start soon, you could be owning ONE movie forum out of 500,000. That number is very simliar to blogs, but the number is much, much higher.

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